Gloomy November

No, there's still nothing interesting to write about. So this is just the customary post for the month of November. It's been a sad month. There are many deaths in the family, both from my mom and dad's sides. I contemplated if I should write more about them here, but I would rather not. You know, it's not only here that I'm lazy to write. I haven't been writing in my handwritten diary too. There the thoughts are unfiltered. Really, I've just been so lazy. Next month there'll be things to write though and I think they'll be more interesting.

So it's been a sucky November. I'm also having my own health issue which is quite worrying if I want to be honest with myself :( but if I see what other family members are dealing with, I guess what I have is minuscule. Finished Stranger Things season 2 today. I don't know how people do the whole binge watching thing. Don't they have other things to do? Sometime I can only watch 1 episode a day and even then I can't do that consecutively because there are other things that I watch that runs on a schedule. So anyway I really enjoy Stranger Things season 2. It might be better than season 1. In the earlier episodes I had more sympathy for Will than Elle, which is weird when I think about it because Elle is also a child and though she has superpower, her life has been pretty miserable. The boy that played Will had more scenes this season and I think he did really well. I wasn't sure about the new girl, Max, but okay I guess. If the boys embrace her, I guess we should too. What I like about this season too is the fact that there are many good and decent characters. With monster to be faced and them being the real issues, I think it's good that the writers didn't make the human characters annoying by making them a coward or an ass having to deal with jealousy and such like what other series typically do. In fact there are many times when I thought certain characters would go all disappointing and such and yet they didn't. This is especially so for Steve (he needs a girlfriend, poor guy), Bob (who appeared like your typical boring guy but ended up to be really cool and awesome), and the doctor (who you thought would be sinister and yet he's different in a good way). So anyway, it's really good. If only Netflix thing can be shown on TV because some people don't do the whole Internet thing and I can imagine people like my mom would enjoy this.

I really have nothing interesting to write you all. I haven't been going to the movies as well. I did think if I should watch Justice League, even though I have a certain disdain for superheroes movies these days. In the end I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Well, as usual, I hope your days are glorious.

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