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Hey ya there Finally I decided to give in to the error in my shout box and use another code to display it. First let me explain. People who didn't know thought that I coded the shout box myself, sorry I'm not that smart. I got my shout box from They give 2 types of code, one will display your shout box in an inline frame and the other one without a frame. I've been using the one without the frame, because I just like it that way I don't know why, the codes for this shout box without frame are giving errors. It doesn't happen to me alone but also for other people. So after trying to fix it, I resort to waiting, maybe the people at will realize that and try to fix that, but perhaps they are so busy with things that they don't have time to look into this matter and so finally I give in and change the code to the one using the inline frame. I'm still hoping that I can get back to using the one without frame but at least for now all the messages I got can be displayed.

Okay,a little thing about Well I think they are the first Indonesian website to offer free webtools for people to use in their websites. They have a lot of interesting things to offer and I am so amazed. Doneeh himself is I think only 2 years older than me, so actually I'm pretty embarrassed that I can not do as much as him. I must say I truly admire the people at They're very creative and dedicated and I think they truly make a breakthrough in Indonesia for being able to bring these free services to the people. Nothing in this world comes for free and so the cost from bringing the services for free have been straining them and right now they are relying on people to give them donation. I do hope that they manage to raise enough fund because it will be such a pity to see this website stop giving their fully appreciated contribution

Went to NUS yesterday to return some CDs to Vivy. We ate dinner in NUH. That place is where my love grows If you want to throw up now, you can But truly ... *sigH* I'd better stop talking now Anyway, NUH looks different now, but the food are still great. I had a great dessert I actually ate quite a lot yesterday but it's okay right? I don't have enough meat in my body Take care people

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Went to the zoo yesterday. It looked different from my last visit. The ticket counter looked much better and the animal spring that Roy and Renny rode on last time were not there anymore I got to go inside the zoo kitchen, where they keep and prepare the meal for the animals and as much as it was so smelly, it was very interesting. When you go to the zoo and see the animals, you don't really think as much as what are the works involved in preparing the meal for the animals. Getting to know what happen behind the scene was interesting. Normal visitors are actually not allowed to see the kitchen, but since I was traveling with such a special crowd I got to see all of that. Honestly this time around I got to see so much more of the zoo than my last visit. Got to see the polar bear and the penguins and so much more animals, but didn't get the chance to see the kangaroos. I remembered last time visiting the zoo with Roy, he repeatedly told us not to attempt to put our hands inside the kangaroos' pocket. Alrighty, we heard you Roy You know when I'm in the zoo, I always have this thought in my head, how my dad would enjoy all of this.

Shrek 2

Yesterday I was exhausted, but it didn't stop me from going to watch Shrek 2. I was too lazy in asking people around to watch it with me, so I decided to go on my own. Been doing a lot of things on my own now, since I find adjusting with people can be such a hassle and in the end it only makes me unhappy Anyway Shrek 2 was good and funny. Maybe I was so tired, I didn't laugh as much as the first one, but the sequel is really is a good one. I'm pretty much impressed with all the details. The detail in the story as well as in the animation. Story-wise, for example: there's a poster of Sir Justin in Princess Fiona's bedroom in the castle You gotta know what's going on to find this to be extremely funny From the animation point of view, I guess they just managed to put more details in the character, the view, the facial expression; it's all so cool. If you're gonna watch it, stay on until all the credit titles. I didn't really stay on much, I only managed to watch 1 extra clip, and it was a good one. I don't know if I had missed much of the other clips. Yesterday in the MRT station, I think I saw someone. It's too weird. The person looked different but somehow I was just pretty sure and I think the person might noticed me too. Maybe I was wrong but seriously the first thought coming in my head was that it's just all too weird. Too weird! I wonder what will become of me *sigH*

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Sungei Buloh

I went to Sungei Buloh yesterday for a field trip and yes there is a river in this place . Sungei Buloh is located in the north west of Singapore (if my sense of direction doesn't fail me ) I finally kinda understand about the name of the place. Initially I thought Buloh is just a name, but after reading several things, I found out that Buloh is a Malay word for a part of a bamboo tree. See in Indonesia we call it buluh, just like in the song Layang-Layang...Ku ambil buluh sebatang, ku potong sama Sorry I can't give you the full lyrics of the song, since I don't know what they are. I know the song but I think I'd never learned it in kindergarten. Maybe my teachers thought that we, city kids studying in a private school, will never be interested in playing a kite or even make a kite on our own Yeah, it's not easy to find buluh in a city. Anyway, the field trip was interesting, I saw some things that I've never seen before. I saw monitor lizards and I know it's kinda silly and stupid of me to admit this, but when I first saw it, I actually thought it was an alligator or a komodo or something dangerous and that's why I was surprised to see people approaching it without hesitation. Then I also saw mudskippers. I have never heard or seen them before so I don't really know what they are or what they are called in Indonesian. They're kinda cute and their homes are pretty interesting. There were also crabs and again very silly of me. I was expecting big crabs, like the ones we can eat, but the crabs there are the small one, cutie ones There were lotsa mosquitoes and I know that I'm just prone to mosquitoes bite. In Indonesia, I think they say it's because we have sweet blood that mosquitoes like us I remembered my biology teachers in my first year in high school talking about mosquitoes, how the ones that we meet in the city are nothing compared to the ones out there in the wild. For example the mosquitoes that bit me yesterday actually left me red spots which will stay for a few days. This red marks that they gave me will still itch from time to time So this is different to the so called city mosquitoes which will only make you itch for some minutes. Nevertheless, the trip was interesting. We should know this kind of things and have appreciation and respect for nature and try to conserve whatever little piece of nature that we have for future generation. I know my statement sounds so "official", right out-of-the-book type, but I truly feel so

Met several people this week. Accidentally met Nyile on the MRT on Thursday. I guess I often do things which lead to so many coincidences. Last Thursday I got in the MRT from a normal door, like any others, but I felt that I just needed to walk to the centre of the train. As I walked Nyile saw me and we talked a bit. See, if I hadn't walked to his side, I may not have noticed him. Then on Friday, I went to NUS again. Met JTG and then had dinner in Science with Vivy. A lot of stalls had closed so I couldn't really choose much. Then today met Felis, JTG, Malvin, and Yongki in church. Everyone seems to be doing okay.

Today, I read Today and I read a name that I know. The name of a guy who was once in the same group with me in one of my assignment in my 1st semester in NUS. I know that people may have the same names, but it just seems to add up, and my feeling is telling me that it's him (my feeling is rarely wrong). The news was about the guy who died when his plane crashed in USA recently. Apparently this guy that I know is a good friend of that guy. So I'm feeling slightly sad about the whole thing now.

Watching Criss Angel now, man! The guy is scary. Too much darkness in him and I'm feeling scared seeing him. If I'm given the chance to meet him, I will pass. No matter how good he is, he's just too scary. I don't know why, I'm not feeling so well now. I just feel so tired. I hope I won't get sick, at least for this coming week. I just have things to do this coming week and they require lots of energy.

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WooHoo!!! Arsenal Won the premiership Unbeaten

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All the Pieces are Starting to Fall into Place

I was writing this because I was feeling so bored on Friday (14/05/04 - Morning) I just didn't know when I would have the chance to post it. My guess is: it would be on Saturday. By Saturday (15/05/04), hopefully my computer will be running nice and smooth. I had so much problem with my computer last week. Here's the chronology: Saturday (8/05/04) I accidentally took out my computer out from the NUS domain (nusstu), damn! I just found out that there's no undo once you did that So I restarted my computer and guess what? I didn't know what the administrator's password was. I tried all the passwords known to me but to no avail, I couldn't get in my own freaking computer. The thing is, I couldn't even recall that I had set a password for the administrator 2 years ago when I reformatted my computer. So, I tried to ask JTG (of course) but his handphone was in silent mode and he didn't notice my cry for help. Then, I asked Teddy and he gave me some links about programs that can help to reset the password or crack it or something like that. Luckily my brain managed to work a bit despite all the panic. I decided to go to Vivy. I needed the internet connection. So there, we were looking at the links and was about to burn it to a re-writeable CD when we found out that Vivy had no more CD R/W. We tried to ask from Donikon and we got Niko replying our message, and this turned to be a blessing in disguise. I told Niko what the problem was and perhaps he had dealt with this kind of situation before, he knew what to do. So he tried his own link, burnt the program for me, inserted it in my computer, reset my password and *wooHooo* we're all cool, baby. Blessed Niko ! I found him to be easier to talk to now.

I was just happy that I can get in my computer again So I tried to get online and it's just my karma, hiks Only a few seconds in the Net and I got infected with sasser damn! I managed to get it fixed on Monday. So I tried connecting to the Internet again. The thing is I can get connected, my ICQ was working and initially my msn was working too but I couldn't surf the Net, as in I could not open any website. I tried and tried and tried and tried, I even printed the manual but I just couldn't browse anything. I thought something was wrong with my computer because of what happened on Saturday (Note: all of my Microsoft office programs are not working and my hotbar is gone and I couldn't do the cmd command) I asked Teddy but he ran out of possible solutions. His last solution was for me to call the call centre. I sure hoped that they could help. I started to think that I should reformat my computer again (Hiks...I could not imagine that I should move house again within 2 weeks, although this time virtually). So I called the call centre and damn it! They charge for the call and I couldn't get through and when I actually got through I was a bit unaware of it but thank God, I snapped out of my mid-evening dream before they managed to hang up on me. It turned out I've been using the wrong proxy address. How the heck should I know that there's actually another proxy address and singnet is different from mySingtel, I wonder if they both have 2 different dial up services. But let it be...I'm online now, finally!!! *pHew* that's the most important thing. Then on Thursday Teddy gave me a solution for my inability to do cmd prompt. It's all cool now, thank God

So my last problem is my Microsoft office tools. It seems like they kinda lost their path or perhaps root, they can not start and I can not use them. I'd be going to NUS again on Saturday(15/05/04), to Vivy's, to reinstall Microsoft office. I was so happy being back in NUS last Saturday. I miss it so much, it was home, though I have to admit that I'm starting to lose the feel of it, like I have to dig in my brain to remember which internal bus to take and their routes. I had lunch in Arts Canteen, those who know me know that I always eat the same thing from arts canteen. There was a time back then (I think in my 1st year) that me and several friends would always go to Arts Canteen every Saturday for lunch, I think we would always go there at 1, because some actually still had class on Saturday I would always eat chicken teriyaki from the Japanese stall (my favourite food in NUS) and drink watermelon milkshake Last Saturday, I knew that I would eat chicken teriyaki but I kinda forgot about the milkshake, but when I saw the juice auntie, it just hit me and now it hit me again how in Science canteen, I would always choose carrot milkshake. Gosh! I miss all of that. So happy that I'll be coming back again this Saturday. Even better if I could see him *sigH*

The thing about NUS is, everything about it is slowly-slowly fading away. Like all the links I have are disappearing. For example: the recent drama in my life, my computer is out of NUS domain (well...actually, logically it should be out from that domain since I'm not in NUS anymore), and all other friends who are still there now are having their graduation ceremony soon, like Vivy, Niko, and Donikon. No more people to visit, no more reason to come back. Maybe this is finally good bye, hiks Should I like really forget everything about it "That one" I should really let go. It feels like back then when I was 18 when I first came here, everything was so new, no friends. There were cousins; at that time they were the only 2 people I knew in this country. Now, no friends(?), no cousins(?), but at least this place is not that new to me anymore. So help me God.

Addition: Friday (14/05/04 - Night)
Glad to see Rupert won the 1 million dollar from the viewers I did vote for him in, he deserves it Survivor All-Stars is the first survivor season that I managed to watch from the beginning to the end. Glad I could watch it all. Actually I was pretty sad back then to see some of my favourite players were being voted off. I particularly don't like Boston Rob, they should have voted him off long long time ago. In the end I sympathized the guy a bit, because he proposed to Amber. So it was kinda sweet, still I don't really like it that they came out as number 1 and 2, oh's all over.
Then American Idol, La Toya was voted off. Well...I don't feel particularly sad even though I really think that she's a very good singer. I just had a feeling that she would be in the bottom 2. I just thought that she'd be there with Jasmine, I didn't expect that she'd be there with Fantasia. But Jasmine herself is quite different. I just have this strange feeling about her, like she can actually make surprises. Maybe this was the surprise my senses are hinting me, but who knows. As good as Fantasia is, she just has a very particular style which may suit only a group of people. Jasmine is more "normal", well people may call her as lacking in personality but she's just okay, I guess and sometime being okay is the best I'm talking non-sense here Anyway, Jasmine reminds me a lot of Lea Salonga, the same type of voice and style in singing.

Addition: Saturday (15/05/04 - Night)
Managed to went to NUS again today, ate lunch with Vivy in Arts. A really nice guy waved at me He really is a nice guy, otherwise he wouldn't take the trouble to wave at me Then saw another guy on my way to Kent Ridge Hall. Wow...That was unexpected, but I'm pretty thrill that it happened...Wish it had been him though I am asking for too much On my way back, met Copp3r on the bus but didn't talk to him much because I was alighting at the next bus stop. He was looking rather "gembel" I told him straight up, I think he can take the joke
Talked to mom just now, she kinda hung up on me because my cousin was there, I don't really know for what. Still, I did manage to have a nice conversation with mom Indonesia lost from Denmark in the Thomas Cup semi...That was sad By the way, the new layout from is mighty fine

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