Hors De Prix

Been wanting to write this entry since yesterday but something is kinda wrong with my browsers (I think that's where the problem is though it happened in IE, firefox, and google chrome) that when I viewed the create post page in Blogger, it just didn't work properly. Anyway ...

Went to watch Hors de Prix or Priceless as it is called in English last Tuesday. Had a free ticket which can be used for 2 people. I didn't feel like asking anyone. Been feeling quite anti social for some time now. Perhaps it could also be because lately somehow when I asked people, I was rejected! As a matter of fact, I did ask someone to watch this with me, but I was rejected vilely, with excuses like "I have to check my schedule", "I might be busy", "Why don't you ask someone who will be more interested?" Shouldn't one just be honored that one is asked and kindly oblige this person who perhaps has other people to ask and yet choose you? Wow, apparently I can still feel pretty upset about it even after quite some time. Anywho, so I didn't want to ask anyone, so I told Yeni that she could use my plus one for her friends. I thought she would be bringing some people but apparently her people bailed out on her. So it was just me and her and Maureen and her friend. Even the people who initiated this didn't seem to come, silly people!

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the movie. Audrey Tautou was in it. Man! She's so skinny! Très petite! Kinda uncomfortable for me to watch her. The movie is about sugar mommy and sugar daddy and the girl and boy inside this type of relationship. The boy fell for the girl and the girl realized her love for him at the climax of the movie. So basically this comedy is easy to digest. I enjoyed it very much and laughed a lot. After it, I realized I hadn't been laughing whole heartedly for some time. It was really funny. When the sugar mommy gave the lead guy a 30,000 euro watch, you kinda can't help feeling that it is nice to have a sugar mommy :P It's like S$60,000 for God sake! As the guy said it's not a watch, it's a treasure chest and as Yeni said, it can be used as a downpayment for a condo :D I like the guy by the way. He made me smitten :P Yeni and Maureen said he had this dumb look in him that they didn't like. In Indonesian, the word to describe his look is "polos". In English, I think it's "gullible". Either way, I just like seeing this innocent and in loved guy :P

How's life Eka? Well I don't think I am doing good. Provo di potere dire "me la cavo" ma in realtà non posso fare questo :( I am having a bad feeling and some of it has manifested itself. I wonder if it will get worse. I am trying to tell myself to brace for impact, however I know even if I have sensed it coming, I will still be heartbroken and cry. Christ! Maybe I just need a good cry. Haven't been crying for a long time. Maybe I just need to let out my sadness and negativity. Haven't been crying, haven't been laughing. You think my life is in balance, apparently not so *sigh*

In the topic of being alone. Was around in the Merlion Park area last Friday. Alone! What can you do about it right? Took some pictures there, which you can see here. There were the proper ones like this typical postcard picture of Singapore.

But my favorite one is this one from the lighted balls in front of Esplanade. Yes, it is not a "correct" picture but I just love how it turned out.

Merlion Park does look nice at night with the lights and all. I wondered if some of the tourists standing there felt what I felt when I saw the blue water in Cinque Terre. To describe how I felt, I can only use words such as these, the water is so blue, thank you God, I am here, my God I am here.

Anyway, did make it to Carl's Gatti Del Mondo Exhibition. The exhbition is closed now, so I cannot really advertise. Some of the pictures were really amazing considering how hard it is to be able to snap your camera at the right moment. There were some nice cats' expressions and some of the places were really nice as well. Alrighty, gotta go. Can we don't do tomorrow? *sigh*

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