The Adventure of the Three Girls at Sentosa

It started with sms and msn discussion late Thursday afternoon. I was pretty frustrated with all the stupid plans to go here and there with other people which at that point in time seemed wasn't happening, that I just popped the question to Ms. J if she wanted to go to Sentosa on Saturday (we've been talking about going to Sentosa in the near future). The same question was popped to the flyingNun, in which she replied "Would it be fun? I can not swim". I was stunned and had a good laugh with her reply. They all surprisingly said yes. We briefly discussed how we would go about it on Friday and off we went excitedly yesterday.

The girls wanted to try the cable car, so we went to the ticket counter at Harbor Front. Saw some tour packages there and we chose the one with the cable car, Underwater World and Cinemania in it. The cable car ride was interesting. When we went off, I have to admit that there was a slight nervousness in me as we were on the air and slightly swaying We arrived safely, obviously, because if not you would hear the news of the 3 girls plunging to the sea Our first stop was to go to the Underwater World and my dear God, my camera seemed to have problem, that the pictures that I took were pretty bad Damn it! Another thing that I must get fixed *sigH* such a misfortune Anyways, some pictures were still salvageable and with the help of Photoshop, I can bring you this:

You can see crabs, the dragon fish that looks like a sea plant, the nemo fish (actual name is clown fish), some coral and some fish. The scary fish was chosen because it was kinda scary and sad to me (I hope you know which one I'm talking about) and it was behind a sand wave (or something like that) hovering over some sharks. The jellyfish are the best pictures I had from the trip. I think I enjoyed this Underwater trip more than the last time I was there. After we were done, we decided to take a little break at Delifrance because we were rather hungry. So we had some dessert.

Then off we went to the 4D ride which I was really excited about. It was interesting though I felt the seat movement didn't really match what was happening on the story. We felt a jerk down when a character was hit by a door, so it was rather weird for me. The rest of the effect was pretty cool, the wind, the bats and the bees and the water, they were pretty interesting. After it we rushed to go to the Dolphin Lagoon but we were totally late and it's all because of the waiting for the buses. I feel pretty bad that we missed, it's a sign that we should go again girls! me and hopefully my good camera. Anyways, so we missed and in the end walked a bit on the sand. A bit because we wanted to get to Cinemania and to the musical fountain on time. The cinemania rides were dizzying for me. I was feeling a bit dizzy after the first one and the second ride of the roller coaster, man! I just wanted it to stop quickly. Ms. J was enjoying it thoroughly though After that, we made our way to the musical fountain. We were actually very early for it and again we missed. The gates were already closed because the seats were already full. This is despite of the fact that we were more than half an hour early for the show. So in the end, we decided to wait for the 08:40 pm show. We went for dinner and then queued in front of the gate. When the gate was open, Ms. J was pretty fast and off she dashed to get us seats in the middle The musical fountain is cool, very cool. Not long enough perhaps. It is seriously a must see when you go to Sentosa. The fact that it is free, I think anyone who are a bit bored and free can just go to Sentosa and watch it. It's a really good thing here in Singapore that you can reach places like Sentosa in less than half an hour. I really had fun with the girls yesterday and I am so looking forward for such trips again and I do hope we get to be spontaneous and do such thing again

Reached home quite late last night and was really tired. However I still made my way to Orchard today. It was surprising really, because Sunday is the day when I hibernate like a polar bear for the week ahead. However, Esther, my primary and junior high school friend is in town and she has been very friendly to look for me. So as my mother instructed, I met up with her. She's looking really pretty. I wonder if I wear skirts and make up and all, will I be like 5 times prettier? I wonder if I feel the same, to me and to the rest who know me for how I am and how I look like. They say appearance doesn't change what you are inside, but I just wonder if it changes you subconsciously. Anyways, so we had lunch, walked in and out of shops (seriously, I think I'm really boring when I do this kinda thing, I hope she didn't get too tortured and bored with my "enthusiasm"), and we had gelato (I realize now not all sweet things entice me), and that's pretty much it. I went back to scrub my toilet. Esther is really nice. We weren't actually close back then in school but she was nice and it was really good meeting her today. I get to do something different on a Sunday. So that's my weekend peeps. Pretty glad that my Saturday was pretty happening yesterday. I hope it will continue to be interesting in the weeks to come

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Lebaran Piece of Thought

Happy Lebaran everyone I did this last year but I'm just gonna whine again about how I wish I can be at home and eat my mom's ketupat, not that the ketupat is amazing because ketupat tastes the same everywhere, but it's just her soupy side dish is the best one in the whole wide world. Since noone at home, I suppose my mom is not making any this year. She just told me that they're going to her brother's house, I suppose for some barbecue. I miss home but I can not deny the thought of being at home fully do freak me out, feeling claustrophobic, I suppose.

As you can see in my first paragraph that I have nothing interesting to say, so I'm gonna blog about some things from my thoughts list. Let's start with the topic of Good Karma. The last time I explained what I think about it, I was told that I sounded like a Sunday school teacher *sigH*. Actually, I kinda remembered having a conversation about this with Vivy during a dinner in NUH. You reap what you sow. A lot of time you think like that I suppose and I do believe in bad karma fully but is there such thing as good karma? You do good things and good things happen to you? Well, perhaps. I got to thinking about this after hearing it quite often some time ago. I may perhaps start the whole good karma concept thingy but after thinking about it, the whole concept of good karma just feel a bit wrong to me. The thing is you should do good things because you WANT to do good things. I couldn't believe I forget this concept when as Indonesian, we were pretty much brainwashed with such concept in our civic and moral education lesson (menolong dengan ikhlas dan tanpa pamrih). When you do good things in hope that good things would happen to you, then you are not really sincere about it, are you? You kinda wish something in return. It shouldn't be like that. If you do get something in return, then it is a blessing from God. Hence why you can't expect or perhaps demand for good things to happen just because you have been a good boy or girl. So why do you do good things in the first place if you're not getting anything in return? Because that what Jesus would do Okay, I'm gonna avoid the Christianity side. I suppose when it comes to someone you like or love then you just want to make things better for them. If it comes to a stranger it's because it's a Godly thing to do (yeah, seriously, no kidding) or because when it happens to you, you kinda wish that someone would help you with it, so when you see such situation you just want to help. So is there such thing as a good karma? Perhaps but to chase it, well it's wrong because kindness have sincerity in it and when you are secretly hoping for something in return then it's not sincere anymore. So I guess in conclusion, do good things but don't use it as reasoning to God (when you pray) to get the things that you want or use it to justify that you deserve good things. What God gives us is blessing and it is by God's grace alone, not because of our good merit. Do good things because you want to do so, because your heart tells you to do so. You are a better human being if you often hear your heart telling you to do good things.

I am sleepy and it's raining slightly. A good time to sleep. Adieu for now peeps. Maybe I will have more chance to write more things from my scribble of thoughts and my post will be a bit more meaningful

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Il Sabato Libero

22 October 2005, that was the date that I wrote in the first page of my note book. It was really a year ago. A year ago, I started something because one should use one's time well. I started it with every intention to get me somewhere with it. I do learn a lot of things, if it's going to get me somewhere, we will see. Unexpectedly, there's this big possibility of me not continuing doing what I have been doing, well at least for 10 weeks (hopefully only for 10 weeks). I'm not so keen of this happening because I always feel I'm running out of time, so to stop doing something just feel like a waste. However it's for the best I suppose. I'm pretty happy how the 5 of us who are still together are really together. We are very united, and somehow it surprises me. Carl is the one who was with me since the beginning. She sounded very chirpy on the phone when she called me this week though her call started a small mutiny Reading her blog, she has all this frustration inside of her, but for me she always comes across as confident, optimistic, and happy with life. I guess people always have things hidden inside of them. I think most of the time I come across as sad, which I can't deny myself. A lot of sadness, frustration, and worry in me. This week a girl told me that I looked sad that day, when I was actually in full concentration. I guess my full concentration look is a sad look Anyway, Saturdays would be empty now and it kinda makes me sad. Someone suggested to me that maybe it is my time to explore Singapore since I obviously haven't. So who wants to accompany me to Pulau Ubin, Jurong Bird Park, Snow City, etc? Anyone? That actually would require me to open up. Maybe the Mr is right, this is the time now to open up to other people *sigH* The Mr is so right (on other things as well). It would be a waste if his parental skill is only applied on me

So today is a public holiday. So for the first time in a long time, I actually slept last night without setting my alarm. The good news now is that I can spend many Saturdays doing so Got out from my bed really late today (though I think I still woke up early). Then I also took a nap. I think because I'm so freaking lazy, my right shoulders now hurt. Been living unhealthily this week. I know I have a very unhealthy lifestyle but this week is worse. I ate junk today and I ate way too much than necessary this week, too much sugar. I'm not gonna defend or blame myself. Let it be, don't feel like thinking about it. I do give in to sin and temptation way too easy this week. Glad to say that I did something useful and worked my brain today. This morning I was cleaning other people shit. Bloody hell is what I want to say. I think there can only be 2 rationalization for it, one is smart people can have very limited common sense (Donald Trump actually said that in The Apprentice episode shown in channel 5 last week) and two, some people just want to make your life miserable (in this case knowing full well that that person would be me). Okay, I'm being kind, so I throw in number three that some people just don't care or don't have the integrity to do something right and finished, knowing full well that there would be someone else to deal with it (and again in this case that someone else is me).

Take your pick people. Some people purposely make other people life miserable is rather too cutthroat for me, however if you know what shit I am dealing with, you can't help wondering. Anywho, since surprisingly I could fix the things quite fast (Thank God for not making me so dumb), I'm not really in a wanna-kill-someone-and-curse pissed mood. I have this strange feeling that there are some other anomaly though, so my mood can still change. Let me illustrate the situation. It's like there's this small river, you just need to make something for people to cross the river happily and safely. A raft or perhaps a small boat can do, but this smart person made a ship. A posh ship, with great engine and all. However this person didn't check that if you want to make a ship with toilet and all, check if the plumbing works correctly. The plumbing has a leak which causes the passengers to have a bad time (and perhaps unsafe because they can trip and fall because of the water) when crossing the river. This causes the ship to be not that appealing for them to use. Hence it defeats the objective of getting people cross the river safely and happily. I want to say "Bloody Hell" because why can't we just stick to the basic. It may not be challenging however you should focus on the objective first before getting all fancy and miss the target. Okay, enough about that.

I have written long and unimportant things, haven't I? I actually have this list of thoughts that I was thinking of writing in this blog when I have nothing interesting to tell. However since this post is already quite long, I will spare you and I will write those things on a later date. I hope you have a more meaningful day peeps.

PS: I have been writing unimportant stuff for 3 years now. Some things do change for the better but I just feel things have not been improving as much as it can or should be. So tired of feeling like a failure.

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The Departed

*yay!* Went to watch The Departed with Vivy today and I love it. Tell me people, does Eng Wah Cinema in Singapore always start on time according to the time stated? We were around 10 mins late. I think in other cinema the movie wouldn't have started but we missed a few bits. The movie is awesome. I love it, but of course I've never watched Infernal Affairs, of which The Departed was based, so perhaps my comment would be somewhat invalid. Anyways, why was I so eager to watch The Departed? Because there was Leonardo DiCaprio and it was directed by Martin Scorsese. The last movies by Scorsese that I watched were Gangs of New York (was on tv recently) and The Aviator. Both had Leonardo in it and both didn't really amaze me that much. However, the movie from Scorsese that really won me over was Kundun which I would totally recommend to everyone. I myself would really like to watch it again, since I didn't watch it properly last time. I think I missed some parts of it and I didn't manage to watch it 'til the end, but the movie is really really good. It's about the childhood of Dalai Lama and how he was chosen as Dalai Lama. Totally awesome.

Anyways, The Departed. I love it. Couldn't praise on originality because it's obviously not. However I found the lines, though filled they were with FUCK, they were very witty. Love it and had a good laugh with them. On why I love the movie? I guess because it is just so cool. The ending was pretty dramatic, though, perhaps a bit too much. Feel sad when Martin Sheen's character died but I supposed it was necessary. Was sad when Leonardo died the way he was, but I suppose it was also somewhat necessary. Was happy when Matt Damon's character died, because I just couldn't accept that evil would triumph. Oh should I not have written all these facts? Go and watch it peeps, it's still worth it, though you know what's going to happen

Let me now dice the characters. Let's start with Martin Sheen. Off the bat, he came off as a very fatherly figure. It's pretty comical, how calm and easy he looked when Mark Wahlberg's character tried to break Leonardo's character when they first met (it was the first scene that I watched). It was really sad the way Martin Sheen's character died. Mark Wahlberg's lines have the word 'fuck' with every single breathe. He was pretty okay. Jack Nicholson as the gangster boss was evil and manic. He just really got it as the bad guy. Leonardo was okay, what I mean by okay is he's good, just in case you think he only sells his look (that doesn't mean I don't like the way he looks though, Leo is always handsome). Leonardo can really act and he, as in his previous movies so far, really showed seriousness in what he does. Matt Damon was surprising for me. I guess so far I've always seen him in nice and demure characters but in this one he came off as sneaky and cunning and it was good because it's so different with what I normally see him in. I can not point out who stood out the most but I think Damon came close. Love the movie, really love it! Oshie did tell me to watch Infernal Affairs first before I watched this one, sadly to say I didn't and don't really intend to but I still want to recommend this movie to all of you. It's cool, really!

Today, I've got my tickets home. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be, but I suppose it wasn't peak time. It was an effort getting it because I actually got lost. I'm really bad in direction and I seriously wonder if I can find my way in a foreign place. Finally confessed that I'm pretty plain to the people I've been spending my Saturdays with. I think they figured that much however I suppose the confirmation still took them by surprise. You know, I'm sure you've had that feeling before when you expect something to happen and when it finally happen, you still feel shock and weird about it. Anyways, there are more people now who want to do things on me so that I would be more interesting. People have tried and not many were successful in doing so. I do wonder if it's necessary. The thing is it's very important for me to like me because apparently counting on people to like you is not always successful. Hence baby, make sure you like yourself and you can always count on yourself. This week I've learnt again that people could say that they would always be there for you or they would shield you from stupid and bad things but when the time come, well it didn't happen. I should really really really remember to trust noone. However this morning, I also learnt that God would take care of you. He would give you someone when you need someone (though you may not realize it yet), I suppose I should just take it as it comes.

Dinner with Vivy was good. Had blended avocado and it was very very very good. Talked to Vivy about the usual stuff that we've been talking about each time we meet. Damn, I think it may start to come as painful for her as it's already is for the Mr. Alrighty, I guess that's all for now peeps. It's getting really late now. Take care okay. Oh yeah, I just remember. Had a grinning good time with Ms. Kiera this week about our infatuation to Wentworth Miller. He's one darn fine boy

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Il Fumo

I'm feeling that my room is too hot right now. I guess everyone is suffocating with the air these days. Of all my years in Singapore, this is my first time noticing the haze from Indonesia. I'm quite speechless really. There's actually nothing interesting to tell, however let me just give you bits and pieces of my boring life this week.

Didn't get to buy my tickets home today. Didn't feel like it for very strange reason. I just have a funny feeling about it. My mom said I still had much time. I think I would get it next week.

Watched the Pride and Prejudice series, produced by BBC, courtesy of the flyingNun this week. Colin Firth played Mr. Darcy. I do love Mr. Darcy, however Mr. Darcy was Mr. Darcy, unbelievably arrogant and had too much pride. It took me quite a while to take a liking on him, but in the end I did really like him. Why? Because Mr. Darcy is such a gentleman. Mr. Darcy would protect the girl he loves and make sure that nothing bad would happen to her. He's reliable and aaahh, how I would love a Mr. Darcy for me

The air can really influence your mood. Feeling rather in the stressful and fearful side now. Getting tired of answering "I don't know (yet)". I don't have much time left and I just feel that things are not going to work out. Surprisingly met my high school friend, Herry, in Orchard road today. I was really surprised to learn that the closing of the link way from the mrt station to Wisma Atria has taken effect. It was of the utmost inconvenient. Anyway, talked to Herry for quite a while. Apparently he's gonna be here for quite some time more. I guess some people just like it being here.

Was thinking of writing something else, but decided not to. Kinda too heavy for my hazy head right now and I think it's not really worth saying much. Had a really small talk with Mr. Italian job this week and it's really funny how he's taking a totally different view of a certain matter compared to the Mr. I wonder when I talk to the both Mr, is it what it feels like to have older brothers. I know both of them mean well for me, but they are just so different and it's really funny to think about it. I guess in summary, one wanna me to have fun and take the plunge while the other wanna me to be more on the safer side. Either way, both wanna me to be happier. I miss the Mr, it does get pretty lonely and empty when I can't just send him a message. However as usual, people wouldn't always be there for you. Take care peeps!

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