In Front of LT 29 or Another Friday Story

Hi peeps. Wanted to take myself out again today and watch something but decided I should be good and go home as soon as I could. Had flu this week, took off earlier on Tuesday and I straight away went to see the doc. Asked for a day off for Wednesday but she was very strict and didn't want to give me any because I had no fever, but I said I needed to rest and in the end she gave in. See, my doctor is very strict, I don't know how many people can get by so easily with their doctors.

I sat in front of NUS LT 29 today while waiting for Vivy to come for dinner. There was a small bazaar in front of LT 27 and so that's why I sat in front of LT 29. It hit me that it's been 5 years since I left NUS, and my head was kinda screaming, OH MY GOD!!! Half a decade man! It sounds like a lot of years and thinking what I have been doing in that 5 years, which is basically nothing much felt rather depressing. I actually felt rather sorry for an instance that I am not holding any master degree. Not that I want to or have ever put any thoughts into it but I just felt that 5 years is quite a long time which you can use to do something big and major in life and the fact that I don't feel I have achieved anything amazing made me rather sad. 1) I am maybe right that I haven't achieved anything major since I graduated. 2) I am perhaps an ungrateful moron who cannot see that I have done good things. I don't know. Anyway, I was sitting there, remembering that the shuttle bus used to stop in the car park near LT 29, and I got reminded of one thing that happened in this area a year ago. I have mixed emotion. I am glad that the brain has managed to provide logic to battle the emotion.

Today I found out that a dear friend broke up with his fiance. She did tell me that it was imminent but she would only clear things when she reached home. So she did reach home and it did happen. When she told me about it weeks ago, I refrained from giving my opinion because the main issue that she had (I think) was the fact that she's unwilling to give up the life that she is currently experiencing to settle down and I totally agree with that. So I just listened without encouraging and ensuring her that she's doing the right thing *sigh* Over lunch I asked la Gioia if this reason is selfish. She said no. I said maybe that's the reason why we're still single If it's the right one then you will not be hesitant to leave and sacrifice the things that matter to you a lot? How do you know then? I don't, I don't understand and so hence why I don't understand why there are many Indonesian friends that I know got married in an early age. To the question above, I don't even know if such choice to sacrifice should ever come if you are with "the one".

Good night peeps, have a good one!

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