Went to watch Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan yesterday. The queue at GV in vivocity was so long that I was in disbelief. I had complained to Vivy about my process of getting the ticket using the AXS machine, so I will complain no more. Using the machine took me half an hour. If I had queued normally, I would have most probably missed the movie. Anyway, Borat wasn't as amazing as I think it would be. I found it to be degrading for the people of Kazakhstan. I think they were portrayed really wrongly.

I don't really like Borat himself, I think he's too vulgar and have too much sex on his mind. Some of the scenes implying sex was way too much detail for me. It was interesting though to see how American reacted to him. First stop was when he first arrived in New York and took the subway. He started greeting everyone with a kiss and all these people started cursing. If they only said F you, I would get it, but these people were very creative in their hostility. You should hear the sentences they uttered. I reckon only people who say it a lot can say such thing. I mean if only at that point in time, you are stunned and agitated with a person, how can you be creative in cursing? I think being stunned alone would have freeze your brain momentarily. The scenes with the college boys made the news which I think made me hear of this movie in the first place. I do think that the boys are just frat boys without much brain. They may not be the kindest people you meet and I do think that they don't really respect girls much, and you say all kind of things when you are drunk, but when they consoled Borat when he was brokenhearted, I think it was kinda amicable. The church scene was another scene that I think was hilarious. I don't know if any strong Christian out there would like me saying it as hilarious. The church didn't sue Borat, I think they think they were portrayed as caring, loving, and full of the holy spirit. Why is it hilarious for me? I'm sorry, the whole jumping around, running, and speaking in tongue, you know the way they have it in some churches, I think it's just too weird, and it's precisely the reason why I avoid myself from these churches. I am positively sure that I am not the only one who feel this way, because many people in the cinema laughed with it. I think it become not a very welcoming experience for new people being in this church, because if you see it for the first time, it's simply just too weird and unless there's some divine intervention (as in God has really meant for you to be there), you will feel uncomfortable.

Okay, I'm not gonna write more, not sure with the current Internet connection if this post get posted. Overall, Borat wasn't as nice and interesting as I think it would be. Do think it's a bit waste of money, go watch other things peeps. Today there's some sun and yet I don't know what to do. My holiday has been the most boring one. In Indonesia I don't mind staying at home doing nothing, in Singapore it's just different. I don't know why. Did manage to do some errands. Ah, perhaps I need to clean a bit of my room.

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* dugem *

Only an Indonesian who lives in big cities will know what the title means So I did it last night, with some friends, in a place which is quite well known in Singapore (I think). Ha! If you don't know what the title means, you may not know what I am talking about I just don't want to reveal much, approaching it with caution, just as when I made the decision to join them. Before I elaborate more, I need to say, that my thoughts actually went to several people. Like Stella and Gaby (my ex roommate and neighbour back in Uni days) who wanted to see me do it 5-6 years ago. Carl and P who on our last meeting said they should really take me out and introduce me to interesting liquids. I remember P making an argument saying, don't you want to try something new? There were other people like Mr. Italian Job who once worked in this kinda place, aaahhh... I wonder if they would really smile and clap and say "you finally live"

24 and it was my first time doing it. I seriously don't see the necessity of trying it, hence I was really not enthusiastic about going, really close to not going. All the while thinking it's just not the right thing (spiritually, don't laugh peeps!) to do and mom wouldn't like it, and it's on Mother's day (for Indonesian), I did exactly what would make my mom worried. Gonna call her tomorrow and tell her what it's like. So what changed my mind? Beside the constant telling from people to go? Because it's the girl's farewell also. Now that I think about it, without me, that girl would end up with La Gioa alone, and they would have all the guys

So I was asked, of course, how was it? I would answer interesting. I think using 'interesting' is kinda a politically correct way to answer the question. If I don't like it, then it's a polite way of answering. If I do really like it, then it kinda disguises the fact that I really like it. So do I like it or not? Well, I don't think Eka belongs there. I mean being there, I can just see why the place is just so wrong and being in a place where wrong doing happen, though I didn't do anything wrong, well...just feel a bit wrong for me. If you think that I am being saintly or too freaking serious here, well, one is entitled of one's opinion and view on certain thing, right? However given the same nice people that I went with, I don't mind going again, though I hope the next time it does happen it would be in weeks and weeks and weeks to come. Oh, I should add that Carl, P, and the Brasiliano would be somewhat disappointed with the liquid I took. They would say "devi bere di più"

Okay, enough about that. I wanna write about life in general, and will do so in points so that I don't forget. This gonna be long.

1. There was these words Ms. J wrote in her Christmas card for me, Personal thoughtfulness. I just find it pretty profound. People like her are so nice to me. Recently I also felt so much thoughtfulness from Dagi who outdid herself by sending me my Christmas presents in a box, which size was double of last year. 8 types of German biscuits and chocolates, a moose in a mug, and an agenda. I have to admit she is too nice to me, and it is truly mind-boggling to me, why people can be so nice to me and really care. So it started this whole thought in my head that I need to do the same to other people, like spreading through their kindness to other people. One particular thing that I was thinking of doing was discussed with the Mr. It was a waste of letters typed, because it wasn't meant to be. I think he thinks it's real waste of his breath

2. There was this matter that Ms. J and I have been talking for quite some time. I woke up with 2 sms from her this morning. The 2nd one was written when she was on her way to the airport. She was actually thinking about it though she was on her way for holiday. As if that's not enough, she sent me a mail from the airport telling me that if something urgent happens, she can still be reachable in her phone. I think I will try my darnest not to do that because she needs to detoxify herself also, and this matter may remind her of her situation. Me myself is also on holiday, so I can detoxify myself. Obviously the detoxification in Indonesia didn't really work, because I am back in Singapore where the things are happening. I don't know, I think I am getting used to it, that I think it's no biggie. Though I think the Mr may also be speechless and bang his head if he hears what happened. I think he thinks all this unnecessary complicated things in my life are a waste of time, but again that's what makes him look forward to talk to me I suppose

3. Bought 4 books for me for my Christmas presents All because Vivy told me yesterday of the discount that we can print to get 40% off for 4 books at Borders. The 4 books are all from Paulo Coelho They are: Eleven Minutes, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, The Valkyries and the latest one that I wanted and wrote last time, Like the Flowing River. I still haven't gotten Veronika Decides to Die (out of stock) and The Zahir, so you all can get me that Anyway, if you gave me any of the above books up there that I have bought myself, I would gladly and joyfully accept it. I can use my copies as presents to other people and keep yours for me Ha! I am talking as if anyone would care enough to get me those books. Why am I so obsessed with Coelho? I have no idea, I guess I just like all that he wrote. Hopefully these 4 will not be a disappointment. I can lend you if you are interested, but you need to wait until I finish it, which will be quite some time All in all, I save around 30 dollars and I am happy.

4. Obviously, I am getting broke but that didn't stop me from watching Charlotte's Web today. Didn't plan to but was waiting for my cousin to come to Orchard for dinner, so I ended up watching the movie. So many famous people provided the voices. A very nice film, though I can not say it is remarkably captivating. It just felt it was quite okay. Dakota Fanning is destined to be great, but her performance in this one was just normal. Her character did not have much room to expand anyway. Oprah didn't really sound like Oprah. Julia Roberts sounded so Julia, it took me a while to relate her to the spider. I do must say that she provided some kind of wisdom and commanding respect for Charlotte. I think the moral of the story can be summed up in the last word Charlotte made, humble. It's pretty much in the last conversation between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte.

5. So I went to watch the movie alone. Was planning to do it, but didn't plan to do it on a weekend. I normally avoid watching a movie alone on weekends, because it's more crowded and I don't like the idea of people may be looking at me. So even if I have to, I wouldn't choose popular places. But today I did, and I felt okay and fine, enjoying it very much. Mom is worried with my anti social character. She said that people can not live on their own without some reliance on friends. She is right people, because I did learn back in school that human are social people. They need other people to survive. But so far, I think I'm doing fine. I can do many things on my own and it's okay. It may look and feel miserable at times, but the way I see it, currently it is the way it has to be. Friend may not always be there for you the second you need them and obviously I don't have that one person who would always be there for me. I don't know if I will have one, but as we are finding out, I am still okay with me

6. Finally met my cousin. Had dinner and talk. Arrghh, I have blisters Officially tired now, though I woke up feeling okay this morning despite of getting less than 5 hours sleep, in which I did not sleep soundly either. I guess all the walking today in that short heels did weaken me.

Can't really think of anything else. I'm just tired *sigH* I still have to write again, in other places tired ...

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The Holiday

Met up with the big Ms.Sunshine yesterday for some christmas dinner, gift exchange, and The Holiday!!! Well, I wanted to watch the movie because the idea of the story is interesting, there's Jack Black, and Jude Law was looking mighty fine in the trailer. The movie is nice (warning: this is a view from a girl). It's lovey dovey, obviously. Light hearted with an obvious ending that you can pretty much guess from the trailer. If you don't know what it's about, this is a short summary. 1 girl in LA and 1 girl in Surrey, England exchanged house for 2 weeks during christmas break because they were very frustrated and miserable with their love life. So they travelled the continent, and in the new place the found love and themselves (though this part wasn't really emphasized much). I have to applaud the cast. I think they were really good, and everyone fitted each other nicely.

Kate Winslet is fun to watch, because I usually see her in a more serious role. It's interesting to watch her in a more silly way. Jack Black is of course Jack Black. I thought his role in this movie would be more serious, nice guy kind of way. He was the nice guy, more serious but he still managed to put his antics, musical antics in some of the scene. Cameron Diaz is comical in a way that Cameron Diaz does it. I read in someone's blog once that Cameron can almost always be seen dancing or moving to the music in her movies. She did does it in this movie. I think Jack Black can also almost be seen singing in all his movies and that he also did in this movie. Kate Winslet and Jack Black's story had more depth in it. Kate and Jack not only fell in love with each other by the end of the movie, but they also helped an old guy found his confidence. They also managed to liberate themselves from the love that hurt them. Their ending was very sweet. One of the sweetest scene about them, I think was when Miles (Jack Black) played the melody he composed for Iris (Kate Winslet). I wonder if there's a melody for me, how would I sound.

I haven't written about the mighty fine Jude Law. Hairy though he was, but aaaaahhhh.....He's so handsome!!! Of the 2 movies watched with him in it, AI and Road to Perdition, I don't think he's amazingly handsome but he is! Gosh, love him. His character was made to be so cute, a widower with 2 cute daughters. I guess it's a nice twist, because when we first met Jude's character, he was being portrayed as an ass. Who knows that fine ass was actually a very devoting father. He and Cameron Diaz love story was pretty straight forward. A pretty girl met a handsome boy, they fell in love, and they conquered all the complicated things between them (the long distance, the girls, etc) and they ended up together. All the characters had at one point in the movie showed this look of love in their face, I think except for Cameron. She didn't really capture it. What do I mean with that look of love, that's the look you have in your face seeing the person you love. Kate did a very good look at the start of the movie. I think she was the best one of all in this movie. With that look on her face, one can really relate with her broken heart. Should you watch it? Yep, if you are a girl and you want to see the really really really REALLY handsome Jude Law

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I realize I don't like unhappy ending...

Put that in my MSN nickname today and Zabimaroo asked me if I was so down. I said hasn't my nickname these days shown depression. He said yes, but today it seemed he thought I've reached my boiling point and decided to ask me and catch up on a few things. The nickname actually has nothing to do with all the stupid things in my life. It is because of a movie I watched last night. It's so good that I need to tell all of you.

Watched Léon (The Professional) in Arts Central last night. It was directed by Luc Besson and God! The movie is awesome, so awesome. Unfortunately I missed a few minutes because I needed to brush my teeth, stupid me. I love the story so much but I hate the ending. Go to for summary and all. The main guy, played by Jean Reno died. sad!!! Jean Reno played this awesome hit man and after managing to get out of a building filled with SWAT team, he got shot as he was reaching the door. Bloody bad guy (Gary Oldman)! Though Jean blew himself with the bad guy, I don't think it justified his death. The ending was a real bummer for me Now, Jean Reno is of course not exceptionally handsome, but again a case of having charm and perhaps tall(?) that man! I love him so In the movie he just looked so cute not knowing some stuff, tough that he looked obviously reliable and would protect you against harm, and trusted. Aahh...

Zabimaroo and La Gioa know of this movie. Why on earth that I only found out about it now. Maybe because it's made in 1994? When me and Natalie Portman were still so young Anyways, would love to watch it again if I can and would totally recommend this to all of you out there.

As mentioned above, as usual stupid things are happening. I think my brain has been working way too much, felt my head swaying a couple of time just now. Was given a sad news today. I'm honored that I was trusted enough to be the first to know, however I should see it as good news for that person. Should be happy that one get her / his freedom *sigH*

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Feeling hungry as I am writing this. Went to watch Happy Feet with Vivy today. Yep, I know a lot of you have watched it. I really really like it. Was entertained more than what I expected I would be. I think the penguins were really cute, especially when they were babies. Ah, Mumble's blue eyes The whole part about the fathers having to take care of the eggs really reminded me of March of the Penguins. Unfortunately, Happy Feet didn't really explore the struggle that the emperor penguin parents have to go through to have their babies. I a bit didn't like the fact that the baby penguins were depicted as being able to talk as soon as they hatched. I think Gloria would appear much more adorable if she was just making baby noise as she pecked Mumble's egg. I think Happy Feet made tap dancing so cool The songs were pretty nice, especially knowing the actors really sang (Wah! Britanny Murphy can sing!). I was especially impressed with the Australians Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman who could speak in thick American accent. I guess that's the amazing thing about actors. Robin Williams was of course amazing, as usual he's the character that brought laughter.

I kinda liked the story. When Mumble ended up in the zoo, I kinda couldn't believe it, and so I was whispering to Vivy, "Hah? It's not a happy ending?". For the brain in me cannot figure out how Mumble could ever get back to his place and be with Gloria. Well, of course it's pretty much happen only in movies, Mumble did manage to get back to his place and towards the end, the movie brought an important message about excessive fishing and conserving the environment. I kinda like the swing to this direction. I found it educative and worth while. So of course, it's a happy ending. Gloria was never mated when Mumble was away, and of course she ended up with Mumble. All the penguins learnt how to tap, and it's all music and dance for them. I guess I found the ending was even sweeter after all the journey, challenges, and hard work that Mumble had to go through, from accepting himself, getting acceptance and acknowledgement from other penguins who thought he was cool, surviving, to getting acceptance from his kind. It was actually truly a long and hard process for the strange penguin

Rushed to do some christmas shopping today, because I don't have much time left. I hope they all like what I got them, and what I hope the most is I don't get them what they are getting me. Had a difficult time getting the presents. Wanted to give books, but I don't know if those people have already read what I planned to give them. I love books by the way. It's so easy to get me stuff, get me a book. Saw Paulo Coelho's latest book, Like the Flowing River. Ah! Wanted to buy this as a present to one of those people, but I decided not to, because I want it for myself. If I buy it, I will not have the heart to give it away. Can someone get me this, please...please...PLEASE!!! Read 1 page of it, and it's very very sweet. Shall I tell you? I guess I should, though it's gonna make my post longer. Well, Coelho was on the plane to somewhere, and there was this man who asked for volunteers to each carry a rose when they landed. The volunteers were chosen, and when they landed the man secretly showed these people to his girlfriend. One by one the volunteers gave the rose to the woman, until the last rose was given by the man who asked her to marry him. Ah!!! I know it may sound simple and cheesy, but it's just so sweet!!! I don't think I would like getting a proposal that involve many people, but I just can't imagine not saying yes if such thing should happen to me

Of course, the unlucky me have to face some unluckiness. This week was started with being sick and having so much things to do that I just want to run away. Today, I had an almost fatal fall in a staircase. Of course, I can still be thankful for the fact that I didn't roll down until the bottom of the stairs, but something wrong is happening on my left leg. I hope it's nothing major and I can still walk, but we must see what happen tomorrow. A realization came to me this week that something that I have been missing these past weeks is going to start again soon. I missed it when it was gone but now I feel a bit not ready and unworthy to take part in it again. Changes will happen, which I hope will not happen but we must wait and see what's gonna happen. I suppose I better start studying. Take care peeps!

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Eccomi di Ritorno

It's so funny to say Here I am, returning. Returning as in being in Singapore, but there I found myself unconsciously saying things like "Saya pulang dulu yah" (I'm going home). Hated myself when I heard myself saying it, especially when I said it to my dad in the airport. He didn't say anything, maybe he didn't feel any significance in it. However, I just feel I'm betraying myself (?). Have I unconsciously make this place my home? I don't know, I can't really imagine how. I guess I've just been here for far too long. So anyway, yes, I am back, people. Reached my room at 11:30 pm ++ last night. My room was cleaned completely and so I needed to spend some time to put my bed sheet back and in the end I think I slept at around 1? I couldn't really sleep. Didn't have a good night sleep, perhaps I was too nervous and every single part of me was rejecting the idea of being back here and doing the things that I have to do.

So what changed about me? Well, I am sick *sigH* Flu, but not bird flu (hopefully). Got injected in the butt for this. The doctor offered me the injection and I gladly obliged because I just wanted to feel it. Yep, crazy me I just realized how cheap it all cost. The consultation fee, the injection, the 4 types of medicine cost my mom 60.000 Indonesian rupiah (we use dot instead of comma to mark the thousands), which is around 10+ Singapore dollars, or around 5+ US dollars. I do must say, some Indonesians may feel this was quite expensive. Haven't fully recovered yet, but I don't blame it on the doctor, instead on the things I ate. Only another thing changed about me. Had a haircut. Still longer than what I expected, not quite what I expected but I must admit that it does decrease the volume, so perhaps in a way it is better.

People have been asking me, how's my trip home. To which, my reply was "not long enough". I will now try to explain it in short sentences. Let's start with my cousin's wedding. Glitches were many, but in the end, they were wed, so I suppose as my mom's said, it's all done, we can relax now. Mom bought me the dress, I was quite surprised finding out the price upon paying. I thought I looked fat when I tried it on, but in the end I think it did look nice on me. Had a curly hair for the wedding I must say, it's kinda cute. Met a goofy friend from school back from 20-10 years ago in the wedding who has turned into a real hunk. My mom warned me 'bout it and all this time, I thought it couldn't be that good, but he was and the best thing of all, he's really really nice. My cousin, Marlisa, and Emilia said he was such a gentleman too. Unfortunately, with all the good guys out there, he's taken, my friends. To an older girl also. Now I wonder, if older girls make the younger guys they are with become such gentleman?

Had dinner and lots of talk and laughter with the girls, Marlisa, Dewi, and Emilia. We were loud, but I didn't care, because I don't really show my face in that place often. I suppose they should care Love them, love the fact that we can still talk so much, love the fact that though how different our lives are but we can still relate with how we feel and view our life. My cousin is coming in less than 3 weeks, so my end-of-year wouldn't be that empty, I suppose. Looking forward for her to come, because I feel it's like a holiday that I'm so waiting for.

Okay about home. Mosquitoes. Lots of them. So many red marks (turning dark brown now, arrgh) on my legs Mangoes. Mom often bought mangoes when I was there, orangie and very sweet. Lotsa of fruits, just finished my rambutans actually. My uncle purposely plucked his rambutans on Sunday morning so that I could bring it here back. So sweet and so nice. I don't know what this type are called but I don't think I've seen it in Singapore. Food, lots of them. Mom tried her best to cook all the things I wanted, though she was tired. I was really thankful for the fried noodle and bihun. Then I made soup, which was pretty tasteless (I blame it on my flu that didn't give me a sense of taste) but my dad dutifully ate it The chicken in the soup was perfect though, practically peeling from the bones, love it. Water wasn't running really well yesterday, so showering was a nightmare, which made me realize. Being here for so long, I took things for granted, I've become a spoilt brat. I went to the toilet in the mall, expecting the toilet will flush by itself. I washed my hands and I found it odd that you need to turn the tap, instead of pressing it or it detecting your hand movement. stupid, I should be more humble! What else? Nick Toons (Nickelodeon cartoons), Spongebob Squarepants were the ones I watched the most, then there were Jimmy Neutron, Hey Arnolds, The Rugrats (a bit, but I really love them). I really love all these, my mom couldn't understand and slightly worried that her 24-year old daughter is making time in front of the tv to watch these. They are really good, I love them. Hate it that they are being dubbed in Indonesians but I watched it anyway. I also began to dig Dora the Explorer. My aunt was right to say that my cousin's daughter looked like Dora with her new haircut Then of course, there was MTV Indonesia, saw Hugh Jackman being punkd and for the first time I thought he was handsome and cute Other things on tv, well, not much interesting stuff there. So is that all? I suppose? Ah, see I forgot to write about Oprah. Love her, and so happy that I got to watch her a lot. Always interesting. Not much tears because the shows that I watched were pretty funny. Wish I can watch more of her here.

On the plane yesterday I realized, there were days I spent not getting out of the house. The closest to the outside world I experienced was when I opened the gate for my dad, but I didn't feel bad about it. I could do practically nothing at my home and I feel okay and happy and at peace. If I spent a day in my room here, I feel like my life is a waste. It is weird. I hate that feeling, hence why I guess, I just want to be at home (where I can be lazy without feeling quilty?) Miss my mom. She's alright, many grey hairs, but she's looking alright. Miss my mom so much, okay, gonna stop now or I'm gonna cry. Ciao peeps! A lil something from my home. Mom said the flowers supposed to be red but until the time I left, they were greenish pink. This picture is of course photoshop enhanced, pardon the bad leaf.

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