27 Dresses and Hundreds of Dollars Later

Hello people of the earth! How's the going? I got myself sick. I got myself sick on Saturday but after some self medication, I was doing okay. I was really okay on Sunday. Then Monday came and somehow after lunch, I was feeling sick. Was struggling to get myself all together so that I could just get through this week, but by Monday night I needed an expert help, so I decided to stay in on Tuesday. Got my antibiotics and the usual flu medicine that I love. I was surprised that I can still get flu despite of me already getting my flu vaccine last December, but I decided not to confront the doctor about it. Yesterday did feel like the whole world was against me, but on other thoughts, I was thinking that perhaps the world wanted me to slow down a bit before I kill myself or my sanity. However being the panicky me ("kiasu" is the correct word but I hate to use that) I did some things yesterday and it did clear a few things in my list and made one person happy. So everyone is happy though Eka perhaps needed more rest. I'm still not doing pretty well, cough is coming but I have some cough medicine, I've been having soups all the time, and I haven't drunk anything cold, so I'm hoping all of these will pass soon. My sickness was really really painful. I hadn't been sleeping well in Singapore, add not being able to breathe to that and I got very lousy nights and nap. The drugs didn't help to put me to sleep *sigh* I'm going home soon though, so then I can sleep!

Had planned to have a half day off today. By right I should be spending it in my room recuperating but I decided otherwise. Don't tell my mom about it okay. She's so gonna yell at me. I didn't tell her that I was out. Did some Chinese New Year shopping today and a few hundreds dollars was gone. I've finished buying all the things that I need to buy. I even have packed them inside my suitcase. I may buy another piece of clothing for me, settle 1 other thing and I'm pretty much ready to go.

Then I went to watch 27 Dresses and how I love it! Love it! Love it! I was never a fan of Katherine Heigl, but I really love her character and I think she was really pretty. James Marsden was of course always lovable and a handsome guy. I love his character as well. The movie may be typical. At one point the story reminded me of Never Been Kissed and Runaway Bride, because of the relation between the journalist and the object of their writing. Typical and predictable as it may, I think the story was interesting, the characters were nice, and the lines were entertaining. Example: James Marsden's character, Kevin, asked Katherine Heigl's character, Jane, "What about you? You don't have any needs?". She answered "No. I'm Jesus." I had a good laugh. There was a line that Katherine Heigl said on the climax when she was telling James Marsden's character that she loved him. I kinda could relate to that. Oh well ...

On other parts. So the ex-president, Soeharto, died. I felt the way he died was a bit like the way he stepped down from presidency. He clung to it and in the end it was not meant to be. I was rather sad not being at home to follow all the news but did manage to watch RCTI online and watched / heard glimpses of the funeral. Didn't manage to watch all because of the boring Monday rendezvous. Did hear when her daughter, Mbak Tutut, read her eulogy. It was pretty heartbreaking and touching. It was sad. I feel some of the public responses were pretty fake. They spoke badly of him when he was alive and now they really turned and started saying good things just because he's dead. I think he may have done many wrong things when he governed but we can't deny the good things that we enjoyed. Hence I feel that he deserved to be respected.

Alright, there are other things to be told, like Vinny is leaving and apparently the 2 girls are going with him. Then il Gatto told me he is losing 3 people as well. I did feel a lost when Vinny told me he's leaving on Friday but it passed. When la Gioia told me about the 2 girls this morning, I was stunned but I can't say that I was devastated. When il Gatto told me his frustration, I was in a more upbeat spirit, telling him to relax and it's not so damaging I don't know, I just feel the surviving spirit is kicking in so I just feel like okay, let's get through this, we can do this people! Today, I feel good that I'm 26. I'm actually not 26, I'm still 25 but I don't know, since the start of this year, I kinda just embrace being 26. I feel good about it because I feel that age does come with a certain mental capability. That age brings with it years that 20 something kids don't have and I feel good about it. I'm maybe uptight and boring but ... ah I will not elaborate more Take care peeps! Stay healthy!

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Unimportant Writing

Yes, this post is unimportant. I'm planning a quiet weekend away from anyone, literally and virtually so I thought I would just write now. Not that you would miss my post.

A few minutes before this, I'd just finished ironing my clothes. Then I sent an sms to mom. My life seems pretty boring and plain, huh? Then read starfish's blog and it's still at the other tab, I'm listening to the songs in his jukebox. Everytime I finish reading his blog, my eyes will get all weird trying to readjust after reading all the white in black. I'm not one who really into the logic of choosing color for web. Most of the time I choose colors based on my liking, but there is really a logic in using them. Not that I think he should change the colors combination of his blog, because I would choose white against black myself

So how have I been? Felt rather sucky today. Stuffs as usual. Today I just couldn't bring myself to do any of it. I feel so disorganized, which makes me feel rather irresponsible and perhaps incompetent. Then I also feel that I am getting fatter *sigh* The arms are bulging. However most significantly, I miss him dearly *sigh* I guess it's a good thing that I've said it out in the open (at least to him because many people are still clueless about it) because now all the other things that I want to say is nothing compared to what I had said. Though perhaps I must not say this kind of things. I should just contain it inside. Well, he never reads this blog, so I guess it's okay?

Went for dinner with Starfish, NanSee, La Gioia, Gascoigne, and Lois on Tuesday night. Starfish forgets to mention Lois in his post It's been a while since we saw Starfish and NanSee as well. Didn't have the time to meet them last year and I don't really have much days left here before I go home. Dinner was at Tambuah Mas because nobody chose a place. Given me, I would choose the nice Indonesian food. Told Rista about it and she said I must bring her there again if she's in town. Surely, I will. I was happy that everybody were very good eaters. We ordered quite a lot, including which, 2 tahu telor and everybody still had dessert! Except for Lois who left earlier. I'm so proud with all of them We should do this again! Funnily, I arrived home and received an sms from Starfish, in which he wrote, make sure Gazzie paid for the cab Okay, let it be known that he did

Talking about Rista, that girl went to Sidney alone. I was kinda jealous about it but truth be told I may not have enough courage to do it myself. Hence why I am praying for courage. Geez, what am I talking about, I haven't been praying seriously or regularly for that matter. I really need to go through my life, throw away the junk and look into things which have been abandoned. Darn! If I start talking and elaborating about my life, I just get depressed easily. So good night peeps!

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American Gangster

Went to watch American Gangster with la Gioia on Friday night. The movie was okay, I think. I was tired and there was such seriousness in it, but I think it wasn't as seriously heavy as Michael Clayton. I thought Denzel Washington was awesome. He had such a charisma and was very commanding on the screen. I think Russell Crowe was okay, I found that his character was overshadowed by Denzel's who as his characters was in the story, he pretty much controlled the movie. His character was ruthless and I kinda wish I can be as ruthless as him. It was quite an interesting story. At the end of the movie though, I was thinking that they should make a sequel of the movie, of how Frank Lucas helped the police and how Detective Richie Roberts went from chasing and prosecuting Frank Lucas to defending him. I think that would be another interesting story to watch.

Had much difficulty to wake up Saturday morning. I decided to continue with my morning engagement, although it's so expensive now and Carl is not joining us anymore. There's many things that made me wanna stop. One was being able to just go out happily on Friday night and not having to wake up early on Saturday, another was the fact that many people I knew, like Carl, wouldn't be there anymore. Then I thought, I started this with a goal and an objective and so I have to be committed to this. This is something that I do for myself and I shouldn't disappoint myself. I want to be good at it and so I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes me?

I haven't heard from the Mr again since the last message I got. I pretty much in need to hear him right now because I think he would understand me and perhaps encourage me. Need him more because I had a talk with Mr. A this week and he said I was too uptight and over analyzed thing. He thought I needed to get laid *sigh* I think he's pretty disappointed that I shut down something that made me happy. But Mr, you would think that I did the right thing. Tell me that *sigh* Unfortunately the right thing isn't always the happiest thing to do.

Bought a book on Saturday. It's A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earth-bound Travels in the Far East by Tiziano Terzani. Un italiano. I saw this book back in December but didn't think much of it, but suddenly I had the urge of buying it. I was almost afraid that I couldn't locate the book because I didn't remember what the title was and what the author's name was, except for the fact that he was Italian. The book wasn't at the place where I saw it in December, but I found it anyway. I like to call it as fate The book isn't a fiction. A fortune teller in Hongkong told this writer not to fly in 1993. He was a journalist based in Asia, so imagine how this piece of advice was really constraining for him. I kinda wished the book is about him saying the hell with the fortune teller and proved it all wrong, but he heeded the advice and this book told his stories of traveling all around Asia and also Europe by land and sea. You can imagine how interesting the stories from this travel can be. I've only read the first chapter which was pretty much the introduction. I found out that the writer had actually passed away in 2004 because of a tumor. It actually made me kinda sad. Anyways, I think I needed answers, answers about my life and a book is perhaps a wrong place to find those answers. I can imagine many people out there saying I should go out to the world, meet more people and such and such. However everything happened for a reason. I bought an unknown book because of the title, I like to think that perhaps the universe is nudging me to see something and somehow I'll find and understand something. I wish for courage though. I need courage a lot.

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A Series of First

Decided to take an afternoon off for a much needed break. Been wanting to watch lots of movie but the people whom I asked to, just weren't interested or just didn't have the time to accompany me. I have to remind myself to stop being desperate in asking people to accompany me. Remember Eka, you can do things on your own and isn't it fun to watch a movie on your own?

There's actually quite a number of movies that I want to watch and as such I was really wondering if I should squeeze in 2 movies today. Vinny said yes, it's fun, a movie marathon. Osh said yes, I should give myself a break, and 2 is nice, binge but not overly done So in the end I did. I went for The Darjeeling Limited and then I had around half an hour window before Michael Clayton. It felt rather sad that I didn't even have time that I had to squeeze 2 movies in 1 day. Like the many things in my life recently, I'm really in a rush mode. However, I do feel good with the efficiency in which I carried this task Anyway, I think this is my first time watching 2 movies in 1 day. I tried to remember if I had done it in my uni days, but I don't think so. Mom thinks that I'm nuts but I love the fact that I'm doing something for the first time. Hope such things will happen more often this year. Doing things for the first time, I mean.

I love The Darjeeling Limited. Obviously it was done before Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. I hope he is feeling better now. Owen Wilson was just the typical Owen Wilson in this movie. I found his character to be quite lovable. All the 3 brothers in this movie actually really had their own charm and charisma and I don't think that anyone shadowed the others. I must say, Adrien Brody is handsome. Love him! Story wise, I found it to be really good though some people may find it weird. I love how the story developed. I love the chemistry between the actors, their quirkiness and the silly things that happened in the movie (there were many) as well as the sad ones. I do recommend this movie to all of you, if you want something different. It's not really a mainstream taste but I don't think it's that hard to digest and enjoy.

Next up was Michael Clayton which I watched because I think I've read good review about it and because I think George Clooney would have chosen something worth working for. Hmmm ... I found this one would be harder to swallow than The Darjeeling Limited. I think it wasn't bad but I can see how many people would think that the movie is boring. George Clooney was of course a good actor. There's Tilda Swinton there. I found her to be fatter in this movie. She was also a good actress. Again playing the bad guy and again being so good at it that I disliked her from the beginning, even before her character did anything. The story was not too complicated to follow basically, however the conversation could be quite difficult to follow, at least for me. If you want something heavy, then you can go and try this movie. I don't find it to be particularly brainy but it is very very serious. I don't think there's much fun in it.

So that's the movies reviews. Finally heard something from the Mr today. I miss him. Glad to hear him, that means he's still alive. He had such a timing though. I'm now gonna tell you another first that I did. Darn, I am nervous as I am writing this. I do not know why I bother writing this though, because I kinda hope my cousin will not read this so that she will not be asking questions to me. This will come as a shock to many people, I think they too will be asking questions to me. I think only 2 people in my universe know what exactly I'm talking about and one of it had received the full story. So with me not wanting to be interrogated, why bother writing it down? I guess because I can and because I should say what I want to say and sometime writing it down makes things clearer.

So yesterday, for the first time in my life I told someone I like him. Yes, I did. Are you screaming "Oh My God!!!" and "Who???". It didn't matter. I had wanted to say it since last month if you remembered the third post before this. I had already wanted to say something when I felt things were going hazy. Finally I did because I just have to, because things have to be cleared and defined. So since I had planned to say it, I had given thoughts on how to say it, the sentences to say, but when it happened, it didn't really come out as I had planned it though I think I got the point across. I think your next question is "How did it go? How was it? So?". Well, the reason why I told him because I needed him to understand how I see what we are and we do see what we are differently. It's not about me saying how I feel and hoping that he feels the same. It's more about how to deal with us when I obviously have more feeling towards him now. The conclusion was ... I don't know, maybe I don't understand. There's no conclusion, I guess. He said okay and told me to do as I please. So I guess the good thing is that now he would understand why I do what I do.

I don't really know how I felt after I did it. Is it relieved, happy, sad? I don't know. Anyway this got me thinking that I have to do another first, to say I like / love you to the right guy, a guy who is really for me He said this will only make our friendship stronger. I am skeptical about it but maybe he is right on a certain degree. Maybe we are that good friends that I felt okay about telling him how I feel. Kinda sad that certain things will end but all these stupid sad feelings are the reason why I have to end things and be more logical and perhaps practical about it.

Allora, buonanotte tutti!

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Stories from Home + The First Week

Hello people. I'm back. Landed at 11 plus last Sunday night and it has been quite a first week. Before I get to that, let's talk about home. This is going to be a very very long post.

Home was okay, I suppose. My brother has moved permanently back to the house so that was unexpected for me. Met the new niece, Mikaela, and she's small. I think I haven't been around babies for a long time, especially newborns that I didn't realize how small and fragile they are. She was most of the time asleep of all the times I saw her. Can't wait to see her bigger and moving instead of lying down.

Met with the girls of course, though it was only 1 dinner with Emilia. Went with Marlisa and Dewi to a few places which were new to me. I felt how different things are now that all are working. We got to eat in restaurants instead of the usual cheaper places. Of all the places we went, I was delightfully satisfied with 2 places, Death by Chocolate and another one which I think its name was The Honeymoon Dessert. We also went to watch a movie, which we don't normally do. Actually the term watching a movie didn't really apply because we ended up watching different movies. We went to the Blitz Megaplex at Grand Indonesia, which reminded me of The Cathay in Singapore. I'm glad that they took my ideas. It was on a Monday so it was so much cheaper at Rp25.000, which is around S$4. On any other day, it costs Rp 40.000, which is I think less than S$7. I kinda think it was expensive for an Indonesian standard. Sometime I think things in Jakarta are expensive, comparable to Singapore, a sentiment that Osh also shares. It's worse because you don't actually earn much in Jakarta.

Anyways, back to the movies. I wanted to watch I Am Legend and Dewi wasn't leaning towards that, so she and Marlisa watched National Treasure. I thought I Am Legend was okay. It didn't make much impression for me, I wonder if it's because of the noisy other audiences which at one point I had to tell off. I thought Will Smith was cool though. In then end I did watch National Treasure again with my brother (yes, I think everyone was shocked hearing that) and my cousin, Lisa. I finally understood part of the movie. I finally heard that Nicholas Cage actually exclaimed, "The debt that all men pay is: DEATH". Things made sense then. I still loved that movie. Why I ended up watching it was because the options were that, I Am Legend, Mr. Magorium, and Bee Movie. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to watch Bee Movie so I chose National Treasure instead.

I also had a haircut, which was shorter and surprising for many people. My first 2 days back in Singapore was all about the hair *sigh* Everyone was looking at me. The funniest comment was me being so different, like another person, and yet I sounded the same, and the guy felt totally weird about it. I didn't really like it a first, because it was short and weird for me, totally out of the ordinary. At one point, I felt like an indie boy. Surprisingly mom loved it and my cousin, Marlisa, thought it was cool. The haircut was quite expensive for my Indonesian standard at Rp150.000 but it was only 23.80 in singapore dollars. I have to mention that I really think things in Jakarta are not all cheap. It feels strange how my friends back home can manage their lifestyle. They carry 2 mobile phones, several credit cards, in which I pointed to Dewi, doesn't it feel like it's encouraging consumerism? My mom pointed that they don't have rent to pay, hence they can manage that lifestyle. I don't know, maybe things can be cheap there, it's just it feels expensive for me at the surface. Dewi did point out that she didn't carry that lifestyle of eating out in restaurant much, only on occasions like when I'm in town. We did have grown as she pointed out, from our teenagers day of not having much money and having to save pocket money to eat at KFC to now, being able to eat at more expensive places. I hope all of us will continue to be prosperous.

Other than with the girls, I didn't really go out much. Love the food at home. Mom and dad seemed to be doing okay. I actually did a medical check, and it was scary when the result came. Like I was waiting for an exam result and I never got nervous about that except in my university days. I was scared because if something was wrong with me, my mom and dad were sure to scold me. Being 20 something, I suppose to be healthy. It was nerve wrecking when my dad went through the result. Surprisingly my sugar level is normal and my cholesterol level is desirable However I may have a kidney problem and my thrombocytes count was above normal, so it was kinda worrying. The doctor I went to asked for a follow up check but I didn't go through with it. I will do it again, but I just didn't feel like doing it anytime soon. I just want to ignore it for now.

What else there is to say. There are things about Jakarta that I do not like. I hate that it's not feasible to travel around but people may argue it's because I haven't tried busway. I hate that it worried me when it rained because we were all waiting for flood. I hate it that running water in my house is difficult, but I guess it's just my house. Dad finally got the pump (I think that's what it's called) fixed, but on my last day! I hate what's on tv, I think the majority of it are junk. Infotainment still rules. The newspaper wrote that there are 210 episodes of infotainment programmes a week and I think that's correct, with around 10 tv stations and 3 infotainment programmes a day, every day of the week, well you got those unnecessary news of who's getting a divorce, who broke up, as if they are so important. Over and over again. It's stupid but I actually watched them *sigh* Since we are in the point of unimportance, can I say that I really don't like Ahmad Dhani. I think he's actually exploiting his kids to portray how good he is. I also felt that one of his music video with his band The Rock was pretty pedophiliac. It's just sick. Indonesia has a really weird censorship system.

However I did enjoy Supermama Seleb Show in Indosiar though I also say that this show is brainless. It's a live show which featured non-singer celebrities competing in a singing contest with the support of their moms. They started with 5 contestants and that 5 contestant can get an hour of airtime though they only sung for 5 minutes or so. The crazy comment from the commentators and the funny brainless interaction with the hosts are what made me glued to it. I told mom the fact that we can get an hour of content without commercials also made it a good watch. So with each contestant getting around 1 hour, that programme actually lasted around 4-5 hours. Starting at 6 pm and finishing sometime after 11 pm. Yes it is nuts. It's a live show, mind you. I haven't really watched it from start to finish myself. Regardless of it not being of much quality (my brother rolled his eyes when my mom and I were watching it), I had a really good laugh and I liked it. Yes, Indonesia's tv stations are a thing of their own. You have all those things on tv, you have shows that made fun of our political figures, I wonder if those shows really help the country and yet at the same time you can watch english premier league and italian serie A matches and NBA games freely on tv. I think you can watch live football matches almost everyday. With Euro 2008 coming, the Indonesians will have a good time watching the matches.

The new year was a surprisingly nice one. Didn't have anything special planned. Dinner was at our front neighbour's house which started and finished early. I left earlier to watch some Indonesian movies on tv. Then suddenly I realized all the noisy sounds of fireworks and firecrackers. I peeked through the window, you can actually see the fireworks, so I went up to the balcony and you could see them lighting up the sky, left, right and center. I went up again to the balcony at around 11:30 pm and enjoyed it while trying to take some pictures. The rest of the family were already asleep though mom said she did see it through her windows. I was there alone with the oh so many mosquitoes, but I didn't mind, I was glad I got to enjoy it alone. I will put the pictures, but mind you it was difficult for me to take the pictures. I didn't know when and where they were going to appear. I thought it was pretty cool and awesome that I could see such view in the uninteresting (perhaps dull) Tomang that I live in. The only unfortunate thing was perhaps the tall houses around me that obstructed the view. We are all tall houses actually. At one point my mind actually wondered and thought that the fireworks sounds sounded like explosion. I wondered if that how it felt living in war zone and hearing explosion after explosion and how weird it was to be feeling safe from where you are. Yes, my mind is weird.

What other things to comment about? Indonesian movies? There are a lot of them and I also think that many of them are brainless. One of them which was showing in cinema had a title like Giving Birth in a Grave in English. Does it even sound interesting? If I move back to Indonesia for good, I would definitely miss Singapore cinemas. So many movies to watch here. There were some indonesian movies which were showing on tv and as much as I think as a whole they lack many things, but perhaps the good news was that there were parts of the movie which were amusing and nice, and some of the actors did give quite a good performance considering the weak stories that some of these movies carry. Let me share my experience watching this particular movie on tv. It's called I Love You, Om. With title like that, I seriously didn't expect much. I thought it was some cheesy love stories. I actually was a bit late watching it on tv. What caught my attention was when one of the character, a 12-year-old girl said "Om Gaza". A name which was familiar to me. So I watched the movie, which was about this girl falling in love with this guy, Gaza, who is around 25+, hence he was called Om and how this guy was also in the end falling for this little girl. How silly is that! Oh God, I was actually laughing and rolling my eyes when I was watching this movie. It was perhaps could have been a good one, if the story about this guy falling for the little girl had been elaborated more and the development of those feeling and relationship had been explored more. Being the typical Indonesian movie, there should be drama and there were many silly ones, but let's focused on the fact that Om Gaza finally died because he was hit by a car who was trying to avoid Gaza's ex-girlfriend's car. I was actually laughing on his dying scene despite of the little girl screaming "I love you, Om" It should had been a moving one, but with all the silliness, I was seriously laughing away So yes, that's one movie that they actually bothered to make. No offense to the actors, though I think that they could be better. I did think that the guy who played Gaza was interesting

*sigh* I really think my country is dysfunctional. It has so many problems and issues. When I'm here, I miss it, I want to be at home but that sentiments are so bias because when I'm at home, I am always on a holiday. So I do not have the stress that I have here. When I was there, I realize how frustrating it can be for me there, with the systems and all the dysfunctional things that they have but perhaps I can adjust. I am after all an Indonesian. With the many internal issues that Indonesia has, I think sometime it is so out of tune with the outside world. Many things are happening in this world and Indonesians are oblivious about that, and keep on being the Indonesians that they are. The same sentiments is comparable to being here and being in tune with things like the arts, advancement of technology, books, movies and such and yet these things are so unimportant with many social issues happening in the world, happening in countries like mine. The other day I was talking to Osh about how Singapore had made us too soft to face the streets of Jakarta and I also wondered if all the convenience here has made us such an easy complainer. Life in Jakarta is so much tougher but people do not complain about the long journey they have to take to work, about working overtime and getting the money that they get, about the buses being ugly, about the dust and pollution, about many things. They take it as part of their life and I feel I am not as tough as I thought I was.

Okay, I think I have said much about home. I will be back in less than a month for Chinese New Year. After that, it seems life as per normal here in Singapore. I seriously hope not so. Something has to change.

My first week back had been hell. For the first time on Friday, I stayed until 10:30+ at the park. It was really good to have Vinny and La Gioia with me. I had a good dinner with them and I think we deserved to be treated. Yesterday I went to the park again and actually spent a whole day there. Vinny came for a while. Then I sent my 2 helpers off at around 3 pm. I felt a bit bad for keeping them so long. After they were gone, I was alone and waiting for stuff, so I wandered around the space. Then I saw a picture of Astley on Ms.3L's desk. He was laughing happily with Ms.3L and somehow I got so sad and tears were actually forming. I saw the collage that Jean made and I wanted to cry. For the first time, I realized I miss him. I miss how the last time I was at the park on a Saturday, he was there. I had wished that he could be there yesterday. All this time I just wondered how he is, but now I do miss seeing him, talking to him, and hearing his nonsense. I had to get out of the room because I didn't want to end up sobbing and not focusing on the tasks at hand. However when I was at my desk, tears didn't stop to form. At that moment, Eric came. So I had to wipe my eyes and pulled myself together. I wondered if Astley knew about this and sent someone there, so that I stopped all this crying nonsense. I don't know, I was really tired yesterday and obviously mentally I'm not so well with all the things that I have to endure this week. I had a feeling that something is still wrong but what can I do about it. I hope this coming week is a better one.

Okay let me leave you with fireworks pictures. They actually came up small, but I cropped it to focus on the nice explosion and they also received some colour treatment. Ciao!

PS: I do hope ex president Soeharto can die in peace. I think his time is soon though I hope not so soon. I wonder if what MM Lee said on tv would soften and remind Soeharto's many critics that our ex president wasn't all that bad. I kinda pity him, to be so sick like this and being mocked by people. I think people should acknowledge him more and give him the proper respect.

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