Quitting Facebook (?)

So it's been 1 week since I last logged into to Facebook. It doesn't seem like a long time and this doesn't seem worthy of a conversation, but since I have written less frequently here, I thought why not just write something, anything. So it's been a week since I went to Facebook and this abstaining of mine is deliberate. You see, Facebook made me depressed. All those happy people with their great lives, it's making me feel worse about my life. One time I chatted about this with Oshie and he put it into perspective that people usually only post the happy things, they don't post the shitty things that's happening to them and in fact I am one of those people. Years ago, I would post things that bothered me a lot, stupid ranting like how people do that we have come to hate. Then I was told off by some people that I was being all negative and putting too much negativity out there. So I stopped posting many of my thoughts there. Unfortunately it doesn't mean that I don't have that much negativity anymore, it's just I don't post them. Honestly I did feel annoyed or perhaps sad that I was being told that I was being all negative. Those people aren't close friends of mine, but I think one should be more sympathetic or at least weary of people who have much sadness and not share it to the world. You don't know what the many dark thoughts they keep inside could do to them. Anyways, so I started to post less frequently and ended up falling into the group of people who only post great things about their lives, like vacation photos. I have become the thing that could make myself feel depressed. How philosophical that sentence?

Anyways, so last week after yet again another round of feeling sad seeing the great lives of people in Facebook, I thought that it's all because I had been stupid enough to log in in the first place. So I decided that I have to cut off that thing that got me depressed and stop going to Facebook. By the way, it's a real thing, there are studies that show that this depressed feeling I experience because of Facebook postings also happen to other people. So anyway from the once daily affair of checking Facebook, I have been abstaining now for a week. Do I miss it? Well I used to go to Facebook because I was bored and needed to fill in the time, but now I just think about the fact that I could get really sad after it and I'm okay. I don't miss it much. It's not that hard to do this. Sometime I do think if I have missed out any interesting articles or videos, but those thoughts are not enough to get me back in. There was a day when it was somewhat hard because I wanted to post this video below from Maroon 5 which I thought was rather sweet, but I restrained myself.

At this point, the smart people would point out that Facebook is not the problem here. It's how I look at things. I remember a conversation with the girls back home and I think Dewi was the one who pointed out that while I see my life as not successful (the word I would use is actually unbearable), there are others who would think that my life has been great and awesome. So I should be more grateful for my life and look at its many bright sides, but I guess right now the super self absorbed me is too deep in the black hole to be able to do that. Back to Facebook, will I be able to really quit it? Maybe not but I am holding out for as long as I can. Facebook has been sending me daily mail now about the things that happened there since I last logged in. The most laughable of these emails was one that says I have more friends that I know in Facebook if I would just sync the account with my email or skype or whatever other accounts. Sigh Facebook, even the "friends" there right now are not even people I would call a friend - acquaintance or people I once knew would be more apt - so why should I add more of these kind of people?

Okay let's rant about other things now. The other day a lady in a toilet told me that she found it strange that there are people who can leave the toilet without washing their hands. I laughed at that comment which I totally agree, but even more ironic was that this lady is the type who doesn't shower in the morning. These people have some smell about them that I couldn't really stand. So her comment was funnier for me because of this fact. On another story, in class last week there's a white Brit in the class. I'm not sure if he's just visiting or gonna be our classmate, but what irked me was that the fascination of some of the classmates to this white guy. They like made an effort to talk to him and get to know him. Hello did you all extend the same friendliness to the new Asian girl who's been in our class for some weeks now, did any of you talk to her, even now? Ah the stupid fascination people here have with a white westerner.

On movies, watched Taken 3 and as much as I like Liam Neeson, there are some things that annoyed me greatly about this movie. Liam Neeson escaped an explosion twice unscathed! The first one in the elevator was the most ridiculous one and it made it hard for me to like the movie. Then his character only took a few minutes examining a grainy cctv footage to identify that one of the bad guy has a distinct tattoo while the tech guys working in the police department tasked to work their magic on the cctv footage took like like 1 day, come on!!! When I looked at #Taken3 in twitter and saw that there are quite a few people who think this movie is awesome, the judgmental me just think these people are dumbasses. I also watched Into the Woods which I love very much. The cgi made the movie richer and so I am curious how this is being staged in theatre. It seems there's some differences between the story in the movie and in the theatre. Storywise though, there are some parts I felt dissatisfied with, the baker had this notion that his wife is flawless and didn't know what the wife did before she died and he didn't know that Rapunzel was his sister. So for me everything is not tied nicely in a bow at the ending. Still it's a very good movie and I like it a lot.

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