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'ello guys. Not supposed to be doing this right now but due to unforeseen situation, I kinda can do this right now. The title of the post, which is very very interesting, comes from the movie Duplicity which I watched last night. Went to watch it alone because I kinda want to be alone. Almost didn't want to watch it actually, because yesterday was kinda cold because of the rain, and I was tired, but read that they did some shoots in Rome and as such I changed my mind :P Some of the scenes in Rome happened in front of the Pantheon. Kinda felt good that I recognized that :P

Anyway, the movie was okay I suppose. I kinda didn't like the ending so for me it kinda spoiled the whole thing. I do love Clive Owen a lot :P I wonder if I saw him in real life, as a normal guy, would I be attracted to him? Hmmm. Julia Roberts was pretty, it's been awhile since I last saw her on the screen. She looks not so skinny, normal human shape actually. It does bother me to notice and feel that she's not skinny. She's normal and normal is okay. I have to say that Paul Giamatti was very entertaining :D He's funny! I can't really say I like the movie very very much. It wasn't bad, that's all I can say.

Gonna go to Pulau Ubin this Friday with the team. I am so excited about it!!! This is my first time going there and I am happy that I finally get to cross this from my Singapore list. Need to pray for good weather though. I really hope it's not gonna rain because that would be a huge disappointment for me. We're gonna see the Da Vinci exhibition instead if it rains :( I am so looking forward to cycle again. The last time I rode a bicycle is I think when I was in my 1st year in NUS, when we did night cycling. Hmmm ... suddenly, I got reminded of this senior that my ex-roommate, Stella, had a crush on. He fell and that was funny! I still have a smile in me now remembering that :P Oh yeah, talking about Singapore list. I didn't get NDP tickets, aarrrgghh ... so this is something that I cannot cross. I have to stay at least another year? That is so not cool!

On other news, well, nothing much. Last Friday, had dinner with Carl, Q, and Dr. A. Was pleasantly suprised to see Q and her big tummy :P Then, I had a ... well I don't know what adjective to use, if I use 'bad', it will be too harsh. Perhaps 'real' is the correct adjective however to say I had a 'real' Saturday night doesn't really make much sense. This is the point where I wonder if I should continue writing in English *sigh*

I guess we always see 'us' differently and perhaps each has different expectation of the others, expectation that we know will never be fulfilled. As much as perhaps one tries to define 'us' simply and lightly, I think it will always be complicated for me. I realize (and this is perhaps thanks to Italy) that whatever sentiments that I had or have, it's not so hard on the soul anymore. I am somehow lighter though one perhaps may argue that I am still uptight. As much as I think I still care quite a lot, I also realize that I don't care as well. The 'me' months and months and months ago would have wished to have this kinda feeling back then but I guess you just couldn't rush things, things will happen when they're ready to happen. I can't help feeling that perhaps this is a sign that I am ready for other things, new things, and of course like a fool, I am so anxious to see these new things. Then when it actually never happens, I'm just gonna be depressed :P See, I guess, deep down, the half-empty-glass in me will never be erased :P

Enough about that. Today is Indonesia Presidential Election day. Voted and mailed my vote yesterday. Apparently in Jakarta (at least), if you showed your inked finger (you need to put one of your finger in ink after voting) in Starbucks, you can get free drink. I love that it's like that in Indonesia. I also like and envious with the fact that it's public holiday there *sigh* Anywho, quick count results show that it's as the polls have been showing all along. I hope that's how the final and official result goes and no funny business going on. Considering so many things that have been happening in South East Asia for the last year or so, Indonesia is actually looking not so bad right now. I still think it will take a long time for Indonesia to progress and improve tremendously, but I guess because it's Indonesia after all. We are laid back and you know at a certain point, I guess you have to be like that. You gotta relax and calm down a bit, a trait which I don't really have right now. Yes, I am high-strung, and yes perhaps all the time *sigh* Okay, enough for now. Take care peeps!

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