Went to watch Babel with Vivy and her scholar friend, Sigit, yesterday. Babel wasn't as what I expected story wise. From the little clip that I saw long ago that featured Brad Pitt, I thought the movie would be about like the title implies, the inability to communicate what we want because of language barrier and how it can lead to misunderstanding, or the ability to communicate and work together though we are not able to speak the same language. However, the movie isn't like that. Babel told 4 different stories which in a way linked to each other just like Crash. Though I feel one of the link is not that strong.

One story told about Brad Pitt and his wife, Cate Blanchett who went on a trip to Morocco when her wife was accidentally got shot when they were in the bus. I think this story is the one being used the most to promote the movie. I guess this story told not only the desperation you experience when your loved one got hurt, but it also explored the kindness of people. How the Moroccan tried their best to help this couple. My most touching scene in this story is when an old granny gave the wife something to smoke to ease her pain. I don't think that this story was really strong and heart moving. But it is really telling how human can react in such dire situation. When the rest of the tourists decided to leave the couple in the village out of fear that they might get killed just because the people in the village looked like terrorist, I just can't help thinking how people can really walk away.

While this couple in Morocco, their Mexican maid out of desperation took the couple's 2 children to Mexico to attend her son wedding. She tried her best to find a babysitter, but she couldn't find any. Everyone seemed to be having fun at the wedding, though the 2 kids experienced quite a major culture shock. When they went back to America, things went wrong because obviously a lowly Mexican with 2 American kids do raise suspicion. The maid and the 2 kids ended up almost dying in the desert. Fortunately no one died. The maid was deported back to Mexico without any chance of returning to America. The Brad Pitt family pretty much the only one having a happy ending in this movie.

Another story told about the shepherd boy who shot Cate Blanchett. He and his brother didn't mean it, they just wanted to test the gun. They were stupid for aiming it at a moving bus, but it's like one of those thing. You think nothing bad will happen from harmless fun, but it can be so disastrous. In this case, his brother died when the police tried to catch them. It is so heartbreaking because they were with their father who tried his best to protect them and yet he couldn't really do much. It's also heartbreaking how someone so young can use a gun and shoot well. Being in the age that we are right now, the news in the movie were all about terrorist who were attacking this American couple. I can not help thinking being in a real world, if such thing does happen and the government in that country said "Oh, it's just an accident done by a shepherd boy". Who would believe that? People would think that the country is so lame for coming out with such an excuse. I guess that just shows how high the suspicion is in our world now.

The rifle that the boy used to shoot came from a Japanese man who gave it to his guide when he went hunting in Morocco. This brings us to the Japanese story, of his deaf and mute daughter who I felt is so sad and had so much frustration inside of her. I think she's pretty desperate of wanting to be wanted by someone. She practically threw herself to every guy out there and yet no one wanted to sleep with her. It is sad, because she had given everything to the point of being naked and all and yet it wasn't happening. It's like there's nothing else she can do to make anyone want her and I just can feel her sadness and uneasiness being in this world, like things are so wrong, like she doesn't belong there. The actress, Rinko Kikuchi, got an Oscar nomination for her role here. I do must say that she is the strongest out of all the cast, but I can't help wonder if she got it because of the heavy nude scene she had to do. But yeah, she was really strong and intense in this movie.

So was it a good movie? Hmmm...I don't think it is as strong as Crash however maybe it does deserve an applause for exploring life and culture in other parts of the world. Crash explores a city but Babel took us to many places in this world. Watching it, I can't help thinking how different life is in another part of the world. In Morocco, you have these people living in a rock house, in Japan you have school girls wearing such short skirts and there in Mexico and America, which is so near and separated by a border, how life and civilization is so different. It's not just about the place, but the people and their view of life. Here you are thinking of getting an iPod and yet in another country, a family is sharing 1 plate of food. It seemed so incomprehensible that we actually live in the same planet but it is the way it is. Does Babel tried to deliver any message? I don't know, I'm not feeling anything. I suppose if after watching it you can appreciate your life and the culture in other country, then it would be good. If you can slow down a bit and listen more and understand more, I suppose life would be better because it doesn't matter if you speak the same language, if you don't listen you will not understand.

Moving on, ah it's gonna be a long post. Did a stupid thing yesterday morning. Cleaned my right lens with the wrong solution and straight away put it in my eye and damn it! It hurts!!! It was so red and is still a bit red today, though I think this evening it finally is getting clearer. So I had no choice but to wear my glasses the whole of yesterday and today. As such, I was not really in a friendly mode today. Just feel quite cranky. It doesn't help that now arriving in the place I live in feels weird because of an addition of a strange stranger. Can I also complain about all the babysitting that I now seem to be doing quite often. AAaarrrghhh, I have enough kids of my own. Anyway, I just realized that I haven't eaten junk food in at least 2 weeks. Such an accomplishment. As a matter of fact, had been eating more Indonesian food that usual. Yesterday we had lunch at Garuda Padang in Vivo city. Stupid me, I was pretty stunned to see the food are so Padang (hello Eka, it's already in the name!). The price was pretty high for the serving they gave but my rendang chicken was not bad, the egg in curry was also not bad (I love eggs), but the chicken soup was a disappointment though there were generous amount of shredded chicken. I just feel my chicken soup tastes better and I don't even cook!

Okay, moving on, I have put too many words up there. It's time to address one of my reader's mail. None other than Ms. J. She emailed me about one of the phrase I wrote in the previous posts. The line from Paulo Coelho's book, "Why is it that we destroy the things we love most?". From that line, I expect people to just stop for a while and reevaluate their lives and hopefully can prevent doing what the line suggested but Ms. J kinda offers an explanation why people does so. In short I think what she means is what you love can be so wrong. Now that I think about it, I guess you do can love the wrong thing. Your heart may not be pure, there's lust, greed, jealousy, and so on and as such these things can fuel a love which is not right. Love burns and it can really burn you. I guess, the thing is, as it is with life is to strike a balance. Reevaluate your life and your feeling often and don't quickly jump into action just because you are afraid you will be heartbroken. Do not destroy something before it has a chance to bloom. Yes it may wither and die but for a small second it lasts, you are able to see how beautiful it is when it blooms. Be happy for the kindness you receive. Be sincere about it. If you can't pay it back to the one who gives it to you, make sure you are able to do the same to others. Be thankful 'cause most importantly it is God who is looking out for you and so He sends all these wonderful people. So do the same to others. Really got to stop now, so tired and it's been too long. I will leave you with this tagline from Babel

If You Want to be Understood...Listen

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Wait It Out

Now I feel a bit like writing. It's more because this afternoon I did something that I've never thought I would be able to do. The thing is, I can dislike someone and not talk to that person ever again. I hold grudges and when I don't like someone, I wouldn't talk to that person, ever! Not even for the sake of being polite. If I freeze then that's it. Silence is pretty easy for me. However, today someone whom I pretty much imagined I wouldn't speak to ever again, someone whom I am not so keen on meeting, happened to bump into me. She said "Hi" and I actually replied. Goodness me! We didn't really make much of a conversation. I was pretty much stunned with me and I was trying to process the whole thing but I did manage to say goodbye. Well, after it's done, it's just done for me. Surprisingly, I am okay. It's like all the grudges and hatred that once filled the pages of my diary seemed like so unimportant. I am okay. I am guilty for hating and for having grudges and so much anger. I still understand how I felt last time but the point is, I am okay now and it kinda feels good. Hence the title, wait it out.

Time does heal all wound? Like this stupid heartbreak of mine. It's still a bit there, but hey I can feel that it is losing its weight. I am okay and I will be getting better. By the way, I have to applaud Vivy for guessing my msn nickname correctly (You and I, just you and I. There's never been us). She's so smart. The nick is actually part of the song lyric from Letto - U & I. Totally recommended! Anyway life has been ... well, it has its bad and tough times, like the fact that I haven't been sleeping well since the start of the year and strange dreams are haunting and tiring me out. However, there are good moments and even if it's only 15 minutes or so, I am pretty thankful about it. It's strange how a 15-minutes can change the outlook of the day. Okay, don't make that 15 minutes, make it a simple gesture from someone that only takes 1 minute. As I was telling Ms. J, it can make you smile and grin and feel sunshiny inside Oh yeah, I would like to welcome Ms. J into my club. She finally gets what I have been saying. Ah, our club of wolf in sheep clothing, our club of the gray area, where kindness can be seen as something else. I'd like to think that we should accept the kindness we receive and accept it as blessing, but I guess it can be so wrong *sigH* I have enough bad karma.

Had an interesting talk with Gascoigne before I left today. I always think of myself as being knowledgeable but when we were talking about dinosaur, I am so not! It's kinda embarrassing actually. I guess I felt embarrassed because he was emphasizing it also. He said I'd better not tell anyone that dinosaurs extinct because of the ice age. He thinks it's pretty embarrassing that I said that. Well, now I write it to you, so you know that dinosaur did not extinct because they were frozen to death. I know you do not know that either I think mammoth did, though. Gascoigne wanted to emphasize that dinosaur died because they couldn't adapt and in his amazingly enlighten philosophical brain, he said that human are one of the best creature who have the potential to adapt and so we should. I am seriously amused each time I can carry a thought provoking conversation with Gascoigne because he can be so right. Enlightenment from the dance floor, I suppose I guess I should really free myself, but I'm sorry, I have many inhibition. Slowly perhaps. I do want to be lighter like Gascoigne.

Meanwhile this picture was taken by Casryn when we and La Gioa were walking around the park. La Gioa was exploring places for her photo shoot. It was interesting. The park does have some nice spots. I especially like the small bamboo bushes near the murky pond with the gazebo. Anyway, that's me on the right and La Gioa on the left. Ah, I feel there's something wrong with the way I look, am I fat?

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of Lunches and a Boring Movie

Hello peeps. How's your weekend?

My yesterday morning was not bad. Didn't initially have any plan for the rest of yesterday but NanSee (not the actual spelling) asked me out for lunch. I agreed and I had to pick that girl in Orchard MRT! Her reasoning was that she didn't know Orchard well enough and hence she needed to be picked up. Okay, perhaps she has a point. Lunch was at the Vil'age. I had a voucher to spent. Then I accompanied her to shop a few things. I am maybe selfish, because I kept on thinking that I was tired and sleepy and hence I wasn't really into going from shop to shop. So I think I was not much fun to be brought shopping around. When is I'm ever fun for that, anyway? Hopefully she meant what she said that spending time with me is all that count Being the very greedy me, I just had to have a creme brulee with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. That dessert from Delifrance costed me S$8+. Very heartbreaking and not worth it. Well, the creme brulee was great, but ah too much unnecessary spending.

Today, I met up with Vivy. It's unlike me to go out on a Sunday, because I always think of it as my hibernation day. So I didn't really hibernate today, though I was able to wake up really late. Anyway, went out with Vivy because Mimi (not the actual spelling) showed me a book voucher from Borders which you can print out off the Net. 40% off for a book. That's something worth checking out, so me and Vivy went there to see if we can buy anything. I bought Paulo Coelho's Like The Flowing River. If you read this blog and remember what you read, I actually had bought it last month. I'm buying it again for a present for someone. I don't know yet who that someone will be, but it's good to prepare, right? We had lunch at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesian restaurant in Paragon and it was great! Love it, love it, love it. At first, I thought the pricing was a bit high, but the serving was not a disappointment. We ordered 3 dishes and we were really full. We chose tempe goreng (simple and comfort food), ayam goreng (a bit too dry but it passed) and tahu telor. I don't think I've ever seen tahu telor in Indonesia. I don't know if it is really an Indonesian food. Seriously where is it from? Java? Jakarta? Bandung? But I kinda fall for it now. Still hesitant about the sauce but the tahu telor that we had was great and the serving was worth it.

Afterwards, we went to Vivo city to watch Fast Food Nation. See what an effort we made for the movie. Unfortunately it was a very boring movie. The unexpected famous people appearance was the only excitement for me. If the movie tried to raise some kind of awareness, I don't think they were able to do that well. I'm not really sure what they're trying to say. It's not really a window to the world of fast food. I think the illegal immigrant workers story took over the whole fast food side. The climax of the movie was horrifying for me. I had to close my eyes and I only do this on horror movie which I don't really watch. The climax showed how they slaughtered, skinned, and chopped the cow. Since I love my meat so much, I really had to close my eyes. If I don't eat meat, I will die of hunger. Feel a bit guilty to Vivy whom I psyched into watching this movie. I told her that it's like Thank you for Smoking but it's about fast food.'s so not! I will throw this one into the same disappointment basket as Borat. Sorry, I know many of you like Borat to the T.

Was psyching Vivy to watch Babel too, telling her that it's like Crash (Best Movie for Oscar 2006). Hopefully I am not dead wrong again. I guess Babel will not be much of a disappointment, since it won the best movie category for Golden globe 2007. Alrighty, so that's next on my list and perhaps Bobby (for historical reason) and the Dreamgirls. I love movies, love it! But I realize now that watching a boring one can be such a disappointment. I think it's because of the amount of money we spent and I've been spending way too much these days to satisfy my urges. Okay at least I've experienced cinema europa in Vivo city. The GV max is the next one I want to experience. Take care peeps. My life has been as uninteresting as this post. So much thoughts and things to say but I don't feel like writing it. Too tired.

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Week 1 - 2007

This week does feel like week 1 for me. Week 0 was tough and I was hoping that week 1 would be better, but it was busier. Very tiring. Was just happy that it was over at around 4 pm yesterday, only to feel quite nervous because I realized the week is not over yet. So many people were down with sickness these last 2 weeks. I had quite a bad cough earlier this week (blood was involved), mom was also down with cough, but we are all better now. However, many people were still down with the usual flu, cough, and fever. Some are recuperating, some are just in the initial state. Take care peeps.

Other than sickness, other things were...well, I can not really disclose it. There was a sad news. Still hoping that it will not happen so soon. But I guess everyone is trying not to waver now. Yesterday, I felt like I was lying to this bunch of people who I surprisingly was quite happy to meet. I guess because they were quite behaved yesterday. I was saying things like "I want..." and "We...". Well, I am not sure if I used "we". It's just I feel bad saying all those things, knowing that there will not be a "we" and all the "I want" is something that I will not see through until it is finished. It kinda affected me and see, I should not waver. I know this is silly but I feel it's like saying "I love you" to your boyfriend / girlfriend, though you don't really feel like that anymore and though you are thinking of breaking up. You say it because you haven't made the decision yet (though you are thinking about it) and it's just something that come out, out of habit. Ah, what do I know? I have no experience in relationship. Anyway, I really meant what I said and when the time comes, I really hope and wish they will be in good hands. I once heard this from a local tv drama, a saying that goes something like this "You know how much someone meant for you with how big the hole they leave behind, when they leave". So the arrogant me is thinking that I will be leaving quite a hole, when the fact is I may be gone unnoticed.

Been waking up late this week, I think it's because I have very little self-control. So even today I was late, quite embarrassing! I thought I would embarrass myself for being stupido instead I did it by being late. Sigh!!! I should have known that since today was our first meeting, everyone would be on time. Again, it's the lazy me fault. Today wasn't as bad as the worrying me expected. It was pretty good. Can not say the same thing for next week though, since we will be having changes. It's good to know that I am not the only one who are having apprehension. Ci manca Sabrina.

Since I didn't have any engagement today, I decided to collect my tickets home. Got it and sigh, just like everything else these days, it's like when I start realizing the fact of my remaining days, I get really scared. Talked to my mom on the phone today about what I want to do and of course, she being the nicest mom, let me do what I want. She can bear my brother, and so what I want is nothing compared to what my brother does. Will have a serious conversation about this when I'm home. Don't think that my dad will be too happy about it, but I guess all of us does what we want anyway.

Just went to Carl's blog and oh my goodness We did have a small talk today about the age she's turning and how she already felt like committing a suicide Of course, she is not being serious. Please don't think I hang out with depressed people. The thing is I am perhaps as depressed about turning to my age as Carl is. I wonder why is it so dreadful and to think of Carl, who I think is really really cool and I rarely stamp anyone as cool, can feel so down with her amazing life. I mean, seriously, if I can reach what Carl reaches in her age, I think I will be so happy. I guess there's always that incompleteness that one feel and perhaps that what makes her and me a bit down? Though we will never admit it. Seriously, this week I suddenly see that I think I am too alone, but what can I do about it. On one side, I feel I need to march on and be strong. On the other side, someone to take my hand, to be a team with me ... life would be so nice (from the jazz song So Nice) and when I think of this kinda thought, I think it's a sign of weakness and the stubborn me don't want to be weak, or at least to be seen weak Again, take care peeps! I am extremely tired, and it's only week 1. Gosh...I just want a good sleep, please God.

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Blood Diamond, The Valkyries, and Parts of My Life in the Eyes of Others

Blood Diamond
Woke up quite early today for a bit of Jamie Oliver and Kids Central. Not gonna experience any of these anymore. Ms. J sent me an sms about something. Such thought-provoking conversation in a such-early-morning-for-the-lying-in-bed me (though it's around 9 AM). Somehow that continued to watching Blood Diamond and so just like that we went with the flyingNun in the afternoon. Ah...hopefully metallotoro doesn't get too sad that he wasn't asked.

Blood Diamond was very very good. I don't want to use the word awesome because the story is actually a sad one. I cannot find a better word in English to describe it, other than sad. In Indonesian it would be prihatin. Anyway, I think Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing. He really has some depth as an actor. Kinda remind me of Johnny Depp actually. They just seemed to be able to pick good roles and awed us with their performance. It would be interesting to see Leonardo in a romantic drama playing his handsome self, because his recent movies always portrayed him as not so clean cut anymore. In Blood Diamond, Leo spoke in African English, for a while I thought it would be fun hearing him in Singlish, him or any other Hollywood actors for that matter Djimon Hounsou was another good actor that should be noted in this movie. He was maybe slightly better than Leo. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if they get Oscar Nomination. Jennifer Connelly was okay. I think the 2 male actors just had such strong presence that it somewhat overshadowed hers. Blood Diamond had a good story to begin with and I feel the story telling was also great. The beginning of the story already caught our attention so much and the rest was no disappointment. Leo's character died in the end, but I wasn't that moved because I felt that it just had to be, and I somewhat expected one of the main character would die. He died a good death anyway, so it's okay, I suppose. I was thinking that I should watch more good movies like this. Really really recommending this to anyone out there. It has good action scenes and the bottom line, the story is moving though perhaps the message it tried to deliver is not that easy to relate with. Not everyday one buys diamond and I am sure one wouldn't really spend much time to research if the diamond is a blood diamond. However, I do think the movie must be applauded for its effort to raise awareness.

The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho
Finished reading this book, around 2 weeks since I started it, which is considered quite fast for me. The book is about a spiritual journey, about love. The first sentence written at the back of the book cover was, Why is it that we destroy the things we love most?. You may disagree and find the sentence to be odd. But I think it's true, because I did / do that. The Mr may be able to say that merda must be flushed out, but hey the truth is, it was something good. From the short summary written at the back of the book, it seemed so interesting, hence why I bought it. I have no energy to write a summary of my own, so sorry. It wasn't a really easy book for me to read because the book explored spirituality and relationship with God in ways and methods that I wasn't "raised" or educated with. It's like, I'm gonna use Jesus as an example. You know the Christians believe in Jesus Christ and see Jesus as God. However, God itself, the Father (Jesus is the son) is a bigger concept than Jesus is. I always believe that there is God and I don't think that it is have to be through Jesus you can connect to God (though I am sure many Christians disagree with me). Coelho emphasized numerous time that God is love and I think this book explored the idea of relating with the love of God through other ways outside the boundaries of religions. At some parts, there were things that I agree and understand because it was similar with what I know. At other parts, I am just pretty skeptical because there are things that I would think wrong because the religion says so, but perhaps it you see it in a more universal Godly way, it becomes easier to accept.

Coelho wrote about getting forgiveness and I really relate with the fact that it is hard to receive forgiveness. Some may think it is easy, but it is true that it is us, ourself who is the most difficult person to forgive our own self. He also wrote about understanding and accepting blessing without thinking we are unworthy of it because of all the mistakes we make. I also relate with that. There are many times, I think I am not worthy to accept all the kindness that people give me because I am not really a good person. And as what Coelho was experiencing at the point of his journey, I am also in his cycle, of expecting a storm on a peaceful day. Everything goes alright in my life and yet I am like waiting in anticipation that surely a storm will come because again I am unworthy of a good life, and so without I know it, I may have sabotaged my own life just to satisfy that urge for the storm to come and hence you really do destroy the thing you love. Coelho went through quite a journey to get out of that cycle. I wonder how that would work out for me or if it will ever happen. I need to receive that forgiveness from God. What I mean by this is that, yes God forgives us but you yourself may not take the forgiveness He gives. The key is to forgive yourself first. It's a life process, I suppose and I need to give some time for me to ponder about this and experience it on my own.

It so happened, the pages that I read around 2 days ago talked about infatuation and love. Coelho was having an infatuation to one of the Valkyrie on that spiritual journey. He wrote about what makes infatuation different from love. The Mr was in disbelief because he doesn't think that one who is married would / should ever experience infatuation. To that I could only laugh Because I believe it can always happen. Coelho wrote Infatuation was a good thing. It gave spice to life, and added to its enjoyment. He also wrote that Love was worth everything, and couldn't be exchanged for anything. Well said. I want that I suppose, a love that worth everything. I think it would be quite a process that require time to know if what you have worth everything, but I know that's what I want, not just some infatuation.

Parts of My Life in the Eyes of Others
In one of the email the Mr wrote me this few days, he wrote and I quote ...I must say that this can get out of hand one day...and that one day might happen sooner than later dudette!. He and Ms. J are trying to put some sense to my head. I got quite sad thinking of what they said in the bus yesterday. However after more talk with Ms. J and the flyingNun, this thing that they are warning me about is really so real and requires my utmost attention (By the way, I wonder why the 3 of us always ended up having heavy conversation in that place). The Mr and Ms. J have their own different reasons but they ended up in the same conclusion. Ms. J just wants me to have a pure and clean mind and heart, while the Mr is just really looking out for my best interest and reputation. It is strange I suppose. If I bring myself out of the situation, I think I will be saying the same thing as them. However, being inside it, I'm so clouded. As much as I think it's not my fault, it could very well be. The Mr just doesn't want me to tread and ending up falling off a cliff. Maybe I should take comfort in the fact that I am asking all this right or wrong questions, which means that I am sensing that it is wrong. help me God, please.

Had the chance to go home with Gascoigne* this week. In the bus he said that only you can make yourself happy and only you can make yourself sad. He's right but it doesn't come easy for me. Infact it doesn't come at all. I hope I can stop being sad over small and stupid things, but I can't. I hope I can stop being so happy about things which are not right, but I can't. My head is so messed up, and so again I think I need to repeat that song, I have to block out thoughts of you so I don't lose my head...

*Get the nick of this person and if you are in my environment, you may know who I am talking about

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L'anno Nuovo

Felice Anno Nuovo tutti (Happy New Year all). Was feeling rather in the sad side actually yesterday, because I was alone here without anything to do. Really wished more than anything to be at home, because at least there would have been some company. But yesterday, apparently all my family members spent the new year without each other. Mom decided to stay over at her brother's house with her sister. So she's there. My dad was alone at home. I was alone in Singapore, and my bro was in Bandung. Well, at least my mom had her siblings and my dad had his brother just a few metres away. My cousin went home yesterday. I didn't really spend much time with her when she was here. She had her friends and they had really explored all the major malls in Singapore. I'm not really into shopping and I didn't really enjoy going out with her friends hence why I didn't really spend much time with her. Had a good talk though when I was with her, in all our meals. She coincidentally met "some people" when she was here and I wonder why me who have been living here for some time never ever bump into these people. Such divine intervention.

Yesterday, to get myself out of my room (being in my room just made me feel more pathetic), I actually went to the church. Been some time since I was last there. I'm glad that I made it, because it was one of the last few masses to be held in that hall. The church is undergoing renovation. I'm not into making new year resolution, because I waver pretty easily, but I actually made an earnest prayer to God. Let me confess first that I think I pretty much lost in my own world during the sermon. Seriously I just couldn't seem to concentrate. But in the little time I managed to concentrate, I prayed that God would give me courage, courage to make a decision and follow it through. I kinda finally decided that I would do something. I hope I won't waver. It is perhaps the most irresponsible thing I ever do and at this age of mine (gosh! I'm so old in 2007), being irresponsible is not something I should be doing. However, I just feel I need to release myself.

Last year, at the start of the year, I kinda thought that I would take it easy in 2006. To take breaks, when I want and need to. Alas, I didn't really do it. Only sickness put me down. See, I really can not do all this new year resolution thing. What happen was, in 2006, I became less patient. At times I think I appeared as fierce, tough, and cold hearted. Now that I think about it, it's kinda sad because I don't get a chance to show that I'm actually a nice person, a nicer person at least. Maybe I should console myself and say that though it is in the very littlest way, I am appreciated.

Asked Vivy out for an Indonesian lunch. We successfully found The Rice Table. I think it was purely by sheer luck. I don't think some of the food are really Indonesian. Is it a stereotype that Indonesians eat spicy food? In most of the dish, there were chili. Totally wrong and totally bad for digestion. Don't think we ate our money worth (it was all you can eat), but I think the place is not so bad. After lunch, we walked around. I bumped into the pretty Esther, who excitedly embraced me. Aahh...she's so nice. Me and Vivy then decided to have our dessert at Delifrance. All the walking got me hungry again. My chocolate fondant with ice cream was great. However, I can not deny feeling that it would get me diabetes. Afterwards we shopped for shoes. I got shoes! It's brown! Chose that one because it's much cheaper compared to the slightly nicer one. So I gave in to cheaper one. Then we went home and here I am writing. Holiday is ending. School is starting. Seriously feeling like when I was a student back home, feeling that holiday is ending. Though there were times we felt bored during holiday but we didn't want it to end. It has to, of course. Nothing we can do about it and I'm pretty much gonna die on Wednesday *sigH*

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