Un Belle Garçon

It's actually wrong french there at the title, the correct one should be un beau garçon. Here's the story. Sometime on my bus ride to class every Saturday, I see this beautiful guy. Beautiful, not handsome. He's slender, has a full lip, great skin, and used to have long hair which he stylishly made into a bun. He's also very graceful, most probably more graceful than me as a girl. He has a feminine stride and he could definitely be a high-end model. One time I saw he wore this very cute shoes with watermelon print, it made me wanna ask, "Dude where did you get those?". I was always so fascinated by him. There can be people who would be harsh on him because the way he is, but I thought he's so beautiful and he's so perfect the way he is and I feel sad thinking that there are people who would hate and change this boy. Today I saw him again, but he has cut his hair short and he's wearing Doc Martens boots. Today it felt like more handsome than beautiful, like a garçon. Somehow the feminine streak kinda diminished a tone or two. I even wondered if there'll be girls who're having crushes at him seeing him this way.

From boy to gentlemen. Yesterday I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. It's a really really cool movie. It has elements that reminded me of crazy zombie killings and then it goes pretty psychedelic when showing the many blown heads. I don't have the fact but somehow I'm pretty sure that one time people were considering Colin Firth for the role of James Bond. He looked awesomely dashing in this movie, especially in the church scene. With many movies targeted to young adults these days and even though there's still a young man at the center of this movie, it's still good to see the older guys looking much cooler and kicking some ass.


So it's been a month now since I last logged in to Facebook. Yes, that whole quitting thing is still happening. I missed birthdays because I don't really remember many birthdays in my head. Then one week la Gioia texted me asking if I had been to Facebook and saw so and so's posting which was pretty scandalous. I didn't of course and when we met for dinner that evening, la Gioia showed the postings to me. Is that considered cheating? :D Anyways, I was disappointed at the so and so and was more disappointed at our "common friends" who think that's all perfectly alright by liking the post. Of course it's wrong of me to be so judgy without knowing the whole situation, but you know I expect more in adults. Anyways, I just found it funny how gossipy I was with la Gioia that day, all thanks to Facebook, bringing you unimportant stories that perhaps should be kept in the down low.


Going home tomorrow. As usual, dreading the day I have to come back here, especially since yesterday was harder for me than usual. I seriously felt it was unfair :( Anyways, gonna be taking Garuda. It might be my first time taking this airline, so I'm quite excited about it. Chose not to take the usual budget airlines because of what happened to AirAsia. Could have taken Jetstar, but with Garuda being slightly cheaper than AirAsia, I thought why not. I gotta admit, I get quite anxious when I think about the fallen AirAsia flight. I have fear of a violent death and I don't want to be in a plane crash and going down into the sea and drown. I get really scared when I think of that :( Hopefully tomorrow I'll be alright. Jakarta itself is having flood issue so hopefully tomorrow I will also not get stuck somewhere :( It's been unexpectedly bad in some areas, but it's been okay in my area, aside from Monday when the street was flooded. My mom seemed to think that's fine though because the house was not flooded and she said it receded pretty fast. Hope it's gonna be just fine at home. Chinese New Year makes me nervous sometime. I guess many things make me nervous, darn, I just have a lot of things in my head. Hope your holidays is a good one, peeps!

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