Don't Fall Asleep Eka!

Seriously trying not to nap right now even though the sky is pretty dark and rain seems to be coming soon. It's just I hadn't had a good night sleep for the past 2 nights and so I want to tire myself out, so that I can sleep well tonight *finger crossed*

So I woke up early today. Managed to do something that I should have done more often. I am sorry for not making time for it, but glad as well that today I made it. Then I went to watch High School Musical 3. Alright, if you want to roll your eyes, you can do so I expected to see kids there, but man I didn't expect to see really really really young kids, like perhaps 9 years old and below and of course with their mommies and daddies. I wonder if mommies and daddies just straight away use this time to sleep. So why do I bother to watch High School Musical. Well I guess because I thought the first one wasn't bad, I did enjoy it. Only watched the 2nd one yesterday on TV and I did laugh, squirm, and roll my eyes on all the cheesiness but the movie did contain fun in it. High School Musical 3 went along the same line, though I feel it went back more to the setting of the first one, I guess perhaps as a tribute to where it all started. The props I guess is bigger than the other 2, more musical like. The singing and dancing were just as High School Musical are. Of all the characters, I really like the Evans twins the most, Ryan and Sharpay. I guess I like Ryan more since the sequel. I have to say though, I thought Ashley Tisdale was really really good playing her role.

I can't tell you to watch it, especially if you are never into it. I did make Dewi wait for the High School Musical performance though, when we were in Disneyland last time She didn't even know what it was! I hope she gets to watch it already. Okay peeps. I'm gonna continue with my Grey's Anatomy marathon. Take care!

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