Free Saturday - Episode 01

So today is my first free Saturday. No class, in fact there will not be any class until I figure out what I want to do next. I do have to say, it's kinda weird to have such free time that I normally don't have, that I really do not know what to do. Entertaining myself can be such a difficult task, especially since I get bored easily.

One of the good thing about this free Saturday was that last night I got to sleep without setting the alarm! That's really comforting to know. I have always had an alarm to wake me up even on a Sunday but since I don't have any place that I have to be today, I can sleep and wake up as my body sees fit. My mother, being my mother that she is, figured that I would laze around in bed that she actually sent me an sms this morning at around 09:30 am, telling me not to laze around in bed and get some exercise.

Obviously I don't exercise but I did get myself out today. I went to watch AUSTRALIA. I have heard some people say they were told or read that the movie is quite a bore. Going into it, I know it's gonna be epic, what's with the 2 and a half hour of running time. My take of it, I love it! Yes it is epic and yes I am most probably not gonna watch it again anytime soon because it's such a long movie with long story but I really do love it. One is because of the astoundingly beautiful Australia. I was already mesmerized with the opening scene in the billabong. Seriously for any Australian out there, you should be proud that your country is amazingly beautiful. Two is also because of the Aboriginal theme in the story, which I feel actually is really the highlight of the movie. I really like the boy who played Nullah and I wonder if he does know some magic. As for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, I've never really thought much of them but I do have to say that Nicole Kidman is really pretty and a good actress. I know that she is but somehow she charmed more in this movie than any other movies that I have seen her in. Then Hugh Jackman. When all the girls out there went gugu-gaga about him as Wolverine, I thought he was rather ordinary (I've always liked Cyclops more) but in this movie I really think he's hot! A real hunk he is.

Story wise, well I feel that the movie actually comes in 2 parts. I kinda like the first part more, but I feel it would have been much better if their journey in the Never Never Land had been explored more rather than they came out of it triumphant easily. The second part was so-so for me. The bombing scenes were reminiscence of Pearl Harbour. There were much drama in this second half and some of them were pretty cliche. Seriously some of the scenes did make me roll my eyes, like the dancing and making out in the rain. Overall though as I said, I quite love the movie. It's not a bad one. Unlike Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge from Baz Luhrmann, this movie is in a more "proper" manner, unlike the other funky two. It really is epic and though many people may find it boring, I really love all the adventure but not so much of the romance :P Oh yeah, I have to say, I really do love happy ending, so when the good guys died, I did tear up a bit :P

PS: I posted the picture in Facebook when it was more intended to be here. Took it during the Christmas holiday. It's the Santa inside the snow globe Dagi gave me. Anyway I do get bored darn too easily that even right now (28/12/08 - 09:10pm) I am feeling so restless. Gonna call mommy.

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Individuality on High

Guess what I attempted to do today? I actually went to a wedding with the knowledge that I know nessuno (no one) there! Marina kindly invited me to her wedding dinner. She's marrying un Italiano. I seriously don't know anyone there and my almost-non-existence attempt to ask someone to accompany me (obviously) didn't work out, however somehow I decided to just go. Why? I have no idea, perhaps last week in class we were discussing with Arianna about awkward situation that happens to us and what we would do if it happened to us. She once was in an Indian party, she came early and knew no one. So last week we were discussing things that we would do if we were in that situation and what's our exit plan. So in a way, I kinda have an exit plan in attending this wedding. Luckily though (praise the Lord almighty), there was Ms.3L and her boyfriend and so I had company :D

I'm very happy for Marina. The couple have to go through a lot of changes to be together but I guess it's so worth it. Spoke a bit of Italian with the groom and I was introduced to his mother, Irma. One of the groom's relative is this little boy (bambino) who is darn cute, handsome, and adorable. Molto molto bello e carino! Anyways, I heard that Marina is leaving for Rome early in January. That's like a big change in life. I do wonder how I fare in the face of big changes.

Another person who is having big changes is Maria. S. She told us today that she and her husband will move to Tokyo early next year. She's been hopping from Italy, Germany, Singapore and now Japan where they don't speak the language. She's quite excited about it though. I guess in the face of the unknown, you should just get all hyped up rather than worried? I don't know if I can do that though.

Anyway, so today is the last lesson of the year, as well as the last lesson at United Square. Starting next year, the Italian Cultural Institute is moving to a new place. So with this last lesson, we had a little simple celebration. Molto semplice! Francesca sarà d'accordo. We had il panettone which I found to be quite good. It actually also felt like my last lesson. I've decided I'm not gonna continue next term, because I'll be missing classes and since right now I'm in a dire financial situation, I feel the money should be well-spent. Anyway, today I just feel contented with all of this experience learning Italian. Laura kept her promised and got her husband burn me a copy of Italian songs. Maria.S passed it to me. It's a copy that they're giving to her father so the songs, I was told, were pretty old. I think I will have much fun listening to them. I just feel thankful for the chance to meet and get to know all this people. I truly felt that when Q wished me a good Christmas before we parted ways. This person was a stranger at one time and with the many hours spent together, we can perhaps say that we are the friends from Italian class. It's true to say we are not close friends which is mea culpa (my fault) actually since I normally refuse to hang out with them outside class (you know how "social" I am), but to get to know them and get to know how nice they are, I just feel rather blessed and thankful for the opportunity. As they say, "it's my pleasure".

On other news, I am really in a dire financial situation. The only cash that is within my reach now is only 40 bucks!!! A question was asked to me, "how did it happen?". I have no freaking idea. I have become one of those people who actually don't have money. I have to survive 1 week with this and it's really tough, so I suppose I really have to tighten the belt, kinda literally *sigh* I don't really know how if I will be able to survive this. Maybe I should see it as fasting. Okay peeps, take care. I hope your days are merry :)

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Pebbles Thrown

Hello guys. I had quite a horrendous day today though I am much calmer now. I cried 3 times this morning before lunch. Christ! The first one was rather personal and was a bit short. The second one was rather explosive and as much as I sobbed like mad, I was still so called rippling(?) that I cried again when I was calling NanSee. Sigh. Everyone is telling me that if I am so burdened and sad like this, I should leave. Mom didn't say that though. Mom said don't listen to anyone and I should trust myself. She's right. Sigh. You know I guess I'm just emotionally very very weak these days. I do hate myself for being so weak again today. God damn it! I just fell apart again and no it's not PMS as many of the guys may think. It's not. My emotional state now is really that of a pond. Even the smallest pebble thrown will make a ripple and the pond takes a long time to be calm again.

I am okay now. So with such horrible morning I decided to skip the dinner and dance with the rest. I'm angry and sad and so I really can't be all social and chirpy. So when everyone had left, I did feel calmer with all the quietness and the catching up with Starfish did help. I actually manage to laugh. Starfish's phrase of the day was, "I don't give a rat ass". I told him to start a trend instead by saying, "I don't give a worm ass".

So ... sigh. I miss my mom. I have more difficulty ahead. I don't know how to deal with all of this without breaking down. Sigh. So help me God.

On other news, I went to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still with la Gioia yesterday and I love LOVE LOVE Keanu Reeves so much!!! I found the movie to be really entertaining and good even though there were lines and some of the actors' expression that made me roll my eyes. La Gioia amusingly counted how many expression Keanu had in the movie. He is known as the deadpan actor and I have to say that because of that he is perhaps the best actor to play an emotionless alien. I just find him to be really handsome. I was thinking of how many actors out there can look so cool with just a suit like the one he wore in the movie. I could only think of Will Smith actually. Aaahh ... can I get a Keanu Reeves? Anyway, he spoke a few Chinese lines in the movie. People seemed to be laughing so I guess his Chinese wasn't really good Go and watch it peeps. The movie is pretty worth the watch this holiday season.

I've picked up my Christmas present from Dagi today. Less treats this year, but it's okay because all the chocolates made the package quite heavy and I think it actually consumed much of her time preparing me such care package all these years. I got 2 boxes of biscuits, Santa in a snow globe and a small moose. Now I have a big moose and a small moose Small moose will join the farm in my bed while big moose will still have to stay in the mug.

On a different note. There's no homework this week but I like writing. If you know Italian well, you can help me correct my grammatical mistakes.

Il tempo è stato bello. Non ha piovuto. Lui le ha chiesto di parlare al giardino. Semplicemente perchè forse lui è stato un pò preoccupato perchè lei è stata infelice. É piacuto a lei il tempo. Il verde dei alberi. Il sole che non ha fatto caldo. Non è stata una panchina così lei è seduta sotto l'albero. Lei ha visto le formiche vicine a lei ma con lui lì, lei ha sentito in pace. Lei ha rotto qualche ramo quando hanno parlato. É piacuto proprio a lei il tempo con lui. Lui è davvero la sua aria fresca ma non vuole dirglielo. Hanno parlato per qualche tempo e poi sono ritornati. Lui ha detto, "abbiamo ancora tempo, è abbastanza per un bacio" e lui ha mosso più vicino. Ma non si sono baciati perchè lei vuole un tempo più bello per un bacio, un' occasione più bella.

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Olla peeps. Feel rather sleepy right now because Eka is not having her usual Saturday nap. Normally I would be sleeping at this hour.

Met up with Ms. J and the Flying Nun today for lunch. We went to Brotzeit, the German restaurant at Vivocity. The food was not bad I feel. Yours truly managed to finish 0.3 litre of beer on her own. I was quite proud actually though the amount of water I drank after that was I'm pretty sure so much more than the beer. Seriously though, that's like the most I have ever drunk, ever! And I don't really drink actually, I'm more of a quasi teetotaler?

Anyways ... lunch with the girls got me my first Christmas presents of this year. Well actually Dagi's present has arrived but I just haven't had the time to pick it up from the post office. The girls got me interesting stuff. One of the thing that Ms. J gave me was Tigger, which I found to be very cute and it will join the little farm I have on my bed One of the thing I got from the flying nun was this fierce bunny which I came to realize holds a sword. Man! It's so kick ass! The expression was so cool that I feel it kinda depicts me so well Heard it came from some Japanese manga / anime. Anyways, I will make room for it someplace perhaps near my Obama wobble head. So hopefully people won't mess with me much

Well this week had its fare share of bad times but I feel that at least there's some equilibrium in my imaginary zen pond. I'm expecting ripples next week though with pebbles being thrown into it *sigh* Did manage to overcome something this week. I am not saying that I'm at the peak of the mountain but somehow I feel the worse part is more or less surmounted. I may be speaking too soon but in my own world and standard, I think I'm not bad. Especially since I was rather worried if I could actually do it but in God we trust and I really wouldn't be able to do it without the help from God almighty.

Okay, I'm gonna go and relax now, gonna watch Potter and later gonna watch The Story of the Weeping Camel. I'm glad they are showing it again because I didn't have time to watch it last time. Take care my dears.

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Have Yourself

Went to watch The Secret Life of Bees yesterday. Alone. Love it so much and I wonder why it didn't get much air time. There were many talented people in there like Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Paul Bettany, as well as Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. I love the story. I love the whole thing. Being the emotional me (currently), I actually teared quite a lot during the movie. It's not really all rosy and happy and I realize I really do like things to be all happy and wonderful, but I guess real life is not like that. Can't really recommend this to a guy, but even for girls, I realize this type of movie may not jell so well either. It's quite particular for some people, I suppose and for me I just love it! I did feel that the movie was based on a book and I was right. I am sure the book itself is wonderful.

Today, I went to watch Bolt. Alone as well. Well, I don't want to elaborate much about it. I guess if you can't have anyone, have yourself. I have a really really bad day today. Hmm ... how about bad weeks? bad months? I've been feeling miserable constantly or as someone pointed out to me last week, "moody" that I didn't even make time for lunch with him (yeah, whatever!). Anyways so I told mom that I was watching a movie alone, after I told her that I was so boiling mad. She said how can I still concentrate watching a movie. Mom is so right, of course. My mind did wander as I was watching the movie so Bolt which is so highly praised by many people, didn't really make much impact on me *sigh* I didn't feel much for Bolt. I love Mittens' black fur but somehow she's too skinny to be lovable. Rhino was cute of course but even him failed to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (I am so disturbed!). I felt that Rhino was quite Jack Black but Jack Black wasn't the one who voiced him. Anyway, on a better mood, I do feel I might enjoy the movie more.

So ... life has been quite tough for me. I just feel so burdened with so many things and feel that things really don't go well for me. I am so unlucky. Being so emotional, I actually had a break down on Friday and cried pretty badly in front of Lois. Poor her had to watch me be a basket case. I told her that the last time I cried that badly in that place was when Astley died *sigh* Being the nice her, she told me to let it out and said that everyone has their down time *sigh* I just fell apart there and then. Looking at it now, I thought I was such a moment of weakness. I actually felt that way the second my tears fell, but like a dam which is broken, the tears just flowed unstoppable. Some people may have noticed me and was concerned *sigh*

I just feel very very very very sad, then angry. I have lots of sadness and anger. They come and go interchangeably. So much negativity inside me. So much ... so much so that I really can't think of anything to lift me up. Some people did say the right thing, mom, dad, Lois, Oshie. They did calm me a bit but it's a whirlwind inside me. Aaarrrgghh ... I still have to deal with tomorrow! Honestly I am losing my fighting spirit. I may end up being quiet and just accept the fact that I am the stupid one and then go and cry in the corner *sigh*

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Four Christmases

Went to watch Four Christmases yesterday. I just wanted some light entertainment. It was actually just so so. Somehow with all these Love/Christmas theme movies, I got reminded of The Holiday, which I would love to watch again. I suppose because of the oh-so-hot Jude Law in there.

Anyways, in Four Christmases I do love the chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Vince Vaughn was of course more comedic than Reese. He was his usual self. Not necessarily a really hot guy, but he is really likable and I suppose it's always good to have a guy who can make you laugh. Alrighty, can't really say much about the movie.

I am thinking of eating a chocolate now but I am not hungry. Hmmm ... trying to resist the temptation. I have started to climb the mountain. There are times when it was smooth but most of the time, I have to say it's rather hard. Today I had a bit of tears because oh my stupidity! I actually said loudly today that if I had been smarter, half of my problems would have been gone. Being the stupid me, I seriously wonder if it's true. Do you think if you were smarter, things would be easier?

Anywho, I am never one who write things that I want for my birthday or christmas (since it's the time of present) but since I have so many wants and so stingy to part with my money, well let me just write some things here (I am allowed to anyway). The thing I really want the most is actually Canon EOS 450D and yeah I don't think anyone will get me that Yesterday in Page One, I saw this really nice edition of Kahlil Gibran's, The Prophet. Tempted to get that so much but still managed to refrain from doing so. I've no idea why I still haven't gotten that book yet when I have been meaning to read it for 2-3 years now. Today I'm in love again with Rumi's, Gone To The Unseen. In its context I feel one can really cry reading it but it's really really beautiful. I guess I'm quite melancholic that I want a poetry book *sigh*

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