Turning 34 & Off Facebook For A Year Now! :)

Hello peeps, how is it going? So I turned 34 yesterday (pi day, 3.14). Oh gosh, how I hate being older. Didn't do anything special for my birthday. Did an errand that morning which required me to give my fingerprints. As usual that didn't work out so well. Luckily the young malay girl staff was very nice about it, but it just didn't go well. She had to call her supervisor and basically there's nothing that they can do about it. It's me not them. I think they couldn't get a complete set of prints but it seemed to be alright. If only there are touchless fingerprint scanner. A quick google shows that there are such things. I don't know why they are not widely used, it would help a lot for people like me.

Anyways, after that I went to pray. Then went to watch The Revenant which was okay I guess. Surprisingly, I found the actual event was more dramatic than what the movie showed. Then I really didn't do much else. I found out I was running out of cash and so I really couldn't spend much. I have to ration until Friday. It's a real bummer but it's alright I guess, my Chinese birthday falls on Easter this year and by then I should have more money and then I can go eat all that I want to eat.

So with this birthday, it also marks that I have been off Facebook for a year now. That smiley face in the title is for this, not for turning 34. The last time I logged in was March 15th, 2015. I remembered that because I was reading all the birthday messages I got. This year I didn't bother at all. La Gioia even texted me to tell me that there are messages in Facebook, but I stayed the course and didn't read them, I really want to continue on on my path to leave Facebook. Am I better with it? I don't know, but I know I could be worse with sadness and depression if I have been logging in and reading all the happy news. So right now, ignorance is really a bliss for me. Though it's not total ignorance I guess, I still ask people like la Gioia and friends back home what's been happening in Facebook. Well, people are still happy, making babies, buying things, going on vacations, and posting all those happy smiles.

There were some people who texted me directly to wish happy birthday and I do appreciate it, not that I don't appreciate people who wrote a message for me in Facebook. I do too, but I don't know. I guess people who made the effort to text me really wants to make sure I see it and get a response back? It's nice. It could be that we haven't seen each other and talked to each other for a long time, but in 2 - 3 texts or so we actually chatted a bit. The personal touch is nice, I think :P There are 2 texts that I was surprised to get. One was from my ex-roommate which I haven't seen and talked to in years. I replied, but she didn't reply back. Despite all that have happened, I actually hope things are going well for her.

Okay, so what else to say. Really there's nothing. I haven't been going to the movies since I came back from my Chinese New Year trip except for The Revenant yesterday and Hail, Caesar! which I watched with la Gioia on Saturday. The movie wasn't as fun as what the trailer implied but I found choices are limited these days. Even more so in the weeks to come I guess with all the superheroes movies coming out, sigh. I've also been busy catching up on TV. I found myself not that excited with The Walking Dead this year, but this week's episode with Carol did intrigue me. We really need to see more of Carol and Daryl relationship, what it's like. I was not fond of the other guy. I've also been watching the latest season of House of Cards. Man, I forgot how I love Doug Stamper. I think one of the reason why I like him so much or perhaps the biggest reason is his loyalty. Though last season it was kinda shaky, he is loyal through and through and I value loyalty a lot. On one of my bus ride musing, I was thinking if I value that more than love. I have yet to experience that big love, so I don't know, right now it might seem that I put loyalty first than love. Okay, with that and me being 34, you can judge yourself if I am any wiser as I get older :P

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