Bottle Shock

Went to watch Bottle Shock yesterday, alone. The movie is about wine. At first glance, one may be reminded to Sideways but Bottle Shock is really about the wine. Well okay, there's some other unnecessary stuffs but the wine is really the backbone of the story. It is based on a true story of how wine produced in America triumphed over the ones produced in France. I seriously felt like drinking lots of wine and learning about them after watching this movie. However, I don't think my palate is that sophisticated. Of all the wine I have tasted, I have never encountered one which taste I like. As a matter of fact, I don't like any of them, but I'm not giving up just yet

Bottle shock itself or also called Bottle sickness means (as written in Wikipedia), a temporary condition of wine characterized by muted or disjointed fruit flavors. It often occurs immediately after bottling or when wines (usually fragile wines) are given an additional dose of sulfur (in the form of sulfur dioxide or sulfite solution), and are subject to other forms of handling and transport. After several months the condition usually disappears. Interesting, eh? I really like the movie. Though I thought some of the story was seriously unnecessary, like the stupid love story. The actors were not bad. Alan Rickman was really good. He is a really talented actor. Like wine perhaps this movie may not go down well with some people, some of you will perhaps find it boring and such but I really really like it.

Really loved the whole watching it alone part. It kinda made me wonder if part of the reason God hasn't let me have "the guy" is because I love my alone time so much. Yeah, I have to be honest that I do get bored with myself too, but sometime I really get a kick of doing things alone and being by myself.

Hmm ... an unimportant thing that I want to share. These days, I've been so in love with a song from Maliq & d'Essentials - Dia. I found this song when I was blog hopping and I like it so much. I am not one who loops a song over and over again like the so many people I know when they are so into a song. I thought doing that would make you get bored of the song quickly and why would you want to get bored of something that you like? However, I've been looping this song a lot and I haven't get bored! On the bus today, I feel, well ... I should perhaps just take this song as a form of prayer, dia seperti apa yang selalu ku nantikan, aku inginkan .... Seriously, whenever I listen to the song, I always feel like singing with chorus, diaaaaaaaa ..... . But I can't sing!

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