Kuo Pau Kun's Lao Jiu

If you ask me what the title means, I can not explain it myself. Well all that I know is, Kuo Pau Kun was a Singapore artist who I think perhaps was a writer and he wrote this drama or maybe story entitled Lao Jiu. I think Lao Jiu itself may have meaning, but I don't know what it means. So why I wrote it there then? Well yesterday, unplanned, I decided to follow a friend who asked me to watch a musical performance by Commonwealth Secondary about this story in the Esplanade Theatre. The ticket was free. It was written in the ticket that it's S$100. I wonder if it was printed correctly.

The musical was really good actually. The kids did a really good job. The band was a bit too loud at many occasions, that they drown the cast's voice. I wonder if I can call it a musical, because the cast didn't sing. The choir sang before and after the musical. I remember 2 of the songs they sang were pretty familiar, because I heard it in Moulin Rouge. The cast didn't do a dance routine also, but there were Malay, Chinese, and Indian dances. All were very well choreographed. Overall, the performance was great. The set was pretty simple but they had a very amazing tree. I wonder if the kids did the set. Sorry, I won't write a summary of what the story is all about, but I think some of the kids may be able to relate with the story. I don't feel that the ending was clear cut, it didn't really seem like it was solving the problem, maybe it was because of the original story itself.

Throughout watching it, I was thinking how fun it was to do a production that size with your friends. It will be one the memorable things in those kids' life. I can't say I had anything as memorable as that in my younger days. There's Rag, but as much as I tried to remember how it was, it gets pretty blurry. I guess, we just worked so much those days. My hall production experience didn't count because as much as it was interesting, I wasn't doing things that I wanted and didn't really feel much bonding.

Anyways, yesterday marked the 3 weeks in a row that I spent Tuesday night somewhere. Hence, I haven't been watching CSI properly. I miss Greg. Health wise, I think I am getting better. My bro lost his handphone again. What can I say? We have a great mom? Doneeh Shoutbox seems to be gone forever, so I suppose I should get me a new one. No time (basically I'm just lazy). I will try to deal with it as soon as possible. Arsenal won 2-0 against Juventus However, they can still screw up in the second leg. So let's pray that they will do well! By the way, it was pretty hard to choose them over my dear Trezeguet.

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1'st sickness of 2006

As the title implies, I got myself sick. Why and how? Well, I supposed I've done so many wrong and sinful things. Anyway, wasn't planning to blog on sickness. Was planning to blog on the dinner yesterday.

Yesterday, I had a good dinner with several people that I haven't seen for a long long time. Felis, OSH, Ata, Boom2, Trisna, and Vivy. What's the occasion? was the question I've received from Osh and Ata. Well, actually I just wanted to catch up with Felis and thank her for helping me settle some things. Then, I thought why not ask a few other people who we haven't seen (or to be more correct, I haven't seen) for a long time. So that's what we did. Dinner was good, seafood and it was interesting. Felis, Boom2, and Trisna ordered this fried mushrooms that I quite like, eventhough I don't like mushrooms. It's just the fried mushrooms were pretty juicy. Anyway, it was really nice meeting them. Everyone seem to be doing extremely well. Good for them.

Then...I got myself sick today, influenza. The good thing is that, I can stop shouting, eventhough only for a day. Got an enlightenment today from the doctor, who said I was an adult and so I was supposed to take 2 tablets of medicine, like panadol. When Vinny said similar things this morning, I dismissed him as just being too "drug-gy?" However, he was right. I supposed a body this size, I really do need more medicine. Claire was crying like mad earlier. Seriously, it felt like I got hit in my head over and over again hearing her screamed. She was throwing one of her worst tantrums. She was even jumping up and down, never see this one before. After a lock-down in the bedroom, she is calmer and quieter now. However the air does seem a bit tense. Oh baby, at times like this, I wished she hadn't be around. I need some peace. So bubye peeps. Stay healthy!

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It's Chewin' at My Bones and My Brains

As I pasted the title, I just remembered that I haven't written in my diary some important stuffs. Maybe tomorrow. The title is a lyric from a song entitled Confusion by The Zutons. Another part of the lyric is being used in my MSN nickname. As usual, something bad always always happen to my week (sempre!) and last week was no different. All culminated in Friday. Thinking about it now, things like that could make me cry, but last Friday, I didn't, though I felt I was so doomed. One part of my horoscope prediction from Webshots today said: ...you really shouldn't assume responsibility for someone else's mistakes. I agree (totally). However bad things do happen to me, so let's see what tomorrow will bring.

Today marks the end of something that currently I really treasure. Found out that there's a possibility that there will not be a new cycle. I hope it wouldn't come to that. It was something that I do for myself and thinking about it, I don't really do things for myself. Well shopping for oneself does not count and I don't shop that much either anyway. It was something that I do for my life that despite of it's not going to any concrete direction, I'm just happy that I do it.

Today is also my Chinese birthday. My parent didn't tell me in advance, especially my dad. I was kinda so surprised about that, maybe they forgot, but my mom did tell me this evening. I found out about it accidentally, but it was a lucky coincidence and I am thankful to God for letting me know. At least I didn't miss anything. As usual, having problem finding someone who sell hard-boiled egg. 1 egg, hard-boiled, that's all, tell me where I can buy it. So I ended up with a tea egg *yuck* I don't like tea egg and it's only because I had no choice that I settled with it. When I was buying it, there was this auntie who was talking to the seller. As the seller was taking change for me, the auntie in turn talked to me, telling me how good tea egg is, good for your health, bla bla bla. Thank you auntie, despite all the chat that I wasn't really looking forward to, I appreciate all the friendliness. It made the purchase of a tea egg more comforting.

I got back to my room and a present from Dagi was on my bed! I was so excited. God always does this to me, if things sucks, He makes sure His presence is felt. Dagi gave me 2 chocolates and a stuffed dog (a dog soft toy for you who start to think violent things) which is inside a dog mug. Very cute and I appreciate it very much. All the dogs theme kinda fit the Dog year. As I open the present, I was thinking how long we have been pen friends. It's definitely more than 5 years, I wonder if we have reached 10. I will ask her. All in all, this makes me think that it's okay Eka. If things turn bad, let's have dinner with good friends and bitch and let's go home. For now I will leave you with that lyric I put in my nickname.

It's funny how it tears me apart

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whiteday - 24

So today was the day when I turned 24. The day started off really bad, feeling rather depressed the whole morning. Ask me why? I can't really tell, it's one of those days when I want to be gone. I still do but for now, it can wait perhaps after CSI The day is ending in a few hours so I should make this a quick one.

Finally had the chance to open the present that the girls gave me. Didn't have time to do it in the morning, so I did it just now. It was this very cute dolphin pendant. A small pendant, white gold. However it didn't come with the necklace, so I suppose I better buy one, when I'm not so broke My birthday cards from the girls, was the forever friends bunny with morning glory. I think I chose that one Well, Dewi straight away told us to choose the card that we want. I miss the girls, miss them so much. Their words in the cards were so comforting. I do wish I get all that they wished me, please God

The first birthday greeting was from my dear cousin, then the rest came along. Among the ones that came, there were one from Ayu (love her and wish her all the best) and Meylyana (I wonder how Rista is now). Then, Darren!!! Gosh, he remembered! I love him and I told him so and he teased me. At this sentence, the Mr surely wants to send me a message, too bad he wouldn't be able to reach me. The other Mr said he was gonna call today, but didn't. I suppose I am no longer needed *sigH*.

The day ended with a long-awaited dinner by the participants. We had our presents, talked, laughed. I love my present. I don't know why I got what I got. Is it because I mentioned the item in my blog once? Anyway, thank you. You all had made my day a good day. Seriously wasn't intending to celebrate and thank God it wasn't really a celebration (Seriously I didn't know that this Tuesday would be my birthday). The day made me think if I should make peace with someone. I feel with all my heart I should, but since I am a snob I don't think I can and I'm never sure that I am the type who forgive and forget. Not sure if I have forgiven, but not forgetting certainly. Anyway, so whiteday 2006 is ending soon as I lay my head and sleep, tomorrow if God is willing I will wake up and have a chance to be a stranger in a foreign place. No matter what, it's a blessing. I am thankful that I can still sound positive now. Thank you God.

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. Transamerica . Walk the Line . The Pianist .

Life is more than the sum of its parts.

Life is a journey. Bring an open mind.

Watched several movies in the last few days. Transamerica was last Friday due to high stress and high blood pressure. It was interesting and a bit disturbing. I actually think it is in a way in the same line as Brokeback Mountain, however perhaps because the theme is a bit uncommon, it does not really relate to many people. Transamerica tells the story of Bree, who used to be Stanley (a guy) who decided that she is a woman, and she was about to go through the one surgery that gonna make her a real woman when she received a call from her son (she didn't even know she had one, it happened during college). This son, Toby (played by Kevin Zegers, who I think was very handsome but way too morally destructive) was in jail in New York, and obviously he needed help. Since Bree's psychiatrist thought that it would be best for Bree to deal with the reality (well if she doesn't, the psychiatrist won't sign the form for the operation), Bree flew all the way to New York to save the boy. At first she wanted to just give the boy money and get on with her life, but then she felt that the boy need more help, so she decided to bring the boy to his step father. The step father molested the boy when he was young, so obviously that wouldn't work out (Toby's mother died because of suicide). So in the end, Bree was just driving this boy to LA, while she figured out what she would do with him. So a series of hiding the truth, finding out the truth came out (that Bree was a man) happened, culminating in Bree's parents house when Toby found out that Bree was his father, this was after Toby proposed to Bree (so dysfunctional? I know). In the end of the story, we found out that Bree got through the surgery, the boy starred in porn movies (gay porn, I think) and he made the first step to be reunited with his father (now should be mother?). Happy ending for them, I think. The story was pretty interesting, though all the nudity thingy was a bit gross for me. Seriously, I think I need to know more about sex. I think Felicity Huffman was great, I don't know why Reese could win the Oscar instead of the rests, well maybe in Huffman's case, her manly voice was too annoying. However, it was just amazing how she portray a guy trying to be a girl, amazing actress

Love is a burning thing.

Walk the Line was with Ms. J. I kinda dragged her Lunch preceded the movie, in which we talked about how sucks life is. Damn, how our life are pretty screwed up right now and so sucky, but what can one do, when the world is so against us right now Walk the Line tells the story of Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix), pretty much how he got to be famous, and the drugs, and yadda yadda yadda and it gave a lot of emphasis to his life long struggle to get June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). Man! I think if he didn't manage to get her, he would have died sooner. I didn't know it was a happy ending at the end. Well, good for them. I thought the movie was a bit long. The music was just not my kind, though Ms. J thought it wasn't bad. What I like about June Carter by Reese Witherspoon, is that how strong a woman, June is. She's one tough lady, the type who can manage many things on her own. I think Reese Witherspoon infused a lot of sunshiny feeling to June's character, especially on stage. Maybe Reese is just that kind of person? I was reminded of Legally Blonde. It must have been great to win an oscar after being more known to do things like Legally Blonde.

Music was his passion. Survival was his masterpiece

I remember being recommended The Pianist by Felis back in the NUS days. However, at that time I didn't have the time to watch it. I guess Felis loved it because it was about piano and of course the very touching story it tells. Finally had the chance to watch it last night in channel 5, though not completely because of this and that. Adrien Brody was indeed amazing in this film. The eyes were just so ethereal. Many movies and story have been made about the Jew in the NAZI era and all have been moving and touching. This one was one of those who was straight on in portraying the cruelty at that time. It was sad, I was still sad at the end because what happened to Szpilman's (Adrien Brody) family wasn't really told in the end, I think they all died in the concentration camp and the part when he didn't manage to find and help the German captain, Wilm Hosenfeld, who had helped him was also sad. Good movie, I should have concentrated more when I was watching it.

Life sucks! What else is new? Decided to start putting one foot in the front of the other. I don't know if this is what God wants but whatever will happen, I think I will not die out of sadness, or anger or stress (which is a shame, I just want to get this whole life thing done and over thing, because it's is damn sucky right now). Oh geez, depression is starting to rear its ugly being again. Damn it, Eka! You watched how someone managed to survive NAZI occupation and you give up on the silliest thing! I AM a moron!

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Aguas de Marco

This week, I went to this CD shop that had a really good offer on their CDs. Bought 3 album for the price of S$49.90. One of the album was a Bossa Nova compilation CD. Was always wondering and interested in having an album of these sorts. There were 2 CDs in this album, so in total I got 4 CDs, quite a good bargain. The Bossa Nova CD was much more sleep inducing that I expected, however there were some really nice songs. One of the songs that I currently really really really like is Aguas de Marco by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. By the way, in short Bossa Nova is what they use to call Brazilian jazz and people in Brazil actually speak in Portuguese, not Spanish. So this song is in Portuguese and it means The Waters of March. How appropriate isn't it, to mark this month, my dear March. I managed to found and watched the clip when Elis Regina was singing this song from the Net. I think she is so talented. After a wikipedia enlightening, I found out that she's dead, in January 1982, 2 months before I was born because of drugs. Was feeling a bit creepy at that time, I supposed because she died on the year I was born. Anyway, the song is nice...so nice, do drop me a mail if you want the song The other album that I managed to get from the CD shop, is Rod Stewart - Thanks For The Memory - The Greatest American Song Book Volume IV and dear God!!! It's the best bargain of all. I LOVE all the songs. Been wanting to get this CD for quite some time but I just didn't know if it would be that good and it was, I love it so much. This make me think if volume I to III is also of the same quality. I seriously recommend this for anyone who does not hate jazz. It is jazzy, but I think it's more easy for the ears than that coming from Michael Buble or Jamie Cullum, since they can be very very "sad jazz?". Okay, so that's my explanation of the title, moving on!

This week had passed, oh yeah, my dear cousin, Marlisa's birthday is today. As what's been happening in the last past weeks, Sundays turn out to be the day of bad news and this Sunday is of no different and now I'm feeling rather upset. In the above paragraph, I wrote dear March, it's because March is the month when I was born. The fact that my cousin's birthday is today means that it is soon that I will be 24. The bad news I've received told me that I will be spending my birthday in a-not-so-good way

Vinny finally came and stayed with us, for 6 months at least. I was asked if I was happier. I thought I would be, but things have been happening and things will be happening to me that even with having Vinny around, I don't think I can be all cheery and all. Talked to my mom and Dewi yesterday, both kinda make me see things in a more positive way. I may have approach things negatively and the worse thing is that, I tend to react with my first reaction rather than take a step back and think about it first. As I was saying, Dewi and mom helped me to see the situation in a better light, however the sadness, stress, and upset-ness can not seem to go away. I don't know what I would do. I know what I want to do, however it does not seem wise to do it, mom is also not keen on the idea. Perhaps I must remember that sentence that I have been putting in my MSN nickname for many years now: If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. God please help me get through, please God...

the dismay on the face
it's a loss, it's a find

Aguas de Marco (translated english lyric)

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