The Japanese Dinner

Went for dinner with Teddy and Darren yesterday in this Japanese restaurant, Kuishin Bo, in Suntec city. I went because Darren wants to thank me for this. Honestly, the this is not up to my standard, but oh well. Teddy went because he wants to thank Darren for something, and in the end it was Teddy who paid. Quite a treat, I must say. It was a buffet and I ate quite a lot, despite my skepticism about having to eat in a Japanese restaurant (I don't eat sushi). I quite liked all the things that I ate. I loved the desserts also. Quite nice spending the time with them. Oh yeah, saw Alex Chow in the MRT station. Oh how different we are now. Though I think, all of them are different and I am still the same.

Found out a sad news today. Actually, finally understanding what was written. I hope we got it wrong, but it seems to be right. Someone I really like is leaving and it seems so abrupt, but knowing the person, I think the person would feel rather hard to really say good bye to us. I seriously hope we got it wrong. I really want to be in the company of this person. This person has so much patience and cares a lot about us *sigH* and I do learnt a lot from this person.

On other news, not much really. I want to declare hell week cycle 2 is over but things could always happen. Feel pretty lonely now but I must shake it off? Cause at the end of the day, it's me and me alone. Well at least like today, God shows me some goodness again. Thank you God.

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X-Men - The Last Stand

My Saturday morning started as usual, with a tinge of sadness because of the farewell we had to say. This could be a real farewell *sigH* I hope it wouldn't come to that. Then, I went to watch X-Men - The Last Stand with Vivy, Hadi and his party, and OSH. Kinda an unusual combination, but I suppose we should all socialize. To be honest, I wasn't really that blown away with X-Men's trailer, however it's one of those movies that you should watch. I am happy that I watched it because it is so cool, and I am sure a lot of people want to be mutant after watching it and thinking what kind of power they would like to have

X-Men 3, I think, has 2 storylines. One is about the usual fight between human and mutant and the other is about how the characters develop, in this case it was being triggered by Jean Grey / Phoenix. When I first saw Famke Janssen in X-Men movies, I think she is quite pretty, but her character in Nip / Tuck is such a turn-off. This time around, she is damn freaky as Phoenix. She killed my dear Cyclops. So sad about that! I know a lot of people are all for Wolverine, but Cyclops is just my boy. People who know me, know that he is my type The guy practically only said around 5 sentences and he died. Well, no body was found, so there is hope? Wolverine is such a self-anointed hero. I do not like his character much and yeah, maybe I am bias because Cyclops did not get much exposure when he supposed to be one of the main characters. I think Wolverine was kinda arrogant and maybe he was. He was making out with Jean Grey and he just thought she liked her? "Hello Dude?!?". The whole movie was okay, Prof. Xavier and Magneto were great; the actors are such good actors. They had so much charisma. The rest of the characters were good too. The young mutants were interesting. Angel, the mutant with the wings was particularly enviable for me. The story itself was not bad. Of course, there were cheesy things, as it can be expected in this kind of movie, but I think it was quite minimum. It was pretty entertaining and pretty well done for a super hero movie. We were pretty satisfied.

After the movie, I hung out with Vivy. The details were pretty boring (or garink in Indonesian) but we ended up having dinner in Kenny Rogers It wasn't as amazing as I've been told. Anyway, we had a good talk about lotsa things (Oh the confessions!). The talk really really makes me wanna write about the things that I said I wanted to write in the Da Vinci post (1 post ago). However, I really can not write it now because it would expose several people, not just me. So let's just wait until I can phrase it better. Maybe next week?

On a serious note. There was a major earthquake in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. My mom was actually the one who delivered the news. She is quite worried. The city is really having a bad luck now. Knowing the typical Javanese, I think there will be more talks about the signs, the earthquake and the Merapi volcano, rather than all the scientific analysis. I think it would be interesting though, to hear what the spiritual people say. I just hope everything and everyone will be alright. Hope everyone at home is always in God's hands.

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Over the Hedge

Went to watch Over the Hedge today. Basically, I'm afraid I didn't have much time, so I squeezed the movie today and also I think lots of people think I need to loosen up because I keep on exploding these days. When I first saw the trailer of Over the Hedge, I straight away wanted to watch it. Why? Because they were so obsessed with food, and it's junk food to be exact, and it's so me!!! The movie was seriously not a disappointment! Though my seat was. Bought the ticket on time and I was sitting in the second row from the front Due to the seat, I feel like watching it all over again, but I am not exactly loaded with cash.

Back to the movie, love it! Love it so much. I think people's favorite character is Hammy the Squirrel, but I don't exactly have one. I think I like Verne the Turtle, the most Most probably because I relate to his uptightness of staying with the old fashion way and be in control? They are all good actually, they are all really good and funny. Good cast, truly a good ensemble. As I was watching, I keep on relating the cartoon character with the voices behind it. So funny when I think of Bruce Willis as the voice of RJ and the dramatic William Shatner as the daddy possum. Avril Lavigne's as the possum's daughter was surprisingly girlie, so unlike her, but it was funny and fitting. The people behind the voices really made a whole lots of difference. They all did a good job. I love it, I had a good laugh. The soundtrack is really good too. Downloading now

On other news, I am so tired. It is more true than I think it is, because I felt my head swaying just now *sigH* Was told on something which I was wondering and hoping for. I think right now all I could feel is negativity and sadness. I just couldn't be all sunny and be on the bright side. I have never been anyway. The world must thank my mom, because she makes me. I use the present tense, because she still does. She is making a better person out of me, but it boils down to the person itself and I am such a stubborn person that I'm not that good *sigH* Oh Thierry Henry, how I get to love him more and more now. Saw the Pepsi advertisement in the cinema today. He was with Raul, Beckham, Ronaldinho, and a bunch of Germans. Thierry Henry is just so cute. Trying to take comfort in what he does. I know there's no relation, but the timing was so coincidental. The Mr knows what I am talking about. I miss the other Mr, but I guess I am forgotten. Oh yeah, I found out that they made The Devil Wears Prada the movie! I haven't finished reading it, but honest to God when I read it, I was imagining how it would be in the movie and they actually made it! Anne Hathaway is playing the main character. Oh dear, kinda hard imagining her back as the cute innocent girl after seeing her in Brokeback Mountain. I guess we will just see.

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The Da Vinci Code

As promised people I went to watch The Da Vinci Code with Vivy today. The real movie critics out there in this world are not so ecstatic with this movie and neither am I. Sigh. What can I say, first and foremost: Stick to the freaking book! So many things were different from the book. It is expected when a movie is being made based on a book, but this one were too much that it crippled the movie. Tom Hanks' character, Robert Langdon, didn't carry as much conviction about the holy grail as the character in the book. Audrey Tautou was beautiful, but her character's contribution in the whole conquest was pretty much dismissed. She helped solve many parts of the clue and yet, she was depicted as pretty much lost and rather too frail. Paul Bettany's Silas was not too bad. His entrance in many crucial parts of the movie did surprise me, but he also was depicted rather too evil, when actually he just had so much heart for his faith. Bishop Aringarosa was depicted as sneaky and cunning until the end, when he was actually quite compassionate and also had so much faith for his belief. It was rather an unfair ending for both of them. A scene that could be rather moving ended up without much emotion. Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing was decent, however he alone wasn't enough to bring excitement in this holy grail controversy. There were many unnecessary dramatic lines being said. Totally unnecessary. I just wanted it to get done and over it and just move on! At times it felt rather too silly. I do have to applaud the movie for not following the book in which, Robert and Sophie kissed and promised to be reunited later on. I felt it was rather too Hollywoody and thank God as much as the ending for them was rather too lame, it didn't get lamer like the book.

All the points above actually did not contribute that much in making this movie disappointing. The controversy that came in the book just did not come out in the movie. I am actually wondering if they toned it down. I know there are too many things in the book to fit 2 hours of the movie, but I just feel that the movie lack the conviction or the controversy of the book. It wasn't convincing or perhaps telling? More "historical facts" should have been elaborated more. Even the way they tell the plot about the murder and the villain wasn't really that amusing. It didn't engage and interest you as much as the book. The book makes you wanna read more and more but the movie is just okay. Overall, the movie which was expected to be a threat, didn't give much shock at all. I think this whole Da Vinci thing is overrated. Some of the historical facts are interesting but in the end many parts of it are based on assumption. Many documentaries had been made and shown on TV to educate us, and most of them do not support the theory in the Da Vinci Code. I personally think the recently found and translated, The Gospel of Judas to be more disturbing.

After the movie, me and Vivy went for lunch, in which we saw Roy, Elita, Margie, Siska, and many others having their lunch. It was kinda funny, because I first noticed Roy but I wasn't sure if it was him and I think he felt the same way when he saw me Seeing Roy made me wanna write about something which came to my attention recently, however since people actually read this, I couldn't write it just yet without incriminating several people. So we will see if I would actually write it later on.

Thierry Henry decided to stay in Arsenal. I am so glad Before I heard the news, I actually told someone something which I connected with Thierry Henry's need to decide if he was gonna stay in Arsenal or move to Barca. The guy didn't listen, so whatever. Then the Mr called me and said that he was indeed staying in Arsenal. I told the Mr what I told the guy, and so the Mr summed it up really well, but we indeed must wait and see, Mr. Okay, gonna stop now, took me almost 2 hours to write this, because I was writing while watching Singapore Idol. Couldn't believe that the last one was actually 2 years ago. It seemed like so recently. See how I really spend my life here *sigH*

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It's a Lost

Can you guess what I am talking about? *sigH* I actually woke up at 02:30 am this morning. Even before that actually. Even before my phone alarm clock rang. I thought it was God's way of telling me that yes, you should watch the match. What match? If you ask. It's the champion league final between Barcelona and Arsenal. My dear Arsenal. I watched the shocking dismissal of Arsenal's keeper, Lehman. I watched how Pires walked and sat quietly as he was being sacrificed for a keeper who I felt was rather nervous when he was suddenly called to replace German's newest national team goalkie. Then Arsenal scored. Arsene Wenger was jumping and it was just joy. I was so happy. I prayed and prayed that they could keep it going. First half was over. Hope was in the air, but there was still the second half and indeed Barcelona scored. After the first goal, I just prayed and prayed for chances for Arsenal. But the Barca's players were getting more hyped up and more aggressive and they scored again But I still prayed, because who knows. Amazing and magical things do happen at the last minute. I still remembered the last time MU won champion league final against Bayern. Alas, it was not meant to be for Arsenal. My poor Thierry Henry. Maybe I am bias or so freaking weird, but I think he is a really nice person and a good captain. Of course people will say, how can you say someone is nice when you haven't even talked to the person. So maybe I am bias, but maybe my 6th sense? I sincerely hope he stays in Arsenal, because I believe that he will get the chance to be a great leader if he stays. Geez...talking about ambition there.

I am right now currently in hell week. It's gonna last longer than people think actually. Anyway, enough about that. This few days, the head was actually rather filled with Aras, the winner of the latest Survivor season, Survivor Panama - Exile Island. He was such a yoga person which is rather too weird for me. I like him when he was still in the island, skinny and all. During the reunion, he was rather fat for me, though Kiera said he was so handsome there. Anyway, now the head is shifting to my dear Thierry Henry. Poor fellow. Okay, take care you peeps! See you when I see you, which is most probably weekend, when I would be writing Da Vinci review *finger crossed*

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Watch Them Flee

The title of the post is a lyric coming from the song It's Going Down by The X-Ecutioners feat. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn. Love the song and this is the second time I'm using the lyric in my blog. This lyric stuck in my head on Thursday afternoon. I was thinking that most of the time it's Linkin Park that I listen to when I am angry. I don't have any particular songs or band which I listen to when I am sad or worried. That's just a thought people, no need to wonder what I am implying. So very sleepy now. Today is Hari Raya Waisak di Indonesia (Vesak day in Indonesia). I think Indonesia's Vesak day is always 1 day later than the rest. I think last year, it was a day later too. Just wanna wish you (my cousins like to say this to me and it calm me), Lord Buddha bless you!

This week has been as it has been in the previous weeks. Not particularly having happy days, but this year itself has been an emotional challenge for me. Long weekend is severely torturing because my right shoulder hurts so much. I don't know why. I woke up from Friday's nap in so much pain. Still feeling it now, creeping up to my neck. With all the bad things happening to me, I stop wondering why. I mean it's like you know, of course bad things should happen to me. If not then it wouldn't be fair. Okay, I was totally mean there (especially to God). It's just, whatever. It's a bad year for me, so whatever. Whatever! It's all out of my hand. I am still here apparently so I suppose as much as I think it sucks, it is NOT! Anyway, I'm just gonna stop if I don't think I could handle it, I am sure God will allow me to. Right God?!?

Anyway, this week also had its share of interesting and fun things. Had dinner on Tuesday with 4 people whom I am very fortunate and amazed that they actually care about making time and catching up with each other. We got to eat somewhere other than Swensens people! What am I saying, only 1 person would read this. Then this week, I had the chance to give my voice to a cartoon character, though my voice had been changed that people wouldn't believe or notice that it's me. It's okay, I think I ended up sounding so cute as a little girl. Other things to say? Well, perhaps I would like to say, I don't live on promises, baby!

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Mission Impossible 3

Yes, you know what you are going to get when you read the title, but let me tell you first what's been happening today, 06/05/06. So today is Singapore General Election day. The tv is showing live coverage for the result announcement. The last election was in 2001. I was in NUS back then. However, NUS was such a shell that the day went by without me noticing it! There was no streaming of TV yet at that time and I didn't actually follow Singapore news. This time around, I follow the news, read the paper, watch the TV, and to be honest, I am really excited about it! Maybe more than many singaporeans are. Maybe it's just an Indonesian thing? I don't know, but I am sure if this was in Indonesia, my parents would also be awake with me now (it's already passed their bed time) watching the news. My mom would be lying there on the floor, my dad would most probably have gone up to watch the tv in their rooms. How I miss them. Okaay...back to today. So the morning was started with small talks about today's election. I finally met someone who declared that she, or at least her mom, would vote for the opposition party. Her mom apparently was such a fan. It's so interesting to know. Too bad, in my area, there is no election! What a disappointment. My mom was dumbfounded and me too! So this area I'm living in so-called sleep through all the interesting happenings. No campaign, no people handling pamphlet, no door-to-door visit, not a single freaking flag anywhere. Well, I wouldn't count the pamphlet sent by the party who won by a walk over and their small billboard as something happening. Seriously, I seriously feel it was a disappointment.

So after trying to figure out this politic thing in Singapore, I roughly got an idea of what's going on. In Singapore, there are 84 seats in the parliament that will be filled based on the result of the election. In 2001, the election result gave 82 seats to the biggest/most dominating party and left only 2 to the opposition (source; wikipedia), though a friend told me this morning that it was 3 seats taken by the opposition. 2, 3, how much difference can you make, when you are facing so many people opposing you. Let's continue then. Singapore is divided into several areas / zones for the election, in which the people living in that area must choose for a party that they want to see in the parliament. These party will nominate the people that will go to the parliament representing that area. Some area requires 6 people, some requires only 1 (if the area is small). Currently there are 4 parties in Singapore and they can choose which area they want to contest on. Only the biggest/most dominating party managed to nominate their people in all the areas. The opposition parties only contested in some areas. Hence why the biggest party have already managed to put their people in the parliament, because noone contested them. I seriously wonder why I bother writing this down. If you have been reading until that point, please don't stop. Here come the review.

So I watched Mission Impossible 3 today with Osh. Yes, it was unusual that I watched it with him, but we both wanted to watch it and yet noone wanted to watch it with us. He asked me through msn, in which he wrote something like, "Kapankah kamu mau memandang Tom Cruise?" (When do you want to gaze upon Tom Cruise?). I actually grinned reading that line. It wasn't Tom that I wanted to gaze upon, but it's Jonathan Rhys-Meyer. I actually feel he is getting less handsome, but I like him still. Oh God, please give me a guy like that. Anyway, we decided to try out the newly opened Cathay Cineplex and lucky us, we got to try the Grand Cathay theatre, which apparently is the biggest one in the cineplex. It was big. Actually reminded me of one of the big theatre in Lido, but this one just felt so new and posh. There were even ushers inside. This cathay cineplex celebrated movies back in the old days when it was first opened. Back in the old days, going to the movie was such a treat, such a luxury, and a something special, and that sort of feeling was actually what I felt when I entered the theatre. It was a happy feeling Gosh, how I love movies.

Mission Impossible 3 is a no-shit BANG BANG BANG Action movie. Action all the way. I wanted to say the story has more depth compared to the last one (especially compared to the 2nd one), however after analyzing it all, it was just okay. The story really put an emphasis on Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character development, being married and all. So bottomline, it was basically about him saving his wife. So that made me rather disappointed that not much detail was being elaborated on more interesting things, like what the villain actually do, how Ethan actually stole the "rabbit foot" or what the hell is that (they honestly didn't tell us!). The other characters in the movie were passable. I will give more mark for Philip Seymour Hoffman, because he has such a hate-able villain. The arrogance, the snottiness, he was just plain annoying, that I wanted to kick him myself. I believe he is such a fine actor. There was a scene which I felt was truly unnecessary. It was when Ethan's wife thought he had died and she tried to give him CPR, and there was no sound, except for the sad sound of the piano (so drama!). The scene took quite long. Totally unnecessary because we know that the hero wouldn't die. If he dies, how are they going to do a MI-4? Overall, I was pretty entertained. It might be the movie, it might be the whole cinema experience. Can't wait for more great movies to come out. Sorry people, after so many things that I wrote, the review is only 1 paragraph and not really a review actually.

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