Don't Fall Asleep Eka!

Seriously trying not to nap right now even though the sky is pretty dark and rain seems to be coming soon. It's just I hadn't had a good night sleep for the past 2 nights and so I want to tire myself out, so that I can sleep well tonight *finger crossed*

So I woke up early today. Managed to do something that I should have done more often. I am sorry for not making time for it, but glad as well that today I made it. Then I went to watch High School Musical 3. Alright, if you want to roll your eyes, you can do so I expected to see kids there, but man I didn't expect to see really really really young kids, like perhaps 9 years old and below and of course with their mommies and daddies. I wonder if mommies and daddies just straight away use this time to sleep. So why do I bother to watch High School Musical. Well I guess because I thought the first one wasn't bad, I did enjoy it. Only watched the 2nd one yesterday on TV and I did laugh, squirm, and roll my eyes on all the cheesiness but the movie did contain fun in it. High School Musical 3 went along the same line, though I feel it went back more to the setting of the first one, I guess perhaps as a tribute to where it all started. The props I guess is bigger than the other 2, more musical like. The singing and dancing were just as High School Musical are. Of all the characters, I really like the Evans twins the most, Ryan and Sharpay. I guess I like Ryan more since the sequel. I have to say though, I thought Ashley Tisdale was really really good playing her role.

I can't tell you to watch it, especially if you are never into it. I did make Dewi wait for the High School Musical performance though, when we were in Disneyland last time She didn't even know what it was! I hope she gets to watch it already. Okay peeps. I'm gonna continue with my Grey's Anatomy marathon. Take care!

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Of Stuffs - Tuesday 21.10.08

Hello guys, the head is rather spinning so I'm just gonna try to make this fast.

Went to watch Burn After Reading with la Gioia yesterday. I have to say that I didn't like it because it was seriously twisted. The movie has lots of famous actors and I have to say that they were really good. My favorite one was actually John Malkovich, I thought he was really good. Many people would perhaps be amused with Brad Pitt who I think has never really been seen to be this goofy. Yeah, he was funny but somehow I found that he's too old to play they character. It's kinda strange that the Coen Brothers already had him in mind as they were writing the script. Found out that George Clooney and Tilda Swinton weren't in good terms and yet their characters were really cozy in the movie. Hmm ... maybe that's why they did so well in Michael Clayton. Anyways, I do not like the movie, but that doesn't mean it was bad. I don't like the story but I suppose it was interesting and the lines were witty, I have to say. The characters though idiotic as they were, they were interesting. So yeah, that's about it.

On Monday, we had our usual meet-up with the Ibu and all. Man, it's damn boring. Anyways, so everyone were drawing and all, but I couldn't do it because I was rather in a too-visible position, so I just ended up scribbling away in Italiano and I was kinda so happy because I wrote personal and private things and yet no one can understand it. Somehow also, I was able to write cheezy things freely which I wouldn't be able to write in English because ... well because they are cheezy! Ha! I would swallow them all back in English. Anyways, here's what I wrote. Darn, I can actually slowly start writing my diary in Italiano.

Mi piace. Ero molto felice quando abbiamo passato il tempo insieme a Sabato notte. Infatti sono ancora felice oggi. Ma lui è lui. La sua mentalità non è matura. Come al solito mi cerca quando ha un problema e io sempre vengo a lui. Mi piace. Non posso dire una bugia. Sono stupida, io so. Devo smettere e lasciarlo prima il mio cuore è rotto di nuovo. Dai Eka! La testa è giusta. Segui la tua testa, non sequire il tuo cuore.

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It's Not Mine

Hello peeps!

Nothing interesting this week. Had class this morning as usual and the peeps were late, aarrrghh, so I had to talk with Anna Maria while waiting for them to come and since yours truly non parla l'italiano bene, it got pretty stressful. However, I did realize how I love learning this language. Seriously. Today I realize again that I do get excited hearing this language spoken, understanding it and somewhat speaking it. If only I've put in more effort to improve myself. We are in the verge of extinction for the next term. So far, there's just me, Q, and R. I was actually seriously contemplating to stop but last week AN said he wanted to continue and it seemed that I was person #5 to make it happen, but that ragazzo didn't even apply this week! He said he wants to be person #5 *sigh* Guys!!! I guess I do want to continue, I just wish we can have more people so that things don't get too quiet

After class, went to the usual place for lunch. Saw that there's branded sale in the Takashimaya court and though I am dead poor, I seriously got tempted with the things (bags especially) and went home with some perfumes. Got pretty sad for 2 reasons: 1) I'm not rich, 2) I have no bloody space here in Singapore. I have a room that I rent but it's not my room. The place where I store my things here are not mine and seriously living this way is depressing!!! I want my own place and this desire is enough to entertain thoughts of going back home permanently.

Finished reading Eat, Pray, Love, or as Oshie liked to call it, the ultimate rich slacker book. It tells the story of this American divorcée who spent a year in 3 countries, Italy, India, Indonesia (Bali) to so call "find her self". Yes definitely if I can do it without coming out of it with 0 dollar, I would like to do the same, senza the Ashram in India though. I do get excited reading parts of the books, however all the spiritual journey and enlightening moments do make me squirm in skepticism slightly. Hmmm ... I am not one who believe in self-help books but somehow all the books I've chosen recently, unknowingly, somewhat fall into that category, for the exception of The Kite Runner. I wonder if it is a sign from God. Anyway Eat, Pray, Love did make me try to pray to God better. I want to get a new book, but then I went back to the 2 reasoning above, sigh, so I may have to borrow now, but when you borrow, you can't actually read the one you really want

On other news, Vivy missed her flight this morning (OH MY GOD!) and so if I read it correctly, she had to pay around 3K for a new ticket. Lucky her is going to America for another conference. I'm asking for Obama's related things when she comes back and yes I am a supporter of Barack Obama.

Rista is going back to Australia in these few days. Back to the life she knows, though I think she will get a whole new perspective on it. I don't know if she will, but I would if I were her. I wish her all the best.

Yours truly have another week to live. I'm taking it week by week. Just yesterday I was telling Gascoigne, I don't know how I am to survive here until Gennaio. Aarrghhh, take it week by week, I guess.

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Bottle Shock

Went to watch Bottle Shock yesterday, alone. The movie is about wine. At first glance, one may be reminded to Sideways but Bottle Shock is really about the wine. Well okay, there's some other unnecessary stuffs but the wine is really the backbone of the story. It is based on a true story of how wine produced in America triumphed over the ones produced in France. I seriously felt like drinking lots of wine and learning about them after watching this movie. However, I don't think my palate is that sophisticated. Of all the wine I have tasted, I have never encountered one which taste I like. As a matter of fact, I don't like any of them, but I'm not giving up just yet

Bottle shock itself or also called Bottle sickness means (as written in Wikipedia), a temporary condition of wine characterized by muted or disjointed fruit flavors. It often occurs immediately after bottling or when wines (usually fragile wines) are given an additional dose of sulfur (in the form of sulfur dioxide or sulfite solution), and are subject to other forms of handling and transport. After several months the condition usually disappears. Interesting, eh? I really like the movie. Though I thought some of the story was seriously unnecessary, like the stupid love story. The actors were not bad. Alan Rickman was really good. He is a really talented actor. Like wine perhaps this movie may not go down well with some people, some of you will perhaps find it boring and such but I really really like it.

Really loved the whole watching it alone part. It kinda made me wonder if part of the reason God hasn't let me have "the guy" is because I love my alone time so much. Yeah, I have to be honest that I do get bored with myself too, but sometime I really get a kick of doing things alone and being by myself.

Hmm ... an unimportant thing that I want to share. These days, I've been so in love with a song from Maliq & d'Essentials - Dia. I found this song when I was blog hopping and I like it so much. I am not one who loops a song over and over again like the so many people I know when they are so into a song. I thought doing that would make you get bored of the song quickly and why would you want to get bored of something that you like? However, I've been looping this song a lot and I haven't get bored! On the bus today, I feel, well ... I should perhaps just take this song as a form of prayer, dia seperti apa yang selalu ku nantikan, aku inginkan .... Seriously, whenever I listen to the song, I always feel like singing with chorus, diaaaaaaaa ..... . But I can't sing!

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In Front of LT 29 or Another Friday Story

Hi peeps. Wanted to take myself out again today and watch something but decided I should be good and go home as soon as I could. Had flu this week, took off earlier on Tuesday and I straight away went to see the doc. Asked for a day off for Wednesday but she was very strict and didn't want to give me any because I had no fever, but I said I needed to rest and in the end she gave in. See, my doctor is very strict, I don't know how many people can get by so easily with their doctors.

I sat in front of NUS LT 29 today while waiting for Vivy to come for dinner. There was a small bazaar in front of LT 27 and so that's why I sat in front of LT 29. It hit me that it's been 5 years since I left NUS, and my head was kinda screaming, OH MY GOD!!! Half a decade man! It sounds like a lot of years and thinking what I have been doing in that 5 years, which is basically nothing much felt rather depressing. I actually felt rather sorry for an instance that I am not holding any master degree. Not that I want to or have ever put any thoughts into it but I just felt that 5 years is quite a long time which you can use to do something big and major in life and the fact that I don't feel I have achieved anything amazing made me rather sad. 1) I am maybe right that I haven't achieved anything major since I graduated. 2) I am perhaps an ungrateful moron who cannot see that I have done good things. I don't know. Anyway, I was sitting there, remembering that the shuttle bus used to stop in the car park near LT 29, and I got reminded of one thing that happened in this area a year ago. I have mixed emotion. I am glad that the brain has managed to provide logic to battle the emotion.

Today I found out that a dear friend broke up with his fiance. She did tell me that it was imminent but she would only clear things when she reached home. So she did reach home and it did happen. When she told me about it weeks ago, I refrained from giving my opinion because the main issue that she had (I think) was the fact that she's unwilling to give up the life that she is currently experiencing to settle down and I totally agree with that. So I just listened without encouraging and ensuring her that she's doing the right thing *sigh* Over lunch I asked la Gioia if this reason is selfish. She said no. I said maybe that's the reason why we're still single If it's the right one then you will not be hesitant to leave and sacrifice the things that matter to you a lot? How do you know then? I don't, I don't understand and so hence why I don't understand why there are many Indonesian friends that I know got married in an early age. To the question above, I don't even know if such choice to sacrifice should ever come if you are with "the one".

Good night peeps, have a good one!

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A Patch of Rainbow

Saw a patch of rainbow this evening when I was in the bus. A little patch but it made me smile nonetheless. I think seeing a rainbow is one of the coolest thing to experience in life, even though it might be only a small patch. I was thinking that God is good. I pretty much had a good day today even though I do feel rather sinful for not being so productive today. Didn't come out with anything substantial and I guess the lack of interest and perhaps laziness just caused me not to push myself harder *sigh*

The day started of pretty good with Starfish swinging by this morning to give me some rendang and lontong. Ain't he sweet? It's been the 2nd year now he gave me his mother's rendang which he's so proud of.

Then the crazy me took myself out this evening for a movie. I went to watch Eagle Eye. Well I thought the story was pretty illogical at times. Tell me if you come back to your apartment and see all these terrorism stuffs which aren't yours, are you not going to quickly call 911, instead of touching the things? I feel the movie has elements from Enemy of the State and I, Robot in it. The climax made me gasp and I actually thought it was gonna be a sad ending. I thought it would be a sad ending indeed but rather necessary. However Hollywood does not disappoint and all ends well, which I actually prefer What can I say, I like happy ending. I tell you what I like also. I like Shia LaBeouf. The last time I saw him was in Transformer. He's playing a more adult character here, not some goofy teenager and I like his rugged look. I actually found him to be quite hot I guess by now if you profile me, you will know what type of guy I am attracted to

On other news, I am so broke and yet I am still spending like crazy even though I will need some money in the near future *sigh* It seriously sucks being poor. Mom sent me a message some time ago. Apparently they're taking the plane back from Jogja and they had arrived safely in Jakarta (thank God!). Knowing mom, I'm pretty sure she'll be awake at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and go to work. I so want to go home *sigh* Good night my dears

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If God brings you to it,

He will bring you through it. I do have to repeat that mantra. Pretty much got a bomb yesterday. All were smiling and laughing, perhaps their way of not putting pressure and stress on me but it doesn't really help because my stress level just soars. I think people have more confidence in me than myself, I don't know why. Kinda can't believe that this is what God brings me to. Inside I was like, seriously God? Seriously?!?! This is what you want me to do? You pray and you ask for certain things and yet somehow God seems to steer you to other direction. Sigh. I don't want to fail and I wish I can say "Failure is not an option!" loudly but I don't even know where to start. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it ... and so that is the mantra that I have to repeat.

Feeling hungry now. Feeling dizzy too, like there are knots in my head. Sigh. Mom and dad are in Jogjakarta now. Hhmm ... how I wish I can eat some Lebaran food in Indo, ketupat and all. Speaking of Lebaran, I notice something different between the Indonesian muslims and the Singaporean muslims. It actually started as a joke with Gascoigne last night as I wished him Happy Lebaran. I am perhaps bad saying this but I was watching the patterns and the result was 100% correct. The Singaporeans muslims said thank you when I wished them Happy Lebaran. The Indonesians said thank you and asked for forgiveness if they have done anything wrong to me and this include people like Dendry, Ayu, and Anggara whom I haven't met and talked to for a long time. Anggara was even more amazing, sending me an sms this morning to give his Lebaran greeting, even before I managed to wish him! Looking at the other non-muslim Indonesian friends in facebook and msn, they seem to be also adopting this holiday to ask for forgiveness from everyone. I do feel Lebaran is one of the meaningful religious holidays. Perhaps next time, I can also ask for forgiveness when I wish the muslim friends, Happy Lebaran. I know I have mistakes as well and I can be a difficult person to get along with

So I spent this holiday taking myself out for a little alone time. I went to watch The House Bunny. Yeah you might be wondering why I watch some brainless movie. Well it was either this or Eagle Eye but the timing was leaning towards this one. The House Bunny is actually pretty good and entertaining. In some brainless way, I kinda like it very much. I thought Anna Faris did a good job, she came across as pretty lovable despite of the way her character's brain is. I like Colin Hanks, such a charming guy, a type of guy I can fall with. Another famous child of a celebrity in the movie is Rumer Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis), she's pretty and there's also Katharine McPhee and I see why Oshie can go gugu gaga over her The movie has a very simple story line, brainless really in many ways, but it is very entertaining, like Legally Blonde (they do have the same writers). So for something light, go for it peeps.

Okay, I gotta go. The head is seriously killing me. Aaarrgghh.

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