All Alone

It's crazy. I've been doing a lot of things on my own these few months. Been being alone in everything that I do and yet I remembered thinking some weeks back that I'm not completely alone and how I wished I could completely and totally be alone. I know that this shows that I'm mentally sick I guess even my father is getting worried about my anti-social behaviour. He told my brother certain things and my brother told me these things when he was here. Anyway, my senses are often right and lookie...I have the chance to be completely alone for about 5 days It's a real treat from God. I really do need this time to cool down and think, or perhaps not think at all. I just feel that this fact and thought of being completely alone has really lifted up my spirit. Especially after a bad Wednesday this week. I lost my right lens. Remember I told you that it was quite expensive. I'm still waiting for the new one. Supposed to get that on Saturday but it turns out I still need to wait until Monday. It will cost me S$80 Just thinking about it makes me so upset. That is S$80 went down the drain on Wednesday morning (literally I guess, though I'm not so sure what actually happened that morning).

2 weeks ago...
I actually wrote a post 2 weeks ago, but when I wanted to post it, the website was down. So basically I lost everything that I wrote. Managed to watch Spider-Man 2, 2 weeks ago. I squeezed in some time for it. It was okay, I guess. I think the next sequel will be even more highly anticipated after all the revelation in this 2nd installment. As much as the story is good, I actually think some of the scenes were quite cheesy
When I went home from the movie that day, I met Teddy and a certain girl in the MRT station The funny thing was, the girl's name was also Eka too. It was just funny when we were introducing ourselves. It was nice to meet them. I really do think God gives me people in time of need.
Part of my MSN nickname is: ...I'm trying to keep you in sight...even after all this while... 2 weeks ago I realized how true it was. 1 year on and I'm still a nutcase. Felis is my witness, or should I say my eyes. However crazy it is, I think my bestfriends, especially Marlisa, can understand my insanity. *sigH* I'm just crazy...I'm nuts!!!

Songs update...
Finally had the time to change the songs in my songs section. I've been wanting to do it since early June but just didn't have the time. Anyway, all of these songs are not new. They've been with me for so many weeks now. Some of them really took me quite an effort and patience to locate and download them. Time Enough for Tears from The Corrs was first heard months ago when I was watching In America, but I could only get a hold of it a few weeks ago. Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love was from Shrek 2. It took quite a patience, waiting for this song to appear in the Net. Linkin Park - Step Up took so many days and I found it in such an unlikely place but blessed it be the person who boldly put this song in his "account". I found the whole Hybrid Theory EP in his place. JC Chasez - Some Girls is...I think it's crap actually but I don't know why the song just kinda stuck in my head. It's quite sad that he's taking this direction for his music because I think he's the best singer in NSync. I think he's what happened if you combine Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake together. Crap! But I guess even crap can make it through sometime, example: Britney. The Calling - Our Lives has a guitar part (I think) in the start of their chorus which sounds like the intro that Sheila on 7 use for Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki...maybe it does sound alike or maybe it's just me. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You is very sweet I guess when I heard it for the first time I just found it to be very sweet and somehow can be very religious

A teacher and a student...
A student was quite upset when a teacher called his parent because he did not do so well on the subject that the teacher taught. This student confronted the teacher, asking her why she bothered calling his father. Temper flared out and what happened next this student was offering his cheek if the teacher wanted to slap him. In the end the student received a punishment. I was quite shock listening to this true story from the person involved himself. It totally opened my eyes to a whole new thing. It really made me think about things *sigH*
I just remembered, I was feeling so upset in Wednesday that I wasn't really in my good behaviour. Dewi reminded me that I should be the good and helpful Indonesian. She said something about I shouldn't forget the Indonesian value. I guess I kinda forget Pancasila being here for a long time. I should really be a good Indonesian *sHaMe on Me*

Broadband and 51...
Finally I gave in to the slow and money consuming dialup connection. I have a broadband connection now. My first day of being connected was like a really hungry person meeting food for the first time after a really long time. I just went crazy. I'd better be careful or I'll end up spending more money.
Eka is 51 now kg that is. So...depression and being broke could actually help you lose about 1.5 to 2 kg. Not really having a diet now, so actually I don't know how I'm going to reach 49 or 50. But I've been doing push up every night now. Hoping for a solid arm so that if I punch anyone, they will actually feel that it hurts
Okay, take care people. I think this will be the only post for July. I don't really have much free time these days. But Thank God, I can sleep more.

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