Thy Will

Hi peeps, how has your Easter weekend been? I suddenly thought about my Uni days when Easter weekend meant going with my the Catholic friends to mass. It was then that it was brought to my attention that it always rains on Good Friday. I haven't been going to church for a long time and I am embarrassed of it since I remember the days when I went regularly because life was really sucky and I was in such despair. In fact that's pretty much what I do, I pray more when I am in a real shit. So the post, Thy Will, you know in the last post, I wrote about how God was / is teaching me about setbacks. Well I have plans, I have timings and schedules and today this week I found out that some of my timings and schedules are not going to work out. So now there's some things that make me nervous, but as I learn from the setback that I wrote in the previous post, what God decided for me and gave for me in His time was indeed much better. So just like I know Thy Will be Done, I also need to have faith that His will is / will be the best for me, even though right now I'm still very much nervous. It's not an easy thing keeping faith, is it?

On other news, finished my second book of the year. Well it's actually a play script. I finished reading the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I just love it. The story is pretty good though after reading it, I think there's one flaw. Well I guess many people will find many flaws, but I just have one which I think is rather annoying. The story is centered on one of Harry Potter's son and there's evil to fight. So there's one part where Harry, Hermione, Ron, and also Ginny were so ready to fight and I know we love to see the gang get together, especially the lovable three, but they're older and they have kids now, so when they're so ready to just go fight evil without any regard to their other kids, I just feel that's rather reckless, especially when throughout the story the parent-child relationship is pretty much what moves the story. Yeah, there's wouldn't be a good world to live in when evil reins, but still, do they just tell grandma Weasley to take care of the kids without any second thought? Aside for that one criticism, I really really want to watch this play. The script has small writings about what should be seen on stage, but I wonder how they stage this, how they do the magic and stuff. I haven't had any number one thing in my life list ever since I visited La Sagrada Familia but this has become my number one list. I want to watch this. I'm not so keen on applying for UK visa again so I think my best chance would be watching it Broadway. I hope I'll get to do that before my US visa expires and also I know this will be very unlikely, but I hope the tickets will be easier to get than Hamilton's. Well that's another thing that I am curious to watch.

On other news. Next Wednesday is the final battle for the Jakarta Gubernatorial seat. I am nervous about this. I am worried Pak Ahok is not going to win. It's not just about who's going to be governor, it is really about the direction of the country. We're going to find what people are really like. The result will let us know if most people are really into their own religion or race or if people are really more tolerant and able to sift through all the hate campaigns and bull shits. If rising up to what's right is not happening in Jakarta, I wonder what that means for the rest of Indonesia. Whatever happens on Wednesday, it will lead to 2 equally scary outcomes. There will be rage if Pak Ahok wins and this is worrying. I wonder if it's going to be very violent. I was made more concerned after watching parts of a sermon by the leader of the Islamic Defender Front (FPI). With so much anger he was galvanizing the people of Surabaya (a different city, not even near Jakarta) to rally, stand guard, and make sure an Islamic leader win. This is how terrorists are cultivated :( If Pak Ahok doesn't win, then intolerance wins, they have momentum to make their ways into other parts of the government, then it's 5 years of going backward in Jakarta or at the very least it's 5 years of impediment to any chance of progress in Jakarta :( I am worried. I can't even bring myself to name the other candidate, because despite of his previous "good" reputation, he has shown no effort to dismiss any shameful religion based campaign that benefits him. He's not John McCain. John McCain may lost presidential election to Barack Obama but at least he stood for what's right and though certain doubts in voters at that time could work in his favor, he didn't stoop down low to make use of them. I remember the time when he rebuffed a lady who said she wasn't sure if Barack Obama is a good person or a Muslim. That shows good character from John McCain. I wish undecided voters in Jakarta or voters who are set on not voting for Pak Ahok can get enlightened and see that a candidate that as the Indonesians say it, memancing di air keruh (fishing in murky water = making profit in a chaotic situation), is not a person of good character and he cannot be trusted. He may put himself first than the people. I worry, I truly do. I wanted to make a day trip home to vote, but ticket price is kinda expensive and I'm in the middle of big spending, so I couldn't do that. I hope Pak Ahok will win. No strike that, I hope Jakartans will win because they rise up and vote for tolerance and progress and set an example to the rest of the country that there's no place for this kind of intolerance and cruelty instigated by religion. Please God help us.

Well that's about it peeps. Have a good Easter weekend everyone.

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