The Matrix

I finally watched The Matrix, Revolution :) It was good although quite short. I think it only lasted 2 hours (or less, I guess). I especially like the fighting scene between Mr. Anderson (I prefer to address Keanu's character as Mr. Anderson rather than Neo :P ) and Agent Smith in the heavy rain. It was cool. The whole special effect of the movie is just awesome, I can imagine all the hardwork being put into making the movie...AWESOME! There's only 1 thing that I don't really like about the movie and that is the love story between Neo and Trinity, I kinda feel it's just slowing down the whole pace of the movie :P Story wise...well, watching the 3rd part of the trilogy do help me understand the whole story better, maybe I'll be better equipped if I watched the 1st and 2nd again before watching the 3rd one :P The ending is not really satisfying, though :P well...that's just what I think of it anyway :P

"There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path"

"What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see ... then real is simply ... electrical signals interpreted by your brain."


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If I had been at home today...well, my mom would most probably have asked me to climb up the ladder and take the curtains down. She's washing upstairs curtains today. mom works a lot, so she doesn't really have much time to do major house cleaning and that's why our spring cleaning may start even 2 months before Chinese New Year. However, I do believe that she would be making ketupat today, with my brother spending the holiday at home. I don't really know how my mom learnt to make ketupat (make ketupat not as in weaving the leaves and all). I think it was my old neighbour who taught her how to make ketupat, though I'm not sure. Usually the evening before Idul Fitri (=Lebaran in Indonesia), some of my neighbours will be bringing tray containing their ketupat, their family dishes, some cake, or something like that. I am always so interested in receiving this, because different houses would have different family dishes to accompany their ketupat. For me personally, my favourite dish to accompany ketupat is my mom's. I can't describe what it is exactly, but I think it's her own improvisation and interpretation of what is the most suitable dish to accompany ketupat :P I'm hungry :'(

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What's Wrong With Alternative Music?

I call it alternative music, I don't know if it's the correct term to call them. Anyway, what's wrong with them? And the need to hear them as loudly as you can? Honestly, if you're listening Linkin Park, you'd better hear it all out loud, to get the whole effect. Right now, I just feel like letting it all out and not containing it in my ears by using earphones. It's amazing to hear the sounds all over my room. Yes! I did close my door and window to avoid the songs from getting all over the neighbourhood, but I guess it has permeated anyway :P This room does not feel hot, I guess it's because I'm really cold myself, still waiting for the kitchen to be free and cook my favourite instant noodle + egg. Alternative music has helped me in much ways, it keeps my adrenalin pumping and me awake when I was stressed out doing school things, and of course it helps let out my anger and tears :P So what's wrong with listening them? It does not make a person some kind of "gangster" just because she listens to it. I also listen to Charlotte Church, Pavarotti, and Josh Groban a lot...What do you think about that?

Talked with my cousin/ best friend, Marlisa, through sms just now. I was so glad to receive her message. She was born only 9 days earlier from me, so I've known her since I was or she was old enough to be carried over to meet each other :P So in a way, we are a bit alike, the same chinese zodiac (dog) and we are both piscesians. But I just realize now, I think she can judge a person good or bad pretty quick and she makes a firm stand on what she thinks about the person, and believe me, she can be scary if she dislikes you :P Still...she is very kind and caring for other person...*sigh* I miss my bestfriends a lot.

Song in progress: Coldplay - The Scientist
One time when I was watching MTV and this video was being played (the video is pretty cool, by the way), my mom said that the song was nice. I was taken by surprise. I miss my mom too. My brother has most probably reached home by now...oH! What a splendid meal he'll be having :'(

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Hogwarts Headache, I'm Ready, Bring It On !

Tom and Huck, I'm sorry, you guys just gonna have to wait

I received a package from my pen friend, Dagi, today. I kinda had a feeling of what was in it, even though she didn't tell me. It's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :D I was so happy that I felt that I actually could cry. I was thinking of buying the book but I was waiting for the paper back version (yeah! I know I am stingy, but I have my reason). It's maybe a normal thing to be receiving something from your friend, but I just feel so blessed to be getting something that I want so much from someone who gave it to me just because she thought I would like it. I do, I like it a lot. I'm starting to read it, so the adventure of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn has to be put on hold for a while :P

Thank you so much Dagi!

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How are you Feeling Today?

I just realized that my last 2 blogs were kinda in a negative tone. I am perhaps miserable...but just let it be, there's no need for any reminder. Saw Wei May on TV today, I guess most of KentRidgeans who were curious would have watched her too. That girl does have a lot of artistic talent inside her :) Then I watched a documentary about dolphins on TV. There's this weird feeling that I had, I was kinda...I don't know how to describe it, maybe jealousy, maybe sadness, I don't know...but I just want to be one of those dolphins swimming in the sea...It's just felt great and there's a longing feeling inside me. That's weird, considering I can't swim :$

Then I watched Josh Groban's music video You Raise Me Up. Man! I think I can actually cry if I see him perform live. There's something in the voice and the beautiful and meaningful lyric of the song. It's just moving :P I downloaded the song, somehow I feel it sounds different from the video, does not really sound like him, but maybe it's just me who feel that way :P I made a poem today, in Indonesian (I suddenly become interested in making poems in Indonesian). It does not rhyme, so I don't know if I should keep it like that or knock my head thinking of words that rhyme (back in school in my younger days, I don't really like making poem, because the teacher would want rhyme...that's the whole purpose on teaching us how to make poem).

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Blame Not on Others for Our Own Anger and Disappointment

I read this sentence in one of my friend's online journal, Vivy to be exact. The full sentence is: "Blame not on others for our own anger and disappointment, as it's just our own deluded mind making it up."
I keep on reciting this line, because I was feeling very...well, very disappointed, I guess. I think I have a mild characteristic deep down inside me, somewhere there :P I don't think that it's easy to make me upset, it would take labour of misconducts towards me to make me finally angry. When it happens, I freeze. I would just freeze and wouldn't say a thing. An iceberg I am. Some friends actually pulled their nerves and said that I am scary when I freeze :D Honestly, I kinda feel a bit glad. I know!!! I am bad!!! But, I just feel some kind of satisfaction that people can actually be scared of me :P Hahaha...Eka...Eka, you shouldn't nurture falsity!

Anyway, today, I was disappointed not because of what someone did to me, but because of what they didn't do to me. It really hurts (for me at least, maybe not for you if you're in my situation) that I feel my chest hurt. I guess it started here in Singapore, on my most stressful and saddest moment (for whatever reason it is), my heart would actually hurt and breathing become a bit uncomfortable. So you see the magnitude of what happened to me today, that was what I was feeling.

So I recite that line over and over again. People just simply have the right to do whatever they want to do. *sigh* After putting this into my diary (of course with complete detail) and writing here, I actually feel a bit lighter. That's what I like about writing...that's my channel to let my feeling out.

...sudahlah Eka...sudahlah...biarlah...biar...

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In All Things Give Thanks

Today has been...well...I don't even know how to describe it, nor do I feel like elaborating on what I've been doing the whole day. But, I just feel my head is so full. Thanks to conversation with mom and one of my bestfriends, Dewi, 1 thing is a bit clear.

Talked to mom on the phone just now and the same old thing happened again. What happened you might ask. Well...sorry, I'm just not going to tell you. Forgive the secrecy but it's something personal. It's something that instantly happens everytime I talk to my mom lately. I have no explanation how it can happen. Honestly, I don't think it's good thing, but I can't help it. Anyway...talking to mom was great, as always, I miss her. Thank God, she's okay now, after a flu she was having weeks ago. My dad seems okay too. He was not around when I called, he was picking my cousin from the train station.

This evening, I was lying on my bed, trying not to think about anything (it didn't really work). Then I looked at my alarm clock, looking at the ticks for a full 1 minute. Behind my clock, there was a picture of me and my bestfriends. On the frame this was written: "In All Things Give Thanks". I do have to be thankful for what I receive everyday. It does not take much time to see that I have so much to feel thankful for. After all I've done, I'm surprised that God still gives me so many things, I guess it's because He's kind.

After all that contemplation, I watched a drama series on TV. There was this character whom at the beginning of the story, I didn't want him to be with one of the leading lady. Now, the leading lady has the chance to be with the man of her dream (who I actually supported earlier). But now, I have so much sympathy for the guy who I disliked before and I actually hope that he'll be with the leading lady. I don't know, maybe I just have a thing for unreturned love :P It kinda reminds me of me :P Hahahha :D
The truth is a person does not owe you anything just because you like that person so much :) As I always say: Love should be Unconditional :P

well, after reading this, you do understand how weird I am today. It's all in my head along with other things...So now you see how full my head is.

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BLeRAF Outing

So yesterday, I went to Orchard to have this outing with my old cs3214 team mates. I got a bit of panic attack when I suddenly found myself in the middle of a jam-packed crowd after I got out of the train station (It's all because of the Buskers Festival). I was hungry so energy level was very low and I felt that I couldn't make it if people started pushing around. Thank Goodness after slowly putting one step in front of the other, I managed to get out.

I made my way to Borders because I was a bit early. I read a book about Prince William. He's just drop dead gorgeous :P I'm amazed because he was actually willing to take some kind of social work in very remote areas where "comforting facilities" seem to be non-existence. Anyway, after that I made my way to meet my friends. Alex and Lukman weren't there when I came, but we didn't have to really wait that long for them :)

Renny had this idea that we better eat in Es Teler because it was something Indonesian, I guess :D So we headed to Far East Plaza only to find out that they're closing :( We were quite late. So we went to Sakura Thai (? maybe I got the name of the place wrong). Had our dinner, some talk, some laughter...It was good. After dinner, we just walked around...took pictures...talked...laughed...Hhahaa... :D Actually that's pretty much it.

Boon Kiat actually saw "Tianyang" from the TV series Holland V (we don't know his real name). If only he had told me like 3 minutes earlier, I wouldn't have seen only his back, but the whole thing was funny. Tell me what is wrong with asking a guy if the guy he saw was handsome? hahahhaha :D:D:D

Overall, the whole outing was okay, it was good. Everybody looks okay...I hope they would always will (would always there such grammar? :S)

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Thank You God

I just read an email sent by 1 of my bestfriends, namely Emilia :)
Gosh! It's just so good to read her email. I'm actually smiling :) Thank you God...thank you...
I don't bestfriends just kinda make complicated things simple. I am thankful that I have such friends in life...I'm lucky. Some people are just not as lucky as I am. This email definitely makes my day lighter...Thank you God...thank you for such blessing.

Tonight is BLeRAF outing. I'll be meeting Boon Kiat, Lukman, Renny, Roy, Alex, and Fredo. We don't really have a concrete plan, other than dinner...Hope it wouldn't be so *garink*
Never mind...It's a beautiful day today :)

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Functioning Without Thinking

That's kinda what happened to me today. I did some things without fully thinking about it. It's by God's Grace that I could come back in one piece. Today, I went to a temple (my mom told me to go for a visit). Amazingly I reached the place without getting lost at all. I got rain drops on my head though, so I was a bit dizzy for a while. After that, I went to watch Uptown Girls. I've been planning to watch this movie. Anyway, I did something pretty stupid and horrible in the cinema. The fact that the cinema is quite packed [ my prediction missed :'( ] made what I did was even more horrifying :P Well...what's done is done. I really like the movie, it was good, though quite short :P There's Mark McGrath and Dave Navarro in the movie!!! I don't know from which band Dave Navarro is :(

Hhmm...the last time I watched a movie alone, one of my best friends was very worried. She doesn't like the idea of me walking around alone. I know she's right...but right now, I kinda feel being with myself is better than being with the people I know here :P
I may sound like a snob...I know...Bad me!!! :P

I've been spending too much money today. *sigh* I kinda feel guilty about it, but I know that in a way I deserve a treat once a while, right? My mom said it was okay. This weekend there's a likelihood that I'm going to spend more money on entertainment again ...*sigh*... I think I should go through a more extensive diet for a while. I'm thinking of fasting...but looking at the things that I eat daily, I think I'm quite moderate enough...As long as I'm not sick, I guess I'm okay : )

This page has less flowers now :'( I just found out early-early this morning that my free-image-hosting web limit the amount of bandwidth to my account. Well, that's why it's free, isn't it?

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Shout People :D

*sigh* I wasn't actually planning to work on this blog this evening, but suddenly I start working on the Shout Box. Now that it's working, do shout people :P

I'm not feeling particulary well today...I guess I kinda make my mom worried... *sigh* Not feeling particulary talkative too. So bye...take care...

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It JusT FeLt RicH tO Be aBLe To sEe sUcH A gRaNd ViEw oF tHe mOOn

Hi...!!! What's up people? :]

I watched The Killing Fields yesterday. I'm so glad that I finally able to watch it. I actually felt that the story was interesting only after 1 hour of the movie. Then as it went, it was getting more interesting and the first hour of the movie did bring great significance to the entire story. It was a really good movie, I must say, but highly disturbing. I believe that such situation are still taking place in this world and it's just sad. I do hope that there'll be more peace in this world, for each and every one of human being in this earth.

Anyway...I got a chance to be outside at 7 pm this evening, and there was this Indian baby boy who was pointing at something, and I looked right, and I saw a really beautiful moon on the sky. The sky was not totally dark yet, there was still some blue on the sky. It was cloudy, but the cloud did not cover the moon. The moon was glowing golden, so big and bright, and radiant.
I remember when I was in Jakarta, when I was walking to or from my cousin's house (who live nearby), I would often walk with my head looking at the sky (I know I'm crazy). Sometime I would see the stars (though not much) and sometime there would be the moon and no matter how often I saw them, it still fascinated me completely. They are just beautiful. I just felt lucky and thankful that I could see such a view and then I would thank God for giving me the chance to see His beautiful work in this world...It's just beyond words...To see them just show me how lucky I am.

So, I'm suggesting this to you...when you're out there, take some time just to see things around you...maybe you get the chance to see something amazingly beautiful, just outside your door. I remember seeing a beautiful sunset on top of Bizad building in NUS, when I was inside an internal bus :P

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Wednesday night in Australia

I just received an email from one of my cousins...His email really made me laugh (I find it to be one of God's-given blessing in my dull day today). His story is pretty amusing sometime. He's pretty busy with exam preparation, but at least he has only 1 more to go. Sometime I wonder how he goes about his daily day...does he like feels all the troubles that I feel...and sometime I would think of my best friends, what would they do in my situation...or at least what would my life be if they were here? Hmm...No use wondering, it wouldn't change a damn thing.

Recommending song of the day (considering that it rains the whole day today)

O Sole Mio (my sunshine)

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...It's alL GooD...

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As Sure as Sunshine

The sun never forgets to shine
Isn't it a sign that God is kind?

So why should I worry about my day
For God will always forever stay

Just as everyday has a morning
It is a new day for us to see
Always fill yourself with good feeling
For God's love is always free

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Backache :'(

My back hurt so much, I don't know why....Getting up after sitting and walking is pretty painful sometime..I hope it would go away soon :'(

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