August Summer

Hello guys? How have your summer been? Does it sound weird to you? I have had 2 people said, hope you have a great summer so far. It was weird for me hearing that because in this part of Asia, we don't have summer. It's either it's a hot day or a rainy day. So anyway, I'm writing not because I have any interesting thing to say (as usual), but it's because I realized I haven't written anything in August and we only have 1 week left, so I might as well do it now. When I logged in to Blogger just now, for some reason I clicked on the blog which is shared by me and other people. We don't stay in touch anymore, well I don't know if the rest do, I don't. I even had to think when I saw a name posting a post, trying to remember who that guy was. Now I'm remembering the group of people he used to hang out with and how they're pretty tight back then, but now I'm pretty sure they don't talk anymore. It's how life is, isn't it? That when life takes us to different directions, we end up just like strangers who never spent days or evenings together. The last post in that blog was in 2009 and I saw a post from Ash back in August 2007 and it was about Astley who started the blog. He died a few days before Ash posted her post and I got to thinking, next year it will be 10 years since he passed away. I also got to thinking if things would be different if he were alive now. He's being alive now wouldn't change the fact that people go to different directions, or would it? I don't know. Some things are bound to happen I guess, but he's being alive may cause certain things to happen later or perhaps sooner. Anyways that's not the part I'm thinking about. What I wonder is if he were alive, would this group be still in touch? There's a good chance, because he's usually the one who cajoled people to do stuff, #vodkaShotEveryone.

Now that got me thinking, that time of my life I had more friends that I do now. I talked to more people than I do now. I remember the pointless walks around the floor just to walk and talk. Now I don't have many friends and I am silent most of the time, except in my head. It may sound sad, but it got me thinking about how before that time I also had my sad lonely period and before that was the period where I was surrounded with people and we always did things in group. So maybe it's a cycle, the periods of many friends and no friend come and go. It may not be like that with everyone, but it seems like it's always like that for me and I even can trace this back to 4th grade primary school. Some people may never know the loneliness I know. That sounds super sad but I realize that I may never know worse loneliness and despair that some people may feel every day. By the way, reading the blog posts about Astley's death still get me teary eyes even after all these years.

So yesterday, I went to watch The BFG. I was actually unsure if I was going to love it, but in the end I thought I should just go and watch it and it turned out to be so so for me, as expected. The most entertaining part was when the big friendly giant was having breakfast with the queen. That part was great. The rest wasn't inspiring. I have so many questions that I wished were addressed like why was the friendly giant smaller than the other giants? Because he didn't eat human? Why were the big giants scared of water? Why can't the giant live with Sophie in the end or at least hang out more. The end seemed to indicate they just went their separate ways. Anyways, I guess it's really hard to amuse me these days. Some time ago I watched Jason Bourne and though I like Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, I was also not amused much with the movie. There was a long car chase in Vegas and my mind seriously drifted off at that part that when suddenly I realized I was watching a car being flipped or something like that, I was like wait what, how did that happen? Who caused it to happen? I guess the why, who, how don't matter much in action movies anymore. Who cares who cause the explosion and such, it just is and will have to happen. Movies these days are just different iterations of each other and this is just so uninspiring. Yesterday before The BFG, I saw the trailer for Pete's Dragon and there was a boy in a jungle and it's reminiscent of The Jungle Book (which I didn't watch), the boy even had similar haircut. Yes perhaps the story is different, but there will still be jungle, animal, special effect, fighting, etc. When I was a child, I couldn't get enough of movies but these days I'm thinking hmmm, I don't know if I can sit through all that. I wish I can get that warm and fuzzy feeling I felt when I watched some movies back as a child. These days none of those feeling ever come. The closest was perhaps watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 which wasn't even shown in Singapore I think (I didn't watch it in a cinema). I love it and I feel sorry that it didn't get good reviews.

Okay, that's about it peeps. Next month I may have more interesting things to write, but they involve some unexpected expenses. So I'm having mix feeling about it, hope it will be okay. Talking about expenses, I got a shock some time ago finding out the amount of tax I have to pay monthly. I totally didn't expect this new monthly amount and it kinda throw me off balance in my monthly expenses :( Now I also have this thing in September and thing broken down that I have yet to replace because I don't have enough fund. My mom asked if she should give me some money and I told her I'm not poor poor, it's just I hate touching the so called emergency fund. That being said, unlike la Gioia who's very disciplined and strict with her emergency fund, I do touch my emergency fund, but that's only for the yearly travel and while I don't cap it or anything, I do hate to use it for any other thing, but this September I must :( This makes me wonder if next year I will have to scale down on the travel :( One step at a time, I guess. Hope you have a great summer people, see how weird that is!

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