A Patch of Rainbow

Saw a patch of rainbow this evening when I was in the bus. A little patch but it made me smile nonetheless. I think seeing a rainbow is one of the coolest thing to experience in life, even though it might be only a small patch. I was thinking that God is good. I pretty much had a good day today even though I do feel rather sinful for not being so productive today. Didn't come out with anything substantial and I guess the lack of interest and perhaps laziness just caused me not to push myself harder *sigh*

The day started of pretty good with Starfish swinging by this morning to give me some rendang and lontong. Ain't he sweet? It's been the 2nd year now he gave me his mother's rendang which he's so proud of.

Then the crazy me took myself out this evening for a movie. I went to watch Eagle Eye. Well I thought the story was pretty illogical at times. Tell me if you come back to your apartment and see all these terrorism stuffs which aren't yours, are you not going to quickly call 911, instead of touching the things? I feel the movie has elements from Enemy of the State and I, Robot in it. The climax made me gasp and I actually thought it was gonna be a sad ending. I thought it would be a sad ending indeed but rather necessary. However Hollywood does not disappoint and all ends well, which I actually prefer What can I say, I like happy ending. I tell you what I like also. I like Shia LaBeouf. The last time I saw him was in Transformer. He's playing a more adult character here, not some goofy teenager and I like his rugged look. I actually found him to be quite hot I guess by now if you profile me, you will know what type of guy I am attracted to

On other news, I am so broke and yet I am still spending like crazy even though I will need some money in the near future *sigh* It seriously sucks being poor. Mom sent me a message some time ago. Apparently they're taking the plane back from Jogja and they had arrived safely in Jakarta (thank God!). Knowing mom, I'm pretty sure she'll be awake at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and go to work. I so want to go home *sigh* Good night my dears

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