of Indonesia - 29/12/10

The second half of the AFF Suzuki cup final just started. If you don't know, it's between Indonesia and Malaysia. We're kinda down 3 goals from the first leg of this final. It's looking pretty slim that we can win this but the Indonesians are trying really really hard. There were a lot of miss chances in the first half. A quick look in twitter showed that the malaysian goalkie is a trending topic. Many Indonesians are tweeting about how lucky / good he was. Aaarrrghhh, the Malaysian just scored. My heart is breaking :'( I'm gonna stop with this live update of the match.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write about how there really is power in number. The Indonesians have managed to steal the limelight of twitter trending topics a few time. Also a few days ago, this article appeared in CNN. It's very very interesting for me because I don't think Indonesia is a high-tech country. Obviously in term of infrastructure, we are so far behind countries like Singapore, Japan, or South Korea but since there are many of us, apparently we can still rock the world :P

So anyway, yesterday I watched Gulliver's Travels. I think every Jack Black's movie would have some song and dance in it :) I thought it was pretty entertaining and fun. It wasn't deep in term of the story but it was pretty fun. I kinda like Jack Black. He has this annoying air about him but he just seems to be such a fun guy. Anyway, nothing much can be said about the movie but the tilt shift effect at the beginning of the movie reminded me of when I used to play with that effect with the pictures that I took. Here's one example:

The house at the end of the street is my aunt's. I miss home so much. I'm so looking forward to go home next month. Well to be more exact, I think I just can't wait to leave Singapore. I just need the change of air. As I wrote that my mind goes to someone who's been working really hard for the past few weeks and months and I think I shouldn't be complaining :(

Anyway, I kinda made a new year resolution this morning. It happened because U sent me an sms telling me that she passed DELF. By the way, I really welcome the unexpected sms or call from people. Well NanSee is the only one who would normally call me. I guess what I'm trying to say, I just welcome the distraction a lot. Unfortunately I'm not that friendly to return the favor and be suddenly sending people sms just to distract them for awhile :P So back to U, she passed DELF and I said woohoo!!! I told her that she made me want to do DELF but I'm too lazy to do it. She said we should do it together and I kinda said okay, I will try to do 1 DELF next year. Since I said it, I should do it, right? It's kinda a new year resolution then ... errr, I have to make it happen :( I printed a sample test for B2 and I'm regretting saying that I would do DELF. It reminded me of CELI 3 and they are of the same level. I struggled a lot with CELI 3 but if I can really do DELF B2, it really shows how my Italian helps me a lot with French. Okay my rambling is pretty boring, isn't it? Anyway take care guys. If I don't write again before this year ends, I just want to say Happy New Year. 2011 will be awesome!!! That's me being positive :) Buonanotte tutti!

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Hello everyone! Let me start off with wishing you a great merry christmas! The picture is from the Vivocity's christmas tree. I thought it was pretty nice :) So how has christmas been going on for you guys? Hope it's merry. I had quite an uneventful one. Was pretty happy that I could wake up late today. Loving these 2 weeks break from French that I have to say I am not looking forward for classes to commence again. Speaking of French, the French test that I had to take last week was difficult, aarrgggh. I hope Mr. Ben would be pretty nice in the marking but I think no matter how nice he is, it would still be hard to get a good mark. Oh well ... I don't want to ponder about it.

I remember Mr. Ben was telling me how sad it is that I would be spending christmas without anything special planned or without anyone. Err ... I kinda like it that way? I had a good day yesterday and I had a good day today as well, alone with myself. I needed space and I'm having time for myself this weekend. Went to watch Little Fockers yesterday and although it wasn't amazing and was almost boring on some parts, I thought it was pretty entertaining. I guess I just needed some light entertainment. When did Ben Stiller get so handsome? I first noticed how handsome he became on the posters for the movie and it took me by surprise. Then I saw him in the movie and he was really appealing and it did help a lot that his character was so likeable. I think the most unexpected character for me is Jessica Alba's. I didn't expect that she could be such a bimbo :P Anyway, nothing much else can be said about the movie. I am looking forward to watch Gulliver's Travels and The Tourist though both movies didn't get good reviews but I suppose they'll still be an interesting watch.

What else that's been happening? Nothing much. I finished reading Love and Lust in Singapore and I've chosen One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez as my next book. The title appealed to my sentimental-melancholy-tend-to-be-depressed self :P I've also started planning for my birthday present next year :) I think I have quite a kick ass organizational skill. I'm impressed with how much I could get done in less than 1 week. I'm pretty paranoid about it though. As usual I'm the half empty glass. I'm afraid that's it's not gonna come true and so I'm only telling a few people on a need-to-know basis because I don't want to jinx it. I think I need to pray about it every day so that God allows to do this plan, especially since it involves other people. I really hope God puts his blessing on this. Okay I don't want to speak much more about it. I think I'm gonna lie down and have a nap now. I'm so in a relaxed mood today :)

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Of Life - 11.12.10

I am so tired right now that I feel like I should just go to sleep. There's also this uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I can't describe how it feels like but I just don't feel so good. Still, let me tell you how my week is, as if any of it is interesting.

Movie of this week was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I watched it in 3D. I don't know what's wrong with it, it was so bad that my eyes couldn't focus and it was pretty painful to stay in the cinema for that long watching something that felt like it came from some pirated dvd :( For the first time, I actually felt dizzy watching a 3D movie. I have heard some people complaining that they got dizzy watching a 3D movie. Finally I got what they meant. I thought it was just me but la Gioia who was watching it with me felt the same way :( I think it totally ruined the movie for us. I actually think the movie is not so bad. Who doesn't love adventure? Well if you don't, what a boring person you are. I have to comment that it just felt rather ilogical that kids would just approach the unknown, like approaching a city filled with bad people, without fear. However I do have to acknowledge that kids are more daring and adults take a more calculative approach and that makes us so not fun at all. Ooopss ... am I saying I'm an adult? When I often say I'm a child. That's pisces contradictory trait for you. I actually googled to see if what I just said makes any sense and this is what I found. I think it's so true. Need to show this to Ms. J and hear what she has to say, she may agree completely too :D

On this week, it was okay, I guess. I want to be positive and not say it's not okay. Let's just say I survived it and we're moving on to the next week. Let's just be thankful for that. Coincidentally I met Carl this week who said I look happier now. It was a moment of err...??? I guess it's kinda true but it's not like my world is free of merda. Shitty things still happened, like yesterday for example, but I guess the point is I survived it and I haven't cried yet. I guess we're just taking it day by day, prayer by prayer, smile by smile :)

Had lunch today after class with LM, Mau, and Jac + husband. Lunch was Italian food. I didn't have pasta even though I was thinking about it so much. I had risotto instead. I think I'm more of a pasta person. Aaaahhh, now that I am thinking about it, I so want to have pasta :( I chose panna cotta for dessert and we were given tiramisu and hazelnut mousse as well. Surprisingly I like the tiramisu. I don't drink coffee, so stuff with coffee in it doesn't really excite me but the tiramisu was really nice. I guess I just really like creamy fattening stuff :P After lunch I finally went to the mall to get christmas presents for some people. I was only thinking of 2 persons this year but suddenly there was an extra addition and the present for this person proved to be the hardest to find. It became harder because people whom I consulted to and who replied back to me had very strong opinions on how much I should spend on it. They're really logical people and they were right about the spending part since I think I may have spent close to S$500 today alone. I am too scared to actually calculate how much the damage is but I think it's around there :(

So Christmas is coming soon. I want to be all christmasy about it but after today, I think my head is bogged down with the fact that I have a french test next week. I need to study but I'm so lazy to do so. Seriously, verbs conjugation, pronouns, and tenses can be so so torturous :( Mr Ben actually said the test is a bit difficult. Darn it! I was actually wondering if I could survive it without studying but now I guess, I really have to study :( 1 week left and I haven't really touched my notes. Compared to the previous tests, I have never been this unprepared, so panic is really sinking in :( I guess it's time for me to stop talking now. Take care peeps!

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Ciao tutti, come stai? How are you guys doing? I was asked how my week was this week. I answered, "cette semaine est un peu difficile pour moi". I wish I could have answered differently but it was what it was. I even pulled an anti social mode yesterday and went for a rather expensive italian lunch alone. Well I just don't feel that S$6 for a small ice lemon tea is acceptable. I felt rather strange about going for lunch alone but I realized I should be able to do things like this and it went well. I spoke italian to the waiter and he understood me. Obviously I didn't have a lengthy conversation with him. I was just asking simple questions and he was replying with simple words but it still felt pretty good that he understood me and most importantly I think it felt good to step out from my current existence and just be transported away to some place which felt different simply because I was alone and forcing myself not to speak english. It was only for less than an hour but I guess there's always a time when you need to step out and you should really do it no matter if it's only for a short while because it helps to keep you sane.

This week hasn't been all totally bad. There were moments of pure smiles and sincere laughters. There was a short moment when I could actually say that I had a good time. I think it's pretty note worthy since I mentioned it to some people, well to most people in my world actually :P I am maybe being foolish again but as I have explained it to LM today, life kinda sucks sometime or most of the time, so you should just be happy if there come moments when you can really smile with your heart, no matter if it's logically not right. I spent some time after class with LM today and we had a good long talk about stuffs. Again she's surprised with my contradiction. She said that she saw me as someone who is rational and so she found that the story I was telling her to be irrational. I could only say, you feel what you feel. You can't help it but of course the rational thing would be what you do with that feeling or emotion that you have and yes I do know that I should be taking the rational route.

So today we watched Rapunzel / Tangled. We watched it in 3D. I thought it was pretty nice. Rapunzel was pretty and her long hair is enviable. I thought he looked different when her hair was cut short and turned brunette. It's kinda nice that the movie has songs in it. It made it kinda classic disney. The lanterns scenes were really pretty that it really made you warm and fuzzy inside. As how it often happened when I watched a 3D movie, I don't think the 3D elements made much different in how nice the movie was. It made wonder if I should watch Narnia in 3D. I kinda don't have much else to say about the movie, other than it's pretty nice, which I already said above :P

Overall it's pretty good to be spending the afternoon with LM. She's always surprising me with how chatty she can be. There were a lot of stuffs being talked about :P Seriously maybe you cannot really know what's inside a woman's heart and mind. On another woman story, I was asking U today, how does she feel with the fact that we're turning 29 next year. She said that she feels rather sad about it and she was so funny when she was asking me if I'm ready and if I have prepared everything :D Yeah, as if we're gonna die. It's really funny but it's really my sentiment actually. LM was like why are you girls taking it this way, but I guess only if you have passed it and be 30 and above that you can actually say that it's not a big deal. It was really comforting that U feels the same way, that I am not that crazy. Life is amusing in its ways that an Indonesian and a Japanese with different upbringing and life experiences could feel the same about turning 29 :D

I know some people would roll their eyes when I told them how sad it is to be turning 29 but it's the last number in which we could say that we're 20 something. Yeah, it's just a number etc, but man being 30 just feels like you have to change and be more mature and wise. This week, I was telling a boy, the 20s is the year of reckless living and when you reach 30 onwards, it just doesn't seem that you can be that free anymore and there's so many things that you have to factor in in your life. Another guy told me this week that when he reached 30, he was okay about it. But now that he's 35, he's feeling rather sad about it. When I asked him why, he said it's because it's nearing 40 :D and Mr Ben last week said it's awful being 40 something :D I guess everyone is hating their numbers :P I have a theory that only if you haven't gotten or reached the things that you want to reach in your age, that you would feel sad and dread about being older. Well I have some months left in my 28. I am not one who loves even number but I am holding dearly to this 28 :P Oh well, buonanotte tutti! I am feeling very hungry. I think I'm gonna try to sleep early today. I felt pretty sleepy and tired this afternoon.

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