Hors De Prix

Been wanting to write this entry since yesterday but something is kinda wrong with my browsers (I think that's where the problem is though it happened in IE, firefox, and google chrome) that when I viewed the create post page in Blogger, it just didn't work properly. Anyway ...

Went to watch Hors de Prix or Priceless as it is called in English last Tuesday. Had a free ticket which can be used for 2 people. I didn't feel like asking anyone. Been feeling quite anti social for some time now. Perhaps it could also be because lately somehow when I asked people, I was rejected! As a matter of fact, I did ask someone to watch this with me, but I was rejected vilely, with excuses like "I have to check my schedule", "I might be busy", "Why don't you ask someone who will be more interested?" Shouldn't one just be honored that one is asked and kindly oblige this person who perhaps has other people to ask and yet choose you? Wow, apparently I can still feel pretty upset about it even after quite some time. Anywho, so I didn't want to ask anyone, so I told Yeni that she could use my plus one for her friends. I thought she would be bringing some people but apparently her people bailed out on her. So it was just me and her and Maureen and her friend. Even the people who initiated this didn't seem to come, silly people!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the movie. Audrey Tautou was in it. Man! She's so skinny! Très petite! Kinda uncomfortable for me to watch her. The movie is about sugar mommy and sugar daddy and the girl and boy inside this type of relationship. The boy fell for the girl and the girl realized her love for him at the climax of the movie. So basically this comedy is easy to digest. I enjoyed it very much and laughed a lot. After it, I realized I hadn't been laughing whole heartedly for some time. It was really funny. When the sugar mommy gave the lead guy a 30,000 euro watch, you kinda can't help feeling that it is nice to have a sugar mommy :P It's like S$60,000 for God sake! As the guy said it's not a watch, it's a treasure chest and as Yeni said, it can be used as a downpayment for a condo :D I like the guy by the way. He made me smitten :P Yeni and Maureen said he had this dumb look in him that they didn't like. In Indonesian, the word to describe his look is "polos". In English, I think it's "gullible". Either way, I just like seeing this innocent and in loved guy :P

How's life Eka? Well I don't think I am doing good. Provo di potere dire "me la cavo" ma in realtà non posso fare questo :( I am having a bad feeling and some of it has manifested itself. I wonder if it will get worse. I am trying to tell myself to brace for impact, however I know even if I have sensed it coming, I will still be heartbroken and cry. Christ! Maybe I just need a good cry. Haven't been crying for a long time. Maybe I just need to let out my sadness and negativity. Haven't been crying, haven't been laughing. You think my life is in balance, apparently not so *sigh*

In the topic of being alone. Was around in the Merlion Park area last Friday. Alone! What can you do about it right? Took some pictures there, which you can see here. There were the proper ones like this typical postcard picture of Singapore.

But my favorite one is this one from the lighted balls in front of Esplanade. Yes, it is not a "correct" picture but I just love how it turned out.

Merlion Park does look nice at night with the lights and all. I wondered if some of the tourists standing there felt what I felt when I saw the blue water in Cinque Terre. To describe how I felt, I can only use words such as these, the water is so blue, thank you God, I am here, my God I am here.

Anyway, did make it to Carl's Gatti Del Mondo Exhibition. The exhbition is closed now, so I cannot really advertise. Some of the pictures were really amazing considering how hard it is to be able to snap your camera at the right moment. There were some nice cats' expressions and some of the places were really nice as well. Alrighty, gotta go. Can we don't do tomorrow? *sigh*

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Hello peeps. Went to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today with La Gioia and L. Casryn was supposed to join us and I even had booked for the 4 of us but she canceled yesterday. It was actually quite hard to get Harry Potter movie tickets since it opened this week. I made the booking on Tuesday and even then, it was difficult to get the tickets because most cinemas were almost full. We actually wanted to watch it on Friday night but in the end had to settle for today. I tried to offer the extra ticket to some people and noone was able to make it. I was really frustrated and dumbfounded that here I was with a sought after ticket and yet noone wanted it. Shocked! So today when I collected my ticket, I just for the sake of asking asked if I could cancel 1 of the ticket. I didn't have any hope of succeeding. I actually asked after he had printed the tickets. However, the guy at the counter nicely asked his supervisor and lo and behold, I was allowed to do so and he returned me S$10 cash. I was so happy. I have to say I have had many good experiences with the Golden Village cinemas, they have always been most accommodating :)

So about the movie. I actually like it very much. I have to say that I didn't re-read the book again before going to the movie and so I think I forget many details and as such perhaps this is the reason why I wasn't so critical. I think it followed some of the things in the book nicely. I thought all the actors were great. Normally I would say I love Ron Weasley the most but this time around I love Tom Felton's Draco Malfoy. His character is actually one the characters that I quite sympathize in the book. I thought he did really well. I thought Daniel Radcliffe's acting as Harry Potter is better. I quite like him here. I think he's lucky to have the Felix Felicis' scene because with it, we could see a different side of him, a more relaxed one. I was kinda happy too to see Hermione's scene in which it showed her having bushy hair after failing to beat Harry in potion, kinda love to see that side of Hermione. I also related to her a lot when she was so sad when she saw Ron snogging with Lavender. Even though I know it's written in the story, I was still kinda in disbelief that Ron did that, I guess guys can just snog any girl :( Then I thought Dumbledore's fight scene against the inferi was very cool, fitting for the great wizard Dumbledore. His dead scene, though not all the same as the book, was quite touching that I had a bit of tear even though I didn't cry when I read it in the book.

What else to comment on? Well I guess there are some characters that appeared so little in the movie but I guess it's pretty difficult to squeeze everything in. Well if I have to be more critical and in retrospect, I guess for a movie entitled The Half Blood Prince, I wonder if the Half Blood Prince part of the movie is explained well for people who do not read the book. It is actually quite important considering that Snape plays a very important role in the whole Harry Potter story. Perhaps the climax of this movie, of Dumbledore dying and of Snape revealing himself wasn't as strong as it could be. If you read the book, your heart will sink when Snape killed Dumbledore and when Snape revealed that he's the half blood prince but in the movie I don't think you really get that feeling. Overall though I think the movie is good. I think I watched all Potter's movies at least twice so I wonder if I will watch this one again, maybe I will watch the 3D version if it's released in Singapore :P

On other news, I guess everyone has heard about the bombing news in Jakarta. It totally pissed me off. I'm quite affected by it, I got quite angry I have to say. What the Fuck?!? is what I wanted to scream. It's like it's only a week ago that I wrote Indonesia is looking not so bad and yet this stupid thing happened? Everyone is quite in disbelief. Stupid freaking terrorists. What the hell do they hope to achieve with this? Freaking idiots!!! See even writing about this still can make me quite upset :(

Okay, lighter note. On today's poems reading there were a lot of sky, moon, sun, and rainbow that I found my poem to be quite ordinary :( It was really difficult to make this poem. I guess it's because my knowledge is so limited and (I really cannot deny this) I do kinda take things seriously, so it was really hard to put my poem into its final version because it is not what I feel. In fact I had tried to change the last line but after reading them to Chloe and Maxime, they said I have to stick to the more romantic one. Maxime seemed to have strong opinion on how the last line should better be :P Chloe on the other hand found the whole poem to be strange. Kids, I say :P Then Mademoiselle Margie helped me choose better words and I do have to say that the final version as cheesy as it is (it is really cheesy!!!), it is kinda very very sweet. Iirggh, saccharine sweet is really not what I am feeling right now so I am really really deeply struggling with it. Here you go though.

Avec toi c'est la lune dans le ciel
Et après la pluie c'est l'arc-en-ciel
Tu es comme le soleil pour moi
Et mon chéri, mon cœur est pour toi

Compare this with the italian poem that I wrote in my last Italian class. You see that one had a skill of almost 3 years and the feeling involved in writing that flowed more easily and willingly. Anyways, I was thinking that the french poem above will still rhyme in Italian, così eccola.

Con te c'e la luna nel cielo
E dopo piove c'e l'arcobaleno
Tu sei come il sole per me
E caro mio, il mio cuore è per te

Buonanotte my darlings!

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Pulau Ubin

Hey peeps. I'm quite sleepy now.

Went to Pulau Ubin today with the peeps as planned. My butt hurts so much because of the cycling and I was thinking that I'm darker again. On my left hand, there's a white area which didn't get tanned from all the sun because it's always covered by my watch. There's an extreme difference when I came back from Italy and now the difference is more (I think). When I look at it, I just couldn't believe that I was ever that fair. Whenever I go home, my mom and many people that know me often say that I am fairer since my time in Singapore. I used to dismiss their comment but apparently I was kinda fair. Anyway, generally I am not liking much this new dark skin that I have, so I really wish everything will be in balance again soon.

Ooops, I have been talking about other thing but the trip. The trip there with the boat was okay. There were 10 of us by the way. Rented the bicycles, however some of us decided to walk, since they were a bit unsure with the bicycles. I cycled and I have to say that I was quite shaky since it's been like 9 years ago since I cycled. However, I love it so much! Love cycling!!! Though the butt is hurting so much right now, but cycling is really fun. I was thinking, this is kinda the type of outdoor activity that I like :P Went to Chek Jawa but obviously since we were late, the tide is high and we can't really see any interesting living things. We ended up walking through the board walk and then had whatever food we had with us on one of the shelter. Then the cloud was darkening that we decided to just go back. However when we reached the place where we parked our bicycles, the rain started to pour. Auntie A and L were already walking ahead despite of the rain. The people who were cycling decided to just wait at the shelter with la Gioia who was actually walking. However she ended up being the luckiest because after waiting some time, there was a white van which seemed to be picking some tourists and she hitched a ride for S$ 2. So she got dry and an easy ride. Us who cycled decided to continue on when the rain was getting lighter. Somewhere along the way, there's just something terribly wrong with my bicycle that I couldn't pedal :( The guys tried to solve it but they couldn't. Mr. RH being the always gentleman and proper one switched his bicycle to mine. I felt rather bad. The good thing was, there were a lot of down slopes so he could just slide along. All in all, we all reached the meeting point safely. It was quite a nice experience except for the weather :( Will I want to go again? Yes, to cycle :P

Now, I am tired. Should be sleeping early today so that I can be on time tomorrow. My butt really hurts. Sigh. Not really gonna post much picture because there's nothing really that I love a lot. However if you wanna see some pictures, you can go here. I'm just gonna post this one. I think Casryn was pointing on how she liked this tree. I kinda found it ironic, that it's so dry and yet it's in the middle of so much water.

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Outwit. Outspy. Outsmart. Outplay. Then Get Out.

'ello guys. Not supposed to be doing this right now but due to unforeseen situation, I kinda can do this right now. The title of the post, which is very very interesting, comes from the movie Duplicity which I watched last night. Went to watch it alone because I kinda want to be alone. Almost didn't want to watch it actually, because yesterday was kinda cold because of the rain, and I was tired, but read that they did some shoots in Rome and as such I changed my mind :P Some of the scenes in Rome happened in front of the Pantheon. Kinda felt good that I recognized that :P

Anyway, the movie was okay I suppose. I kinda didn't like the ending so for me it kinda spoiled the whole thing. I do love Clive Owen a lot :P I wonder if I saw him in real life, as a normal guy, would I be attracted to him? Hmmm. Julia Roberts was pretty, it's been awhile since I last saw her on the screen. She looks not so skinny, normal human shape actually. It does bother me to notice and feel that she's not skinny. She's normal and normal is okay. I have to say that Paul Giamatti was very entertaining :D He's funny! I can't really say I like the movie very very much. It wasn't bad, that's all I can say.

Gonna go to Pulau Ubin this Friday with the team. I am so excited about it!!! This is my first time going there and I am happy that I finally get to cross this from my Singapore list. Need to pray for good weather though. I really hope it's not gonna rain because that would be a huge disappointment for me. We're gonna see the Da Vinci exhibition instead if it rains :( I am so looking forward to cycle again. The last time I rode a bicycle is I think when I was in my 1st year in NUS, when we did night cycling. Hmmm ... suddenly, I got reminded of this senior that my ex-roommate, Stella, had a crush on. He fell and that was funny! I still have a smile in me now remembering that :P Oh yeah, talking about Singapore list. I didn't get NDP tickets, aarrrgghh ... so this is something that I cannot cross. I have to stay at least another year? That is so not cool!

On other news, well, nothing much. Last Friday, had dinner with Carl, Q, and Dr. A. Was pleasantly suprised to see Q and her big tummy :P Then, I had a ... well I don't know what adjective to use, if I use 'bad', it will be too harsh. Perhaps 'real' is the correct adjective however to say I had a 'real' Saturday night doesn't really make much sense. This is the point where I wonder if I should continue writing in English *sigh*

I guess we always see 'us' differently and perhaps each has different expectation of the others, expectation that we know will never be fulfilled. As much as perhaps one tries to define 'us' simply and lightly, I think it will always be complicated for me. I realize (and this is perhaps thanks to Italy) that whatever sentiments that I had or have, it's not so hard on the soul anymore. I am somehow lighter though one perhaps may argue that I am still uptight. As much as I think I still care quite a lot, I also realize that I don't care as well. The 'me' months and months and months ago would have wished to have this kinda feeling back then but I guess you just couldn't rush things, things will happen when they're ready to happen. I can't help feeling that perhaps this is a sign that I am ready for other things, new things, and of course like a fool, I am so anxious to see these new things. Then when it actually never happens, I'm just gonna be depressed :P See, I guess, deep down, the half-empty-glass in me will never be erased :P

Enough about that. Today is Indonesia Presidential Election day. Voted and mailed my vote yesterday. Apparently in Jakarta (at least), if you showed your inked finger (you need to put one of your finger in ink after voting) in Starbucks, you can get free drink. I love that it's like that in Indonesia. I also like and envious with the fact that it's public holiday there *sigh* Anywho, quick count results show that it's as the polls have been showing all along. I hope that's how the final and official result goes and no funny business going on. Considering so many things that have been happening in South East Asia for the last year or so, Indonesia is actually looking not so bad right now. I still think it will take a long time for Indonesia to progress and improve tremendously, but I guess because it's Indonesia after all. We are laid back and you know at a certain point, I guess you have to be like that. You gotta relax and calm down a bit, a trait which I don't really have right now. Yes, I am high-strung, and yes perhaps all the time *sigh* Okay, enough for now. Take care peeps!

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Revenge of the Fallen

Olla guys. Went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with la Gioia yesterday. All the reviews said that this movie is bad but I actually was well entertained by it. Can I just say that I love Shia LaBeouf? :P Yeah, I like this type of guys. Anyways back to the movie, yes, there were some lame stuff but it wasn't all that bad. They were bearable. Yeah, the humans didn't really have much role except for the running around and freaking out but I had such a good laugh with them, especially the new character, Leo. It's good that I can laugh out loud :D The whole effects were really cool, I have to say. All the explosion and stuffs were kinda colossal. I hope they had much fun doing it, because it looked so cool and it seemed like lotsa fun to do all the explosion. Did some reading on the movie and found out that they could take days just to render 1 frame with the transformers in it. It's kinda crazy and also shows how much hardwork and patience are needed to make this movie. Amazingly cool. I felt that I actually had a better experience on this second movie that the first one.

On other news, well there's nothing interesting to say actually. Finished my last Friday session last week and so no more long Fridays from now on, instead I have early morning Saturday routine. It's gonna be tougher compared to when I had my Italian classes but I am committed :P I really need to work harder though. It feels like I haven't been making any effort at all actually.

Been talking to people or perhaps been listening to people. Well as I said before, on some people I don't mind hearing them, on others I do wish they would stop focusing on themselves. Today, I unexpectedly had quite a long msn talk with Ms. Sab. We don't really talk much actually except for the normal salutation here and there. It's kinda interesting to know that we can actually have an interesting conversation / bitching session :P I guess it happens, doesn't it? You see a person and you have a feeling that there's nothing in common with you guys, but maybe if you start talking, you'll find that strangely you can be good friends. This kinda things do happen to me. So anyway, as I said I have been listening to people. I guess on some people, I know they really need the reassurance because they are in difficult situation so as much as I can I do try to hear them out and tell them things will work out. I don't know if I am doing the right thing though because I believe that God may not be there for you on your bad decision, however I like to think that no matter what, after we learn our lesson, God is there.

On the other side, I feel like I actually have so many things that I want to say, that I want to let off my chest and head. However, somehow when people asked me how I am, it's like they just do it for the sake of asking and don't actually have the time to stick around to hear me out *sigh* and I also don't know, it just feels that there's noone that I can feel comfortable with telling how I feel. I think again it's because perhaps they're uninterested and also perhaps they will then start advising me and those things kinda make me feel worse. I wonder how I am like when I listen to all these people that they actually come back and tell me their issues.

There are 2 people who said similar things to me today that made me kinda worried. Err ... yesterday's experience proved that I may not be sensitive at all at hints that are being dropped. So I am wondering if hints are being dropped on me too right now. Should I be worried? Arrgghh. Hmmm ... why should I, right? I'm not saying that I am in the most happy state of my life right now. However I am not extremely sad either. There's a bit of peace inside me. Somehow I feel like saying that all's well in the universe, everything is in balance. The truth is if I want to explore it, no, things are not in balance, my universe still sucks. Somehow though, somehow, what I feel is that all is well in the universe. I guess it's alright, no? It's better to be positive than negative? It's better to be smiling than crying? Not that I am smiling myself, but I guess I'm not even close to crying. So all is good? I have started reading The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, finally!!! I have to say that he really had some wise things to say. On one of the chapter, I felt like I've been slapped by Kahlil Gibran *sigh* but Oshie found it comforting. I guess I should love more. Perhaps I should realize that I have so much love to give and it's pretty much one of the task that every human must do, to give out more love in this world. Peace out peeps! :P

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