Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Tough, it's been a tough week for me. If I have been more superstitious and crazier, I would have thought people are jinx-ing me, but I don't think there would be people out there who bother that much about me to try to jinx me. Anyway, certain things have been happening this week, which may not be so depressing for some people, but for me, I just wanna go home. Even this Saturday started out with an unfortunate event *sigH* The title of the post didn't mean I want or ready for more stupid things to just come and hit me, but I foresee that things will just come. Help me God.

The whole thing that happened this week got me thinking. Some people would say if you don't like the situation, just go and leave, why waste your time there. I'm thinking if that's not considered running away? Is it not running away? Shouldn't we just suck it up, the difficult and annoying situation? If leaving is an option, if in any difficult situation we just choose to leave, well I don't feel that's right. Some people would argue "Why not?". Life's too short to be spent trying to make things better/work in the expense of our happiness. There ought to be something wrong with my head, I can't escape dilemma.

Had an short small talk with Boon Kiat in msn last night. I was being crazy that I just blurted out what was in my head (i.e: in my msn nickname). I supposed he might be quite shocked and on the same time interested in the whole talk. Oh yeah, I often find God to be amusing/funny in His way of showing me things. What is it God that You want to say when You showed me that name? Was it nothing? I miss the feeling God, HaHa Give it to Boon Kiat too, if You're planning on giving some treats

Indonesia is in the spotlight again over the sentencing of an Australian woman who were caught in Bali smuggling drugs. I'm kinda worried with the whole reaction by the Australian, which in turn will trigger reaction by the Indonesian. I just fear things will go down ugly. The 20 years in prison sentence was kinda hard, but according to the court, she was guilty. I may decide 7-10 years. Goodness, being in Indonesian prison must be scary, imagine being there 20 years, but hey I'm not the judge. The judge must have had examined the whole situation thoroughly to come up with that decision. If I remember my moral education back in primary school, the judges are responsible to God for every sentencing they make. That's huge.

*sigH* better stop now, wrote this around 1 pm, but most probably going to post it later tonight. I'm so lost. Always feel that and still feeling it, so...so I don't know what to say.

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.that 100-Million Dream

Some days ago, Meylyana dreamt that I won 100 million. Of all people, she was given a dream about me, about something like that. Anyway, so I was wondering what that dream could possibly mean, though so silly as some people may say. I don't know if it has anything to do with the dream or not (No! The people who said I was silly would shout) but I lost something recently. Lost, not because I misplaced it or something like that. Really lost as in being taken away from me. Not really a big deal or very precious thing, but just as so many things in my life, I just found it to be quite sentimental. Since my mom said not to talk about it anymore, so I will just stop.

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Space...Space....40 GB of Space

First off WooHoo, Arsenal won the FA cup I, of course, sadly didn't watch the match so didn't know how it went though I heard MU was much better. I just feel happy that it's Arsenal who won after always being beaten by MU in their last few meetings. It was the only chance of getting through this season without being a total loser for both of the clubs, but there can only be 1 winner and I'm glad that it's Arsenal. Hmm....I guess I have really become an Arsenal fan

On the title, space...so much space...40 GB of them (okay, actually 37.3 GB), finally!!! I think I once told you guys that my laptop is like a house, when I want to format my computer I feel like I am moving house, well, now I feel like I just have a new piece of land. So happy, so happy. Moving my stuff really takes much time, one of my song folders took almost an hour to move. So after all the moving, C drive has 617 MB free space and D has 5.33 GB. I was expecting more free space off my C but I guess I just have too much programs in my computer. My new piece of land, well, I have 30.5 GB free space. Reminiscing of what this space can do for me when I was in NUS, all those movies yet to be watched, all those songs yet to be heard, all those episodes of friends, charmed, band of brothers, alias, sex and the city and many more. I miss NUS network.

Had an interesting talk yesterday. After so much being told and said, we still have things to talk about, things haven't been said and told. Awaiting for next time, when I will try the soto instead of the chicken, or should I try the mie ayam? Watched Chocolat again last night. It's a really nice movie. I remember first time watching it, I was impressed with the whole story. Yesterday what caught attention was the speech the young priest gave at the end of the movie, something about the measurement of the goodness in us is not all about what we do not do, what we do not include, but also about what we do, what we include in our life. Interesting and true. Still would like to say, Johnny Depp is cool. Really looking forward for Charlie and Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Someone asked me this (you know who you are, I supposed you wouldn't like to be disclose or should I give your nickname?): What's the first thing in a guy that will attract me?. I know I can just answer that to him but let's have something interesting written here *Eka, no shame* Okay, first of all, of course the guy should be interesting. First impression is important, when I first meet the guy, I should feel that the guy is friendly!!! He must be interesting, not too giving enough that I should want to get to know him more. Oh yeah....please...it's not always first sight thingy for me, please! I thought the last guy was kinda a snob in the beginning, but it turned out he was nice in times of his trouble, HaHa Actually can tell a lot from the way the guy talks, from the way he presents himself. So that first impression is important for me, especially since I feel that I can sense certain things upon meeting a person for the first time, if he/she is nice or not. I usually can know if I'm gonna like the person or can get along with the person or see that person can be a problem and yeah always come true eventhough I ignore these 'feelings'. The guy must not be snobbish and I guess it's just nice if the guy can be at ease, can make jokes and can talk quite a fair bit (not too much and no nonsense). I guess girls like happy and funny guys who can make us laugh *sigh* I feel the answer is not satisfying enough. In term of physical aspect, give me a tall and skinny guy with good looking face, I will most probably look twice *Eka, no shame* Okay before, I embarrass my self more, better stop now. Gotta play in my new space Acknowledging that Glenn Fredly and Usher are so good

Happy Vesak Day, Buddha Bless you

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Ian the Dolphin Trainer

Was feeling quite dizzy some hours ago but thank God I am okay now. So the title I'm gonna talk about Ian, the dolphin trainer, from Survivor Palau He's one of my favourite player there, him and Bobby Jon. I think both of them are handsome Ian is more of my type actually, the tall skinny guy Anyway, Ian didn't win. He was in the 3rd place. I actually think he's a smart player. He actually knew what's going on and managed to be in control of the game. When they were down to 6, he managed to sense a shift of power and gained control of the votes. I was so impressed and happy with his move, because otherwise it would have been a typical blindside move on the ones who thought they were dominant. Towards the end, he was a bit strange because he was considering of getting rid of one of his friend, Tom (who is the eventual winner). He was thinking for his own ass and he was judged so badly by Tom and Katie because of that. It's survivor, the whole purpose is to ensure your survival in the game, though personally I wouldn't be so mean to my friend / alliance. In the end though, Ian, gave up his chance for the final 2 to ensure that Tom would bring Katie to the final 2. I was sad because I wanted to see Ian and Tom in the final 2, it would have made a better finale. However, I think Ian must have really wanted to do it. Letting go a million dollar just like that is kinda hard to swallow. So, he really is a nice guy. He's more concerned in redeeming the friendships that on the verge of dying than 1 million dollar. I don't understand though why he's so close to Katie, unbelievable. I was kinda enjoying all the negative comments (many of them were rude and mean) from the jury to Katie in the last tribal council. She should have been more humble. She should have understood that she's there on the basis of the kindness of other people. Anyway, back to Ian. The one thing that kinda bother me about Ian is that he cried a lot! Oh well, he maybe cried 3 times during the whole time but I just have difficulty in dealing (or seeing for that matter) a guy cries Well, gonna miss him. Funny, in the first episode I was so surprised that this guy could actually swim so fast and it turned out he's a dolphin trainer, what an interesting job

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Stupidity = Me

Posting this post will remove one post that I felt was quite momentous. So...Read it here to find out Anyway, today went quite well and actually it went nicer than I had anticipated and I am so thankful to God.

Indonesia is actually having a contestant for the Miss Universe 2005 pageant, which I think is good for her. She actually looks not bad, I think she's better looking than Miss Singapore But her english is so bad that I can die. I hope she can go far but I really think her english is going to hinder her. She comes from the same hometown as my parents, aunts, and uncles. So as predicted they all like her Oh yeah, today is my SimSim's (father's younger brother's wife) 50th birthday (of course according to Chinese calendar). Anyway, I think they had quite a celebration there. When I called her, she was blowing her candles Hope I didn't spoil much. Many interesting stories from mom about home.

I finally have my passport It was quite a struggle to get it. I wanted to take a taxi to go to the embassy but the money in my wallet was around S$12 last Friday, I thought it wouldn't be enough. So I took the MRT. The plan was to take the taxi in Redhill. I arrived in Redhill around 4:30 pm plus. I was so afraid I was not going to make it because I thought the people there would want to close right at 5 pm so they would close the gate earlier to stop people from coming in. So there I was in Redhill, weather was freakin hot, and there's a couple waiting in front of me. From the look of it they had waited long and I was worried because there was no taxi in sight. I think I may have waited only for 5 minutes+ but it felt so much longer. Then a taxi came, the guy in front of me asked me if I was in a hurry and I said I was and he said I could take the taxi! My first reaction was "Really?!?". I was so amazed!!! I felt so blessed by God. I hope I said "thank you". I didn't really see the reaction of the girl. I was so in a rush, I really hope I had said thank you more than once. Anyway, reached there on time, thank God. Met Derry again The embassy was so empty, a huge contrast with their morning madness. Oh yeah, I still have complain about how the embassy runs things. I supposed to come again last Tuesday for the photo and finger print taking. In the form, it was written that it would open at 8:30 am, so like I told you last time, I planned to come early, before the gate was open. I reached there just about 8:30 am and I saw all these people were still queuing. Then I asked someone and it turned out...since last year, they have changed the start of their working hour to 9 am. The gate will only be opened at 9 am!!! My dear God!!! It's been a year, please...Can't any of them tell us that? I was so pissed. More upset when I found out that you actually don't have to pay upon submission. Ari only paid that day during the photo taking. I think the only reason I was forced to pay when I submitted my form was because I asked about it. That's me, stupid.

Another stupid thing was that I spent this week worrying for nothing (hence the title). I was so stressed out that last Friday after I left the embassy, I went to Takashimaya and ended up buying a book in Kinokuniya. Not just any book, I bought Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho. I thought, I'm stressed out, better get something to distract myself and the book seems to be able to give much comfort in difficult time. I've never thought that I would buy books like this, which in a way I think is like a self-improvement book, but I like the writer, so I thought what the heck.

*sigH* Today I realize I'm gonna miss some things so much, but it's like those things are really all behind me now. It will never be the same again. I will never get those things anymore but I can still get other things which are just as nice, right? Praying to God

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Passport for Alien

If you think that the title has anything to do with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you are wrong. I went to the Indonesian Embassy yesterday to renew my passport and up there in the wall in the notice board, was written: Passport for Alien as translation for Passport untuk orang asing. I, of course, couldn't help smiling Surely, I'm not the only person who think that the notice is silly. The fact that the notice stays is just mind-boggling. I don't know, maybe we are just being stupid Indonesians or maybe they just want to be funny Anyway, met a lot of people there. Nice coincidence. Met Trisna, Derry, Cindy and her friend. Then met this 1st year student from NTU, Ari, who generously lent me S$100. I was so panic that instead of breathing and making my way to the nearest ATM which is in Tanglin mall, I just asked the money from him, which I returned in less than half an hour, after eventually making my way to Tanglin mall.

This brings us to my complain about the Indonesian Embassy here in Singapore. I arrived there around 9 am plus. I knew I had to get there early because there are always so many people, but I thought I didn't want to be a moron who waited there in the front gate even before the gate was open. A moron, I should have been. There were so many people there. There even a queue to enter the embassy. Inside, it was so messy. My first thought was that it's so Indonesian. There were so many people and I'm so sure everyone weren't sure what's going on and what to do. To have our passport done, there were 2 counters. Each only had 1 person in it. 1 person was calling people to have their picture taken and on the same time answering people's questions. People were not sure if they have to queue or what the queue is for, where to take the form, what documents to bring, so they all just gathered around in front of the counter, trying their best to get the attention of the people in the counter. It was so messy! The 2nd person took in our form when our queue number is up. He would inspect what we filled in one by one and filled the things that we didn't fill. He would inspect our documents and then he made photocopies of our documents eventhough we already brought copies of them. All were done by himself so the time he needed for 1 person varied from 10-30 minutes. Imagine that! He was nice doing that for us, but just imagine that. The bottleneck in the processing and remember he still had to answers questions from people who gathered up there in front of the counter. Man! I just found it so inefficient and so unorganized. Can't they just put the form there in the queue area so that we don't have to ask it personally. Can't they just put a notice of the documents that need to be brought so that the people there don't have to answer all these questions. Another stupid thing was that in the web, it was written we could just download the form from the web and submit it there. What a lie. We still have to ask for the green form. Me and Derry had to do this, it's just stupid stupid stupid. Warning that there's no ATM within walking distance and that we should pay cash upon submission of form would also be nice. Gosh! I'm just pretty pissed with how the things work. My next visit would be this coming Tuesday to have my picture and fingerprint taken. I will really be kiasu this time and come there even before the gate is open, otherwise I will rot there again.

Okay, enough complain. Must stop complaining otherwise I will be sued for the things I said Anyway, it was a really nice surprise to meet people I knew there. Had an interesting talk with Derry. Trisna and Cindy looked nice and alright. One interesting person I saw there was Audrey, the Mauritian girl *sigH* only a few people would share my curiosity on why she's there. Well, I guess simplest reason is that to get a visa to visit Indonesia, I suppose. So many Indonesian people there, which is kinda mind-boggling, but come to think about it, if there are around 50-100 people coming to the embassy everyday to do their passport or other things, then it's not really that surprising. I am sure there are so many indonesians in Singapore, though I couldn't get the exact number. Anyway, one good thing out of this, is that I'm so happy that my documents are alright. I just gave them all that I had and luckily they seemed to be enough. If I had been missing something, I think I would have exploded on the spot

Little note. Met an interesting person this week, that as our conversation went on, I really felt like God was trying to say something to me. I think He was trying to tell me about being brave, humble (one can not be humble enough), and being strong. This got me thinking, it's really in God's plan about whom you get to meet in life, about the people that will cross your path. Though they may only stay in your path of life for a while but they may make much impact in your life, maybe even more that someone who has stayed longer in your life. So I guess, we should also try to give something to the people that we are fortunate enough to meet. Who knows, we might bring something in their life, we may trigger good changes in their life. That would be so cool, wouldn't it? To know that your presence in this world has a good impact on someone else's life. For me, that's just cool. I really hope I may be that good blessing on someone's life

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Fond - de - l'Etang

Gonna write this in points, because it is easier to keep track on things that I want to write.

1. Les Choristes. The title of the post means Bottom of the Pond. It's the name of the school in Les Choristes (for those who don't know or need to be reminded [again!], Les Choristes is a french movie). So the story is centered around this school for boys who are deemed as naughty, bad, and simply put the trouble makers, whose parents just couldn't take it anymore. There were also some orphans boys there. As usual, these boys felt like they were the outcast, like they were good for nothing and most of the people they knew also somewhat shared the sentiments. Came along this music teacher who I wasn't sure why ended up in this school (the story didn't really dwell on why he was there). It just felt like this teacher whose dreams was to write beautiful music finally had a reality check and ended up taking this job. On his first minutes in the school, he saw how the school keeper got badly hurt because of one of the students' pranks. He met the strict principal whose favourite phrase is one of Newton's Law: Action-Reaction. I personally like kind and nice teachers but I also understand that sometime you can not be that kind to students, especially these groups of boys. The movie kinda depicted how kindness from the music teacher won the respect of the students more than the strictness of the principal. I don't like the principal, my goodness, such a kiss-ass person. Back to the story, the music teacher then formed a choir out of these boys. The music teacher actually kinda reminded me of the movie Mr.Holland's Opus. Halfway in the movie, I was thinking if this just going to be the French version or adaptation of Mr.Holland's Opus. Glad to say that the music teacher's initial dream was the only similarity to Mr.Holland. In the end the kids managed to sing so heavenly that really as Cheryl said, the movie is heartwarming. The kid who played Pierre, the soloist, by the way, could really sing. Couldn't help smiling remembering that once osH said it's kinda freaky to think that boys can sing such high notes like a soprano (he might forget he made this remark when were talking about Vienna Boys Choir). That kid is kinda adorable, angelic face. But the cutest is Pepinot, I love him, glad that it ended up happy for him. The movie itself didn't really end as happy as movie can make it happen. I so wish I could speak French so that I could really understand all without having to read subtitles. I wish I could understand the lyrics of the song. One song that just jumped to me is Cerf-volant or the kite. Should I buy the soundtrack CD? Anybody wants to buy it for me? Fond-de-l'Etang, bottom of the pond, yeah I also feel that, a lot of time actually.

2. The girls' present finally arrived, I'm relieved. It's kinda upsetting though, that they always cite busy schedule as reason for not being able to meet up and just hang out. Anyway, sent Dagi's present last Saturday. Will take a while to reach her. I got her The Alchemist. I so like this book, bought it 4 times, and gave it to 3 people. Might still buy it again for other people Went for my usual reading times in Borders and Kinokuniya last Saturday. I'm so stingy, so many books that I want to read but I just couldn't make myself buy it. If anyone interested in getting me anything, can you please get me Paulo Coelho's books, anything except The Alchemist because I have that. I so want to have his Warrior of the Light. I also want the latest Potter book, which is coming in June. Was so lucky to get the last one for free from Dagi (she is so sweet), so please anyone...be as sweet as she is and get me that book when it is out

3. Chelsea won English Premier League *sucks* I wonder why I even bother to write this.

4. They say you can know a lot about a person from his friends. So true, had much online reading last Friday (so much boredom) and I kinda see certain things. Anyway, the friends that I would really advice you to seek if you want to know about me are my 3 best buddies (unfortunately they are in Jakarta). They are super nice people, kind, and funny, like me! Not much girls can be as good friends to me as them. I'm beginning to seriously feel it is easier to be friends with guys, and the nice thing with guys are, as much as they can also be difficult, they can be quite protective of you sometime. Still, my best-est friends are girls. I miss those girls.

5. Being a bitch, it turns out, takes practice

6. Had a nice dinner with nice people this week, so thankful to God for that. I'm okay people, I really am

7. Have so many chocolate in my drawer and yet I found myself buying more. Insane + Stupid.

8. Was asked to make up my mind, am I okay or am I sad? Sigh, the person should know that girls are fickle. Shouldn't be surprise if we say that we are okay and the next minute we said we are not, and no! we are just like that not only because of PMS. Anyway, was also asked too why girls like flowers. I don't know, can not speak for the rest of the species, because I know some girls who also think buying flowers are a waste of money since they do not last. Some girls prefer other things, diamonds and all I just like flowers, what can I say? They are just beautiful. God's creation are just beautiful and interesting, I suppose. Waiting for the time, when someone would actually get me a pot of Mimosa pudica. Don't know the name of this plant in english. I browsed for this plant once and they are actually sold online, in pot. I don't know if they are also being sold in pot in Singapore. Imagine that! It will be so much fun if I can have my own pot of Mimosa pudica. As much as I am a freak, I still find it embarrassing to just stop and kneel by the side of the road to touch these cuties.

9. I miss being at home.

kite dancing in the wind, please don't stop
flying to sea, flying to sky
a boy is looking at you
in the storm, you uplift your wings
don't forget to return to me

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