Pulau Ubin

Hey peeps. I'm quite sleepy now.

Went to Pulau Ubin today with the peeps as planned. My butt hurts so much because of the cycling and I was thinking that I'm darker again. On my left hand, there's a white area which didn't get tanned from all the sun because it's always covered by my watch. There's an extreme difference when I came back from Italy and now the difference is more (I think). When I look at it, I just couldn't believe that I was ever that fair. Whenever I go home, my mom and many people that know me often say that I am fairer since my time in Singapore. I used to dismiss their comment but apparently I was kinda fair. Anyway, generally I am not liking much this new dark skin that I have, so I really wish everything will be in balance again soon.

Ooops, I have been talking about other thing but the trip. The trip there with the boat was okay. There were 10 of us by the way. Rented the bicycles, however some of us decided to walk, since they were a bit unsure with the bicycles. I cycled and I have to say that I was quite shaky since it's been like 9 years ago since I cycled. However, I love it so much! Love cycling!!! Though the butt is hurting so much right now, but cycling is really fun. I was thinking, this is kinda the type of outdoor activity that I like :P Went to Chek Jawa but obviously since we were late, the tide is high and we can't really see any interesting living things. We ended up walking through the board walk and then had whatever food we had with us on one of the shelter. Then the cloud was darkening that we decided to just go back. However when we reached the place where we parked our bicycles, the rain started to pour. Auntie A and L were already walking ahead despite of the rain. The people who were cycling decided to just wait at the shelter with la Gioia who was actually walking. However she ended up being the luckiest because after waiting some time, there was a white van which seemed to be picking some tourists and she hitched a ride for S$ 2. So she got dry and an easy ride. Us who cycled decided to continue on when the rain was getting lighter. Somewhere along the way, there's just something terribly wrong with my bicycle that I couldn't pedal :( The guys tried to solve it but they couldn't. Mr. RH being the always gentleman and proper one switched his bicycle to mine. I felt rather bad. The good thing was, there were a lot of down slopes so he could just slide along. All in all, we all reached the meeting point safely. It was quite a nice experience except for the weather :( Will I want to go again? Yes, to cycle :P

Now, I am tired. Should be sleeping early today so that I can be on time tomorrow. My butt really hurts. Sigh. Not really gonna post much picture because there's nothing really that I love a lot. However if you wanna see some pictures, you can go here. I'm just gonna post this one. I think Casryn was pointing on how she liked this tree. I kinda found it ironic, that it's so dry and yet it's in the middle of so much water.

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