I have a slight craving of cheese, but to no avail, I can't seem to find anything to fulfill this craving. 2 days before 2004 and things just feel the same for me. Jakarta is not having a good time these few days and maybe for the next few days to come. Mom told me that flood was starting to creep in. If it continues to rain heavily, the people of Jakarta will be having a miserable start for 2004. I hope it wouldn't come to that. It rains so much in Jakarta and here in Singapore we just have wind, lots of them I want to be at home so badly *sigh*

Okay...What else do I want to tell. A friend told me that there'll be a reunion for my primary school. I was a bit sad hearing the news, because I wouldn't be able to come. I was already quite upset when my junior high school friends were having reunion for our batch. My bestfriends sent me the pictures, and I just wish that I could have been there. Watched oH Carol! just now. Gosh! Utt is just so gorgeous!!! I haven't been watching MTV for a long time, so I kinda miss him. He's just so handsome

On the sporty side, Manchester United is on top of the English premiere league. I've never thought they would be able to perform as well as before without Beckham, but I guess they're just an amazing squad and Beckham is just 1 person However what amaze me the most is Arsenal They are so good, they haven't lost any game! I wonder if they can keep this out until the end of the league. Even if they don't come out as the champion, they will still be seen as an amazing team because nobody manage to beat them. I hope I don't jinx them by writing this about them.

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HoMe ALonE 2

Yeah, I was at home again this evening, alone and was watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I also have a little story about Home Alone 2. This time my mom took my brother and me to watch the movie. But when we got to the cinema, it was jam-packed that we didn't manage to get any tickets. So my mom treated us for some hot dogs to relieve our disappointment. I kinda forgot how I finally managed to watch the movie.

Today is my bestfriend's big sister wedding. Her mom actually talked to me personally asking me to come to the wedding. I didn't go. Why? Well, I am here, aren't I? My mom didn't go either. One of her good friend's child (I forgot if it's a son or a daughter) is having a wedding too, so she's going there. Dewi said Emilia wasn't coming either, because she had other plan. Gosh! I kinda feel that this is another sign saying "You are old!". Who knows, maybe in 2-3 years time, it's my bestfriend turn to actually get married.

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Merry Christmas

have yourself a merry little Christmas
let your heart be light
from now on our troubles
will be out of sight...

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Hari Ibu

I actually forgot that today is Mother's Day (for Indonesian). I just realized about this when I was reading It's actually pretty weird that I can forgot about this, because on 22nd of December, it is also a day when my family make onde-onde. Well, we call it onde-onde, Javanese call it something else (so I was told once). It is a Chinese tradition, which unlike so many others, always fall on the same date: 22nd of December. In Chinese, I think it is called tang yuen. Well, I can't write it correctly just as I can't pronounce it correctly. I tried to buy some from the Dessert Stall this afternoon, but the Dessert auntie said she was not making any, and she told me to just buy the frozen ones in Fairprice. So I did that. I tried the ones with sesame paste filling. It was okay, but the soup that I made was crappy Dear God, How I miss my homemade ones. I actually like to help my mom shape the dough. The onde in my house is made from sweet potato and we don't like to add color to it. It's also quite small compared to Singaporean style because it doesn't have any filling. The soup is made from water + sugar + ginger + Javanese sugar (brown sugar or gula melaka as Singaporeans like to call it). This onde is just one of the food that I think, the best ones come from my house God! How I want to be at home right now. Okay, I better call home now.

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HoMe ALonE

Hmm...watched Home Alone today. This movie has quite a special sentimental value for me, that I actually look forward to watch it every Christmas, eventhough I have watched it for so many times, and as I watch it more, I actually think the movie is quite violent My first time watching it was the special one for me. See, all of my cousins and brother had watched it when the movie was playing in the cinema. I think my aunt took them all. I didn't go, because I guess I wasn't around when they were all going. Was I sad? Well I guess a bit disappointed but not really that sad and I guess I was kinda saying it was a good movie and wondered if I could watch it. And one day, my mom just asked me "Want to watch the movie?", You betcha! was my response (well, something like that). So my mom and I went to watch the movie, just the two of us. It's one of those things that my mom did that made me realize now how much she actually cares about us. At that time when I was 8 or 9, it didn't seem to be a big deal, but now...I mean, after everything, the housework and everything, she still cared enough to pay attention to me and took me out to have some fun. I remembered going home, feeling so happy that night. I was giggling in my bed, remembering the funny scenes from the movie It is weird that now, I feel that I am more attached to my mom than ever before, but everyday, I just realize how much she has done for us, for me. These few months, I guess I kinda make her worry about how I am. I am terribly sorry for that, but you know...she's just...she's just great...she doesn't expect anything from me. She just hope, I am in good health, have enough money, can eat whatever I want to eat, and be happy, That's all. I have so many things that I want to do for my mom and I'm kinda worried that I couldn't give her much...and it brings me tears to know that she doesn't care about all of that, she just wants me to be okay.

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Love Actually

I went to watch Love Actually today. I know that it was very late of me to only watch the movie now, many of you had most probably watched it weeks ago. I felt that I shouldn't watch the movie actually, because I'm kinda poor on money now But after watching the movie, I don't have any regret. It was such a sweet and romantic movie. I think it helped me to relax a bit. I guess all the individual love stories are really not that strong to be able to stand alone on their own, so it was a brilliant idea of the writer to intertwine the story to make the whole movie simply delightful. I don't really know which love story is my favourite. All was just so good. But I guess, the sweetest one is perhaps : Love as a Second Language. I think it was just sweet that they were thinking the same thing and sadly they can't really say it to each other. The movie was just transmitting love all over the place. I guess it's a real girlie movie and it's kinda silly actually; romantic relationship has never hold number 1 on the things I wish I can have, but after watching this kinda movie...well, one can't help wondering when my tall and dark handsome man gonna arrive Okay, enough said about my silliness. There were several scenes of the movie that I really really like, like the speech of the prime minister ("We are a nation of... Harry Potter!"), the dialog between Jamie and Aurelia after they both jumped to the lake, the sweet thing that Mark did to Juliet with the poster board (it was so sweet, thanks God, their love story was a bit rational), and many many more I recommended the movie to my cousin, Marlisa, I think she's gonna like it too. Her brother was right, Keira Knightley is lovely, but very skinny, I guess I'm recommending this movie to anyone who's willing to watch such a sweet movie like this (it's maybe too sweet for some guys)

General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed - but I don't see that - seems to me that love is actually everywhere
When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love

love actually is all around

Prime Minister David

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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is playing on TV tonight. The series was made a long time ago and yet they're showing it now. The first time I watched Band of Brothers was around 2 years ago. I was staying in level 1 and a half of A block, old Kent Ridge Hall (Why, is it level 1 and a half? Well, we actually call it split. You know how stairs usually have that one area of turning point? I'm having difficulty explaining this Anyway, they made that area bigger, so that they could squeeze in 3 single rooms and 1 double room and I was staying in one of that single room). Back to Band of Brothers, I am not a fan of war movie, and the first thought I usually have about a war movie is: it's gonna be boring, but I was pretty bored myself and I needed some entertainment so I decided why not give it a try with Band of Brothers (a lot of my guy friends were saying that it was very good). So thanks to NUS LAN and the person who was putting the series on the network (I forget whom, anyway Blessed it be) I was able to watch the whole episodes of the series. Scepticism accompanied the 1st episodes; I just wasn't sure that I'm gonna like it. It was still following the 2nd episodes, and the next, and the next, but I don't know why...I kept on downloading them and I always gave time for 1 episode before I go to sleep.

Why I was so fascinated with the series? Well...Not because of the guys you can hardly find any girl in 1 hour of the episode. I guess why I find the series so good is because the Band of Brothers. For me, it was something really really admiring. It's something that I hope I'll be able to experience in real life. I don't like the war, but in situation where your life and death is something you want to share for your fellow's just so moving, isn't it? And that is why, I'm gonna watch Band of Brothers again

First Episode: Currahee. David Schwimmer is in it. I'm not saying that he's a bad actor, but maybe I see too much Ross in him, that even if he was playing a totally different role, I still can see Ross in the character he played, and so I kinda feel that's a bit weird. He supposed to be a very strict guy and yet I can see the silliness and the goofiness in his expression. In the later part of this episode where he was actually in training combat with Easy Company, it was kinda silly and sad to see him not being able to make the right decision I kinda feel that's how Ross would react if he was in that position

And the conclusion of this blog is: Band of Brothers is a really great series. Salute!

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Christmas Shopping

I have only 1 name in my Christmas list, so is it hard to shop for 1 person? NO! However, the fact that the mall was jam-packed with so many people made my experience dreadful. It's Thursday! It's not even weekend yet! Why was there so many people around? I just wanted some peace to look around and take my time slowly browsing for the perfect gift and here and there I was surrounded by people I know that the mall is not mine, but I was just so shocked to see so many people on Thursday afternoon. Even the post office was full; I think the lady in the counter was going insane pretty soon. Maybe it was my mistake doing my christmas shopping 2 weeks before Christmas. Afterall for people who truly celebrate christmas, they would start shopping early December. Still, I thought shopping for 1 person wouldn't be such a hassle. Boy, was I wrong!

I don't usually send present on Christmas, I usually send cards. However since I've been staying in Singapore, it's just quite difficult for me to send cards to my friends who live in different places. I'm not sure if they'll be at home during Christmas. I remembered certain incidents during my Junior High...I can't tell you what exactly, it was pretty scandalous :P Cards just have such a powerful effect ;)

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This afternoon, I carelessly wounded my Winnie the Pooh with a hot iron. Hiks...I just wanted to iron the fella a bit, but the iron was too hot and I damaged his left ear as well as his upper left head. The wound, personally for me, was big enough that emotion was running a bit high on me. I wanted to cry and just go home. I'm not exactly a huge Winnie the Pooh fan, but my Winnie just has a great deal of feeling attached to it. So I was so sad and as I was looking at it and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over again, I just felt there's a smile there. My Winnie was smiling (well, he always does) and I don't know...there's a bit of comfort there and a bit of silliness too.

I sewed the holes...Thank God, in the midst of my mixed emotion, I still knew what to do. He's looking okay now, well...if you can call him okay...he's got more scar...but I guess, he's alright :'( I checked him out, before this he has gotten a fixed in his right nose and also in the other side of his left ear. These two happened not because of me, okay...He was just getting old; his nose too was showing sign of aging. *sigh* there's just so much things and emotion, my Winnie brings

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DeMaMilia VariTe MeTa

Dia selalu bisa melihat langit biru
Tapi aku selalu tenggelam dalam palungku
Dari birunya langit dia panggil aku
Tentu saja langit biru lebih indah
Dibanding dalam tanpa batas

Aku sering lupa, di sendiriku
Gelap menggapaiku menutup cercah sinar
Tak ada dasar menopang tumpuanku
Lalu aku mulai jatuh lagi
Makin dalam, aku takut

Saat bayangku lebih besar dariku
Kudengar suaranya lagi, waktu yang tepat
Aku ingat betapa birunya langit
Kembali dia telah menarikku

Aku bisa terbang
Bukan dengan sayap
Hanya dengan tahu aku bisa terbang
Aku terbang
Tak bisa jatuh
Dia tahu itu

I made this poem last month (I think...I can't remember exactly when). I wasn't sure that it's done. Then when I was reading it again today, I decided that it's done and so I thought of a title. The title is weird, but it has a meaning which I reveal only in my diary. So you just have to wait 'til I die to find out :P Anyway, the title is a sign of gratitude, that's all :) and this poem was inspired by people with great faith.

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I've Done It!

Yep, I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :D It took me almost 2 weeks, yeah, I know it is quite long time. But it was so good that I was taking it slowly so that I could savour it longer :P There's a feeling of satisfaction finishing another great story but there's also a lost...huaa...I'm gonna miss Harry Potter so much...Can't wait for June next year :P

Overall...The story was great...Lots of surprises. Even from the 1st chapter, there's already a startling revelation. I'm so glad to see more people get the chance to be Heroes....Awesome! The love story between Harry and Cho was fun to read too :P Of course the death of a significant figure in the story was quite sad...but I guess, after knowing who was casted for this character in the movie, I wasn't really all that sad. You know...when I read Harry Potter, I kinda imagined how the actors in the movie would say all the lines and do all the made reading Harry Potter so much fun...just imagining Rupert Grint doing Ron Weasley saying something funny or doing something stupid made me laugh. Yep...I am maybe crazy, but the story made me gasp, smile, laugh, and said "oH my God !!!!" a few times :P

There are though a few part of the story which is quite...well...quite tiring, I guess....The part when Harry spent the holiday in the was just tiring reading that. I guess the 1st chapter in every Harry Potter book is the most boring one to read...okay...he's miserable...get a move on! :P I guess, if there really had been a Harry Potter, what he would have suffered in the Dursley would have been much much worst than us who have to suffer the 1st chapter. Then another part was the Prophecy was not really that surprising, wasn't it? I was expecting something more, but that was just it.
Still, overall...the story was GrEaT....sImpLy aWEsOmE :)

"Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies, Hermione"

Fred Weasley

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