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Hello peeps!

Nothing interesting this week. Had class this morning as usual and the peeps were late, aarrrghh, so I had to talk with Anna Maria while waiting for them to come and since yours truly non parla l'italiano bene, it got pretty stressful. However, I did realize how I love learning this language. Seriously. Today I realize again that I do get excited hearing this language spoken, understanding it and somewhat speaking it. If only I've put in more effort to improve myself. We are in the verge of extinction for the next term. So far, there's just me, Q, and R. I was actually seriously contemplating to stop but last week AN said he wanted to continue and it seemed that I was person #5 to make it happen, but that ragazzo didn't even apply this week! He said he wants to be person #5 *sigh* Guys!!! I guess I do want to continue, I just wish we can have more people so that things don't get too quiet

After class, went to the usual place for lunch. Saw that there's branded sale in the Takashimaya court and though I am dead poor, I seriously got tempted with the things (bags especially) and went home with some perfumes. Got pretty sad for 2 reasons: 1) I'm not rich, 2) I have no bloody space here in Singapore. I have a room that I rent but it's not my room. The place where I store my things here are not mine and seriously living this way is depressing!!! I want my own place and this desire is enough to entertain thoughts of going back home permanently.

Finished reading Eat, Pray, Love, or as Oshie liked to call it, the ultimate rich slacker book. It tells the story of this American divorcée who spent a year in 3 countries, Italy, India, Indonesia (Bali) to so call "find her self". Yes definitely if I can do it without coming out of it with 0 dollar, I would like to do the same, senza the Ashram in India though. I do get excited reading parts of the books, however all the spiritual journey and enlightening moments do make me squirm in skepticism slightly. Hmmm ... I am not one who believe in self-help books but somehow all the books I've chosen recently, unknowingly, somewhat fall into that category, for the exception of The Kite Runner. I wonder if it is a sign from God. Anyway Eat, Pray, Love did make me try to pray to God better. I want to get a new book, but then I went back to the 2 reasoning above, sigh, so I may have to borrow now, but when you borrow, you can't actually read the one you really want

On other news, Vivy missed her flight this morning (OH MY GOD!) and so if I read it correctly, she had to pay around 3K for a new ticket. Lucky her is going to America for another conference. I'm asking for Obama's related things when she comes back and yes I am a supporter of Barack Obama.

Rista is going back to Australia in these few days. Back to the life she knows, though I think she will get a whole new perspective on it. I don't know if she will, but I would if I were her. I wish her all the best.

Yours truly have another week to live. I'm taking it week by week. Just yesterday I was telling Gascoigne, I don't know how I am to survive here until Gennaio. Aarrghhh, take it week by week, I guess.

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