Goodbye (My Lover?)

Considering the day I will be facing tomorrow, it is quite late right now and I should get to sleep. But (Honestly I don't think it is grammatically correct to start a sentence with a 'but', is it?)...anyway, but I couldn't possibly go without saying goodbye and leave a few last message.

Tomorrow is home. Truly excited. Well, always excited about leaving Singapore but the so many things in here add to my eagerness to leave. It has been one tough week this week. For each of the day of this week, someone did something moronic to make me upset. I thought I was gonna be okay today and yet a moron felt the need to piss me off such early in the morning. I think I will be the moron tomorrow. Me, gonna hinder myself. So many things to do and yet not much time. I hope I can be cool because if I lose it, I'm gonna do a lot of things wrongly. Hence the need to finish this post soon and sleep. Bear with me, I will not be writing for some time. Well, not going to be online at all, I suppose. No checking of mails, whatsoever. Part of going home is to be really get disconnected with Singapore completely. To be isolated and alone in my immortal comfort zone (remember I am anti social)

A holiday is planned for the last week of 2005, all thanks to my mother. Am so excited about it and I can't wait. As usual, I can already imagine my sadness and me being depressed and all when I have to get back to Singapore again, when I have to take that taxi ride and passed through the beautiful Singapore river at night *sigH*

Okay, I am digressing now. The most important last message that I want to tell you all is...well it is the only one that I can think right now. Please pray for Arsenal victory against Chelsea this coming Sunday. Please...please...please. I will be praying and hopefully watching. The (I want to say moronic) sad Arsenal is number 6 in the league right now, if I am not mistaken. They need to win, seriously. I am getting worried that they may not qualified for the next Champion League (seriously doubt that they will emerge as champion in the current one, though I will still be supporting them). Anyway people...We need your support and prayer, please pray for Arsenal, thank you! Okay, now that I have written my final words, I can leave you all in peace. Have a great life people. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . Watch Pride and Prejudice people, it's nice! Lastly, what Christmas should be all about...

Jesus, Jesus
Oh what a wonderful child
Jesus, Jesus
So lowly, meek, and mild
New life, new hope, new joy He brings
Won't you listen to the angels sing
Glory, Glory, Glory
To the new born King

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Pride and Prejudice

Went to watch Pride and Prejudice with Vivy last Saturday. Initially she wasn't interested. I don't really know what changed her mind but it's a good thing that she was interested because she helped me finalize the movie plan and made me really watch it before I run out of time

Pride and Prejudice is so good. We were so satisfied. Well-played I think. Everyone delivered their characters finely. Keira Knightley received a lot of praises for her character, Elizabeth Bennet. I guess people are just surprised such a fine beauty can carry a character like Lizzie Bennet so well. I think she did look less beautiful in this movie, I guess they really tried to make her so. One thing for sure, she is so skinny for the eye. Notice that in Bend it Like Beckham and she is still very skinny. She really needs to eat more. The story in the movie really followed the book exactly and it is really good. For those who don't read, you can really watch this movie to increase your knowledge on classic British literature. The people in the cinema seemed to be really enjoying and following the story despite the thick British conversation (it wasn't really hard to follow). It was funny at times, thanks to Mrs Bennet and I think Mr Collins also carried himself quite nicely. I feel I need to point out Judi Dench who played Lady Catherine. She was so intimidating as Lady Catherine, that I feel I wouldn't want to be in her presence. She is really a good actress. We hate her as Lady Catherine

Now for my Mr. Darcy. I love Mr. Darcy. The actor who played him wasn't amazingly handsome but I just love him, I don't know why. Honestly, the character Mr. Darcy is not really the kindest male character ever written in any story. He is at times pretty rude, unnecessarily rude. Yes, he did go all the way to make everything better for Lizzie but he also had such a pride. When he first professed his love to Lizzie, he didn't forget to say that he loved her despite of the inferiority of her family and every other bad things. Goodness!!! He is deserving of a hit in the head. What is it then that makes us fall for Mr. Darcy? Maybe it was the fact that a guy like him, with such a pride as him was willing to get rejected and yet stayed true to his feeling and be honest about it. He got rejected at first and yet he was still trying to make everything better for her, because he loved her. Isn't it sweet? Admirable guy! Or maybe we love him because he is just so cool. I feel he is actually kinda being over-shadowed by the rest of the characters. Maybe because as Vivy said, he was always looking so gloomy, maybe also because he had to keep his aloof composure. Whatever it is, I love Mr. Darcy

I read from someone's blog that actually Singapore get the US version instead of the UK version. This person totally hate the ending that we were adviced to leave the cinema before the movie ends. He was kinda true. The ending was so Hollywood and unnecessarily silly. I don't understand why they felt the need to customize it for Hollywood. The ending was actually kinda sweet, but when you multiplied it five or seven fold, it was seriously unnecessarily cheesy. Still, I really like the movie. It was good, and I think it's the best romantic movie ever came out after Love Actually. For guys, relax, it is not as lovey-dovey as Love Actually. Go watch it people.

On weekend news:

Tell Laura I Love Her. Last Saturday was the last meeting with Signora Laura. I really like her. I hope I will be so lucky to have her with us again

Arsenal, again lost. Bloody Hell

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Is Saying Bloody Hell Rude?

I've been using the phrase Bloody Hell a lot after hearing Ron Weasley did that. I think the phrase Wicked! is also cool, but apparently things these days sucks, so I can not really use that. Surely Bloody Hell is not really rude? I don't say the F word. Not yet, at least.

Morons...oh Morons!!! I have been deadly furious and angry for these 2 days because of morons (blood pressure is soaring). Not just with one moron. I don't think I will be okay. Oh well, new people on my I-don't-speak-to-you list. I wonder how it is allowed in this world for morons to give such pain to people who have to fix their moronic acts. I guess, everything happens in this world. Every thing that you may not have imagined. Why are morons clueless? And stupid? What am I talking about, they are morons. How come they can not see that they caused such trouble to people around them?

Oh well, stop being mean I suppose. Actually the reason for writing is to tell you the most interesting thing I saw today. There was these 3 people, I supposed the husband, wife, and son. The husband is an old man, a westerner, the rests look Asians. Okay, the relation between them is my own assumption, I don't know if it is correct. I think today is the old man's birthday. So they decided to celebrate it. Guess where they celebrated it? On the steps of S17 or now it is called SOC1 in NUS. So there were these few small steps in S17 before going to the main door. The old man just sat there and there was this cake, which looked pretty big and tantalizing. They took pictures of him and the cake. Me being, across the road, didn't hear if there were any birthday songs. Then they cut the cake. Big cake, and only 3 of them. So as they were enjoying the cakes at the steps there, they shared it out with some of the (I think) Indian workers there. "How interesting!", I thought. I would never have the nerve to celebrate my birthday in the steps of S17 but the uniqueness of it all was kinda warm-hearted for the furious me. I think one should really has his/her birthday uniquely. I remember my birthday jelly. Loved it so much and the people who came, especially that guy who made the effort to walk all the way to my room. Gosh, those were happy times.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire : 2nd Viewing

Went to watch Potter again on Thursday night with Vivy. Okay, I think the movie is quite nice. I must say that Ralph Fiennes was better than what I said about him in the previous post. He was good but I think he can be scarier. Maybe it helps it his followers were scared of him, especially Wormtail. I still don't know if the story is clear enough for non-readers. Vivy was asking me questions after the movie. I suppose it can be quite confusing and not too clear. Overall, it is not so bad. The re-birth of Lord Voldermort is so cool that despite of it being slightly horrifying and all, it was my favorite part of the movie. The effect was so cool Oh yeah, forget to add this in the previous post. Was it foam that was flying all over the place during Priori Incantatem? How silly is that?

On other news. Arsenal lost. AAAarrrrrgghhhhh Bloody Hell!!! Such a disgrace

On other contemplation. Friday, I saw him again. I thought I wouldn't see him, considering where we were sitting, but he made his way and passed our table, imagine that! The person who I wanted to show him to, thinks he was nice Anyways, the point is, how amazing it is for me to see him like that. Coincidence? Was thinking about this yesterday and had a dream this early morning which left me thinking. It couldn't be a real coincidence. Yes, it does seem that we always cross path, but only within a certain compound. It's not like whenever I turn in Singapore I see him. Only within that certain environment, which actually in itself gives high probability, isn't it? I mean I know he will most probably be around this place during this time and so I just go there and see if I can see him, which I did. I mean, it's not a coincidence when it is like that right? I make that relation towards him because I want to see him only, while there are perhaps so many other people that I also see and yet I don't take notice of them. I can not really argue this reasoning. It's a fail maths if I want to make it seems like we are always linked together because I don't add in other variables. There I say it and it kinda make me feel sad.

After I saw him, I told the Mr. Told him something, which apparently was shocking that he straight away bounced it back to me. Yes, it was shocking. I tried hard to refrain myself from saying it a lot of time and in the end I did put it blue and white (in msn). I wish I could retract it because it was silly. The Mr however said something which in a way comforting to me. He said something like imagine how he feels that after all this time you still hold this feeling for him. I said, he most probably gonna freak out. It is kinda sweet, isn't it? Ah...It's just me trying to justify myself. I seriously feel I need to be free from this feeling. It's been too long, way too long.

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