The Mr is So Nice

Must write that, must write this post as soon as possible or the Mr will complain. I've got Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince *yay* Even though it's not the American version, but still *yay* It's free It's the adult version, so now I do have an adult version in my collection. I saw that the American version are already out in Borders. I wish they can just go out on the same time as the UK's ones, here in Singapore. I promise that I will get the last book on my own, and I will get my desired American version Even though it's more expensive, but it's just cuter There are pictures inside it. Anyways, funny and nice things have happened regarding this book. Like a guy who was sitting next to me in the train reading the book, who reminded me a lot of someone, I felt so silly. Like Dagi who actually offered to get me the book, bless her soul And the most tempting one, someone actually left the book in a girl toilet this morning. I was so tempted to grab it, but I left it be. So muchos gracias (I wonder if I spell it correctly) must be said to the Mr *yay* Wait, he did tease me a whole lot before he actually redeemed himself But it's okay, I'm just so happy now.

One contemplation today: My normal code will have an if statement with so many conditions in it (all the || an &&). So I decided to change the "if" in a more programmatic manner. I ended up with 2 for loops and the code is so much longer. This got me thinking. Writing the condition manually may not really be programming, but you know, if you can do with less codes to write, if you can get away without the for loops which I know kills the computer more than the if statement, why don't you do so? I'm maybe really am bad in programming that I can have such thoughts.

On other not important things. This is kinda funny (ironic is actually a more appropriate word to use) for me (only me would understand the irony). Chloe makes me feel that she thinks I'm such an interesting person She's kinda funny. Really surprised with the Diddl diary that she showed me last night. We do have things in common. A girl with such a unique face. Her height made me envious. I think she can be a model, but I don't know if she will be allowed to. She's already living in the right place, well maybe she should get more urban I was thinking of writing about the other girl, but someday, 1 post just for her, for the one that sounds like eclair

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Is It Fantastic?

Just realized that my last 2 posts were posted in such a great timing: 10:10 pm and 09:09 pm. Not sure about this one though, I think this one will just have a normal time --> what's normal?

Been quite sick these last few days (after so many days in the state of "I'm going to get sick", that's so annoying), but managed to bounce back before it's gotten so much worse. The drugs are precious. Only have 1 tablet left and I didn't have the heart to drink it, gonna save it for worse time. So now, I'm settling down with weaker drugs. One of the great thing about getting sick and having to take your medicine is that I often got a really great sleep because of the drugs. Really make you want to take them more often.

Went to watch Fantastic 4 with Vivy today. Was kinda a last-minute arrangement. I think I once wrote that I'm done with all these superheroes movie, but the trailer for Fantastic 4 was kinda interesting, that's why I was interested in watching it. Not much can be said about the movie, some guys got superpowers, kicked the bad guy's ass, yadda...yadda...yadda...the leading boy and girl kissed and the bad guy maybe be back for the sequel. Let me see, what I don't like the most is when Ben, who is "the thing" (the one who looks like a rock, poor guy he couldn't turn off and on like the rest), who actually managed to go back to his original body, decided to go back being "the thing" eventhough most part of the movie was focusing on him and his feeling about all the changes. But I suppose they need him to make it to 4. I suppose this movie should just be taken as entertainment and yes, it was somewhat entertaining. Julian McMahon was so good in being evil, I don't know if I can buy it if someday he chooses a good guy character. "The Torch" of course so many people would say that he's the most interesting and fun and the coolest character, he is, but I do feel how he could really annoy people. Nothing much can be said about invisible girl and Mr.Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic, well, the guy supposed to be the leader, but I don't think he actually did much, he was kinda overshadowed by everyone else.

Anyway, the highlight of today's outing is actually the lunch with Vivy. Finally had the chance to eat the soto ayam. So satisfying and there are so many more that I want to eat. Ate or maybe drank things that I shouldn't take, because I'm sick, but I'm just satisfied. Still, I didn't tell this bit to my mom 'cause she's gonna scold me. She even showed some shock with me eating chicken, with all the hype about bird flu in Indonesia. I hope the Government can really control the disease. Kinda doubting their ability, but they must do so. Hmm...What else, turned down Dendry's offer for dinner this week, really sorry about that, was really sick. Then, I also turned down Oshie's offer to watch his choir sing today, citing sickness as the reason, but I guess I'm just plain lazy. Getting bailed again by someone *sigH* Nothing can be said but if we do meet, all expense will be under him. Cheerio people!

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First of all, can I just say, don't you hate this. You know how when you are on time for a movie and the cinema is showing 15-20 minutes of advertisements. I can take trailers but advertisements are just annoying. Then when you need that 1 break, because you are running a bit late, you just need that 10 minutes break, the cinema decided to show the movie on time. Man! I hate that, hate that! Maybe, it's just Eng Wah cinemas in Singapore who are on time, I guess I've been more late in their cinemas than any others.

Anyway, the reason for writing was just to tell all of you that I went to watch CRASH yesterday, and yes I was a bit late. What is CRASH? Many of you would ask. Understandable, not much trailers were being shown for this movie, and when they were, they were being shown only in Channel News Asia. Anyway, CRASH revolved around several characters living in LA (I think) and how these people crossed each other paths in one way or another. Cars took quite a center stage in the story. The movie raised issues on race, stereotypes, prejudices, tolerance, friends, family, everything from everyday life with its simple problems to more complicated issues, like: politics, illegal immigrants, corruption, and all. I wonder if the person who wrote the story is African-American because there were some interesting things being raised about what it's all about being black people in America. I feel the movie didn't try to convey any particular message, it didn't try to preach anything. It just tried to show these people and their lives, which I think are really they way some people in America really live. In a way, I feel it can open our eyes and heart that if we just see how similar we are despite of our very different backgrounds, we can see that we want the same thing in life, we want everything to be okay, for us, for our family. We're pretty much the same and we should come to get to know people from different background without being plagued by any stereotypes about them. I like the movie, it was interesting. I like how they told the stories, how they linked a character to another. The story was not just about any particular person, all of them had something to tell. So, with me being late, I was missing quite a piece in the story, I can only guess what happened. I think it's of importance to be there throughout the whole movie and pay attention, to really understand the whole thing. There were some moments that made me so relieved that it happened they way it happened. But I suppose the movie was not one that wanted to give happy ending, it was about making it real, and so there were very sad moments. There were no characters that I like the most, well maybe the locksmith, because I think he was the only really really good guy and thank God, good things happened to him. In the movie, a total jerk had a chance to be quite a hero, and a righteous guy ended up quite in a mess, so it's pretty interesting, isn't it? Quite sad also actually. Anyway, it's quite an interesting change to watch this type of movie, after being exposed to so many box-office type movies.

Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other

The latest Harry Potter book is out!!! I haven't seen it though. I think it's going to break my heart anyway, seeing it and not being able to get it. Can someone get me this book, PLEASE!!! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Please...please...please someone. Please someone get me the American version of this book, please. I wonder if God would actually grant this one for me We'll see.

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This Silly Wet Bird

A silly bird who attempted to build a nest of mud although it is soaked to the skin and tossed by the wind.
The rain finally washes away the nest.

Silly wet bird. Finally met a certain mr today and he's still tall. Wish I can still get taller, but dream on Waiting for the other mr to stop playing busy (okay, he is busy) to hang out. Hmmm...Some people may want to know what's up with the things written up there, but I rather not tell, kinda having difficulty explaining people what I believe, but I think I still have time before I come up with an official statement

Met Dendry also today!!! So glad for the happy encounter by chance (Is this correct? To write it like this). I have...been "missing" for a long time that I didn't know he's not wearing glasses anymore. Anyway, I think he's actually getting fairer though still skinny. But I suppose it's not dendryboy if he's not skinny

Bought some pisang goreng today. My mom, blessed her soul, when she fried the banana, it will normally end up quite dark but I always feel it's the nicest pisang goreng in the world. It is, because it's so much better than others, even though the others look prettier.

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Praise The Lord Almighty

I'm hearing St.Philips Boys Choir as I'm typing this. Got them from Vivy. Right now is on this song Praise the Lord Almighty, hence why I used that as a title. I don't really know what to use as the title. Honestly this post is of no importance, I just want to write.

Today, well, yesterday as I was looking at the bank statement which I recently got, I just felt financially poor and today I feel that again. As I had written before, it sucks! I don't need those clothes and shoes and books and so many other things that I want, but I do want them. It would be nice to have more money to just get things that I want, but there's a reason why I don't have them. I'm honestly not sure, as in I don't see it in my future that I will be filthy rich someday.

Days have been going okay, within control. Ooops, has it ever, thing is within control? But I guess what I mean is nothing really stressed me out. Next week gonna be more hectic and people are leaving and that is sad and kinda worrying but first and foremost, it is God that takes care of me and protects me. He always does that, so I'm sure He will continue to do so and if He is not, He will definitely give me strength to face whatever it is that He wants me to face alone. I kinda feel so guilty to God, especially today, but...but I don't know.

Hope everybody is okay and healthy and safe and sound and far from harm ways. We had experienced so much violence in Indonesia, but only today my mom expressed worry about things like bombing. I can not imagine losing people you care about because of things like the stupid terrorist attack, especially when those people are the people who live far from you and you don't get to see them often. So pray so that your loved ones are always in God's hands.

This one is from Neruda. So many interesting and beautiful poems, but I'm just going to put this short one because I just like this and the things that I see as I read this and also maybe because I feel like the birds sometimes.


Body purer than a wave,
salt that washes the line,
and the luminous birds flying without roots.

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Wimbledon + War of the Worlds

Saturday night, the tv is showing the Wimbledon Women Singles final. Being the cheesy me, I decided to watch Wimbledon (the movie). Got this from Vivy. Yes, the guy is handsome, but what can I say. The movie doesn't even make me think that tennis is cool. Nothing interesting about the movie. But I guess sometime actors take this kinda movie for the easy money, not much complicated acting needed, the money was most probably decent, and the chance to work in England for some time is I guess quite nice.

War of the Worlds. Wanted to watch this movie because it was directed by Steven Spielberg, but the movie kinda left me wondering what the movie is all about. This is the summary of the movie according to the not-so-amused me: Aliens came to Earth to destroy the planet (for unknown reason, I guess simply to destroy and show that not-so-bad special effects), our hero amazingly escaped all the creepy and scary things (I think simply because he is the hero of the movie), and all ended well, and this was even more (amazingly) not interesting, some substance on this Earth seemed to somewhat poisoned the aliens that they just died after some hours attacking the Earth. Nobody in relationships with the hero died, which was even more amazing, seemed so unlikely in a Hollywood movie. It's not a bad movie actually, but I kinda was expecting more. Dakota Fanning was great, as usual. She's more childish in this role, more so than her characters in I am Sam and Uptown Girls. Tom Cruise was...well, just as he normally would act, I suppose.

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