Love, Baby...Love...

First of all, I'm hungry...and I'm starting to eat late-night snack again. This is not a good :'(
Anyway...about the title...I got an sms from my friend who missed her ex-boyfriend so much. My life isn't actually smooth sailing, actually my boat is not actually sailing. It's like being in the middle of the ocean with no wind to push you and no wave to carry you away. It may sound nice, but after a while you just got so tired...what I'm trying to say is that I don't think I'm in a state where I can give wise advices, since I myself can't really figure out and help my own life yet.

And it's love we're talking about. I'm always get so confused when people confide their love story with me...please...I have no experience, I don't think I'll be any much of help. One thing that I can tell is how I do understand how it's like to like someone so deeply and that someone does not feel the same.

On one side you feel that you have to let go because it's silly to keep on hoping and pushing for something that will not be. On the other side, letting go seems like you're giving up hope and sometime that someone feels so good that you don't want to let them go, you want to keep them inside...after all, just with their presence, you are smiling and soaring to the sky. That's being said...I don't think there will ever be the right move in dealing with someone you like so much and does not feel the same. If it's me...well, I'm the fool one...I think he's still somewhere inside...maybe he's slipping away, day by day...but I'm not sure I'm willing to let him go completely now...

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Chill and Creep

It's pretty cold this few days and thank God I haven't shown any sign I'm gonna get sick because of all the wind and rain. I do have headaches, I don't know why I've been getting so much of that lately, but it's not really anything major, just a minor headache. When the wind blows really hard and the rain comes, there's actually a sound like someone is crying in the flat I'm living in. I know it's just wind, but the sound is quite spooky...the kind that you hear in the movie. I haven't found out which room the sound is coming from, but definitely not mine. I'm not making this up!!! and I'm not scared of it, if you're wondering.

The sun is flaring, so how come it's actually cold in here. Even Austria is having snow now, my pen friend said that snow didn't usually come in October, it was too early. Maybe the real heat is in California :P Could it be karma for the American? They invade Iraq and now their precious state is struggling with fire. I do hope it would end well soon, for everyone sake and all of us can live in peace again, happily ever after (Yeah! Like that's gonna happen :P )

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My first post is damn long, isn't it? Maybe, I really am should talk even less. It was raining quite hard this afternoon. Mom said it was raining in Jakarta too.
I've been thinking of kolak lately. It's a very common dessert in the fasting month in Indonesia. I'm not a Moslem so I don't fast, but I just love some of the food which are usually around during the fasting month. I just love kolak pisang (banana kolak)......hua......I wish I can go home and ask my mom to make it for me.
I think I should stop writing now...because before I know it, it'll be another 1 long page...

Never forget where you're coming from, never pretend that it's all real
Never Forget - Take That

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Launching...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Blast Off!!!

*phew* Finally!!!

I started working on this blog on Saturday (25/10/03), then as I was about to finish the design, my Dreamweaver went crazy and just closed, leaving me with nothing! That's what happen if you never save your work from time to time. I re-did my work and it finished faster the 2nd round. So I uploaded them and then all my beautiful images could not be displayed :'( My geocities account doesn't allow me to pull the images from them. What a headache! Then I spent Sunday looking for a place to store my image. I didn't actually work much on this blog on Sunday. My search was a vain and when I was totally fed up, I suddenly remembered why don't I just see what other people did. It is strange why I didn't get this idea earlier, since I got most of my codes by looking at other people's work. So the image thing was settled on Sunday night (there was fire in a flat nearby that night), but there was still problem with the archive pages. I was so new to this blog thing that I didn't know that I should publish the entire site to get all of the pages working properly. It is always like that with coding. The most irritating problem is usually a very simple one and the answer is right in front of your eyes. Anyway...Everything was finally settled on Monday, but since it was past midnight, I decided to post my first one now, later than on this early-early morning.

I am quite satisfied with how the whole thing looks. It's quite a different design than all my previous websites. It's all blue, very me, and I really like it. I like the dolphins image, aren't they simply wonderful? Too bad I have to compress the image, to have a smaller file size. It makes the quality of the image not as good as it should be, but it's also not really that bad.

I went to Borders today. I think I saw Qing He from Meteor Garden (I don't know his real name). I actually forgot his character name in Meteor Garden and I had to send an sms to 1 of my bestfriend, to ask her. I think it was him, though I couldn't be too sure. He was like what I saw in Meteor Garden. He was with a girl, and the girl seemed quite spoilt, but maybe it was he who actually a very indifferent person :P

Anyway, I accidentally read an autobiography of David Blaine, Mysterious Stranger. Someone just left the book on the bench. It was written that there are actually a few version of the same book, so it's a bit kind of destiny thing on which book you end up reading. I only read some of the interesting pages, and I came to page 110-111 (if I'm not mistaken). I was about to miss it, when I decided to read it anyway. Somewhere in the first paragraph it was kinda stated that I was "meant" to read the pages...and so I wrote the interesting sentences that really drew my attention (reading was allowed in Borders, but I don't know about copying, I was feeling a bit uneasy about it :P ).

Here you go:
You may know me. I know you.
You're a very sensitive type of person. When you were younger you were different from the others around you. You were observant. You'd silently take in situation and notice things about the people in your presence. Your intuition is strong.
You are very caring and honest, sometimes even too much so, but you have great difficulty in letting anybody get to know you. When you finally do let somebody in, you keep him or her close to you for a long time. In fact, there's someone close to you that you're really worried about right now. But the best thing to do is to keep being a positive force in that person's life.

You have a scar on your left knee.

Everything in italic seems about right :P I checked and I don't have any scar on my left knee (I think). Hope I won't ever get one. I tried looking for another copy of the book in the whole bookstore and I couldn't find any...I wonder what other people would read on that page.'s been a very long post for a pilot. So 'till tomorrow...whoever you are who might be reading this...I do wonder if anyone would ever read this :P I haven't done a lot of promotion :P

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