Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Hello peeps. Went to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today with La Gioia and L. Casryn was supposed to join us and I even had booked for the 4 of us but she canceled yesterday. It was actually quite hard to get Harry Potter movie tickets since it opened this week. I made the booking on Tuesday and even then, it was difficult to get the tickets because most cinemas were almost full. We actually wanted to watch it on Friday night but in the end had to settle for today. I tried to offer the extra ticket to some people and noone was able to make it. I was really frustrated and dumbfounded that here I was with a sought after ticket and yet noone wanted it. Shocked! So today when I collected my ticket, I just for the sake of asking asked if I could cancel 1 of the ticket. I didn't have any hope of succeeding. I actually asked after he had printed the tickets. However, the guy at the counter nicely asked his supervisor and lo and behold, I was allowed to do so and he returned me S$10 cash. I was so happy. I have to say I have had many good experiences with the Golden Village cinemas, they have always been most accommodating :)

So about the movie. I actually like it very much. I have to say that I didn't re-read the book again before going to the movie and so I think I forget many details and as such perhaps this is the reason why I wasn't so critical. I think it followed some of the things in the book nicely. I thought all the actors were great. Normally I would say I love Ron Weasley the most but this time around I love Tom Felton's Draco Malfoy. His character is actually one the characters that I quite sympathize in the book. I thought he did really well. I thought Daniel Radcliffe's acting as Harry Potter is better. I quite like him here. I think he's lucky to have the Felix Felicis' scene because with it, we could see a different side of him, a more relaxed one. I was kinda happy too to see Hermione's scene in which it showed her having bushy hair after failing to beat Harry in potion, kinda love to see that side of Hermione. I also related to her a lot when she was so sad when she saw Ron snogging with Lavender. Even though I know it's written in the story, I was still kinda in disbelief that Ron did that, I guess guys can just snog any girl :( Then I thought Dumbledore's fight scene against the inferi was very cool, fitting for the great wizard Dumbledore. His dead scene, though not all the same as the book, was quite touching that I had a bit of tear even though I didn't cry when I read it in the book.

What else to comment on? Well I guess there are some characters that appeared so little in the movie but I guess it's pretty difficult to squeeze everything in. Well if I have to be more critical and in retrospect, I guess for a movie entitled The Half Blood Prince, I wonder if the Half Blood Prince part of the movie is explained well for people who do not read the book. It is actually quite important considering that Snape plays a very important role in the whole Harry Potter story. Perhaps the climax of this movie, of Dumbledore dying and of Snape revealing himself wasn't as strong as it could be. If you read the book, your heart will sink when Snape killed Dumbledore and when Snape revealed that he's the half blood prince but in the movie I don't think you really get that feeling. Overall though I think the movie is good. I think I watched all Potter's movies at least twice so I wonder if I will watch this one again, maybe I will watch the 3D version if it's released in Singapore :P

On other news, I guess everyone has heard about the bombing news in Jakarta. It totally pissed me off. I'm quite affected by it, I got quite angry I have to say. What the Fuck?!? is what I wanted to scream. It's like it's only a week ago that I wrote Indonesia is looking not so bad and yet this stupid thing happened? Everyone is quite in disbelief. Stupid freaking terrorists. What the hell do they hope to achieve with this? Freaking idiots!!! See even writing about this still can make me quite upset :(

Okay, lighter note. On today's poems reading there were a lot of sky, moon, sun, and rainbow that I found my poem to be quite ordinary :( It was really difficult to make this poem. I guess it's because my knowledge is so limited and (I really cannot deny this) I do kinda take things seriously, so it was really hard to put my poem into its final version because it is not what I feel. In fact I had tried to change the last line but after reading them to Chloe and Maxime, they said I have to stick to the more romantic one. Maxime seemed to have strong opinion on how the last line should better be :P Chloe on the other hand found the whole poem to be strange. Kids, I say :P Then Mademoiselle Margie helped me choose better words and I do have to say that the final version as cheesy as it is (it is really cheesy!!!), it is kinda very very sweet. Iirggh, saccharine sweet is really not what I am feeling right now so I am really really deeply struggling with it. Here you go though.

Avec toi c'est la lune dans le ciel
Et après la pluie c'est l'arc-en-ciel
Tu es comme le soleil pour moi
Et mon chéri, mon cœur est pour toi

Compare this with the italian poem that I wrote in my last Italian class. You see that one had a skill of almost 3 years and the feeling involved in writing that flowed more easily and willingly. Anyways, I was thinking that the french poem above will still rhyme in Italian, così eccola.

Con te c'e la luna nel cielo
E dopo piove c'e l'arcobaleno
Tu sei come il sole per me
E caro mio, il mio cuore è per te

Buonanotte my darlings!

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