Ardent Spirit and Untiring Liveliness

The title of the post was something that someone used to describe me this week. My first reaction was laughing out loud, rolling on the floor. That is so not me, don't you think? I mean people would most likely describe me with words like perpetual depression or sadness as well as tired looking, complainer, etc. One person even once likened me to the character Marvin the robot, in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is on TV right now. So when I was reading those lines, I did really laugh How about that? Hmm, personally sometime I feel it's too much work to appear interested and all, so I often just slip to being me and ignore those which do not interest me and hence I could be perceived as cold and unfriendly. On some people, it's fine by me that they feel that way because seriously for me, why bother? Anyway, Marvin the robot is actually rather cute himself being the way he is I guess I'm really not a social person, aren't I?

Hmm ... I hope you guys are in good health. Heard that my cousin is hospitalized right now I hope he can get out soon without much complication. Sometime I feel it's a bit sucky not being there with the family at times like this.

Finally got my Obama wobbler head from Vivy this week. It was bigger than I expected. Kinda happy when I got it. I felt like it was an early Christmas present The peeps also had much laugh examining it. It would say "yes we can!" when his head wobbles. Perhaps I should use it as a reminder or inspiration when I face mountains, like the one I feel like I'm facing.

Today, had somewhat of a private lesson. Q is out of town and Rae is sick. So I had Laura all for myself. The thought of that made me so nervous yesterday because obviously I have to speak. R surprisingly made an appearance after 2 weeks being missing, but he being him, he was around for less than 1 hour, so it was not really much a disturbance for me. I thought the teachers would have prepared the other teachers well but man perhaps it's the case of the elephant in the room that Laura didn't know the important detail about R. I thought Laura had made her opinion clearer than any other teachers had and perhaps that stopped R in elaborating further which tends to happen and leaves us feeling all awkward. I wonder what would have happen if he had done so, I wonder if Laura would have called the police. Hmmm ... maybe she would have done so. Today I realize that she is feistier than her small frame may portray.

Anywho, today I feel that it was a good session though I felt my brain could have been more Italian. Sigh. Sometime I feel that my brain is not cooperating when I need it to. It happens quite often actually. Sometime I feel it only works when it wants to. Sometime it's okay this way but at other times, like in my Italian class, I wish it has been smarter or at least as smart as it's capable to. In the last post, I wrote that part of my Italian homework was to write a love song. I wrote the lyric or poem as Laura referred to it by. It had little error which made me happy but I guess because it was rather simple. She said she liked it. I don't know if she was just being nice. Some of the words were actually taken by words I heard other songs use, so I can't claim much originality. But the idea was really based on personal experience which was, I smile when I see someone whom I like. Like perhaps there are other reasons why I like him but at the end of the day when I am asked why do you like him? Rather than listing all the reasons, I would just say because when I see him I smile. Why is it so? Well I don't want to analyze it, it's just so.

There are other things that I want to say in the song, but between finding the word, trying to make things rhyme (though perhaps it's not necessary) and trying not to make it becoming an essay, I just simplified things. As I was writing the lines, I realized one day someone else will make me feel that way again. It's quite comforting. On other note, the song was written with someone in mind but as I wrote those, I begin to think of babies actually. How new mommies or daddies would perhaps just smile when they see their babies and how they are really the joy, the happiness, the ray of sunlight and their blue sky. I wonder if Laura thinks to that direction also since she's incinta (pregnant). Incinta is an interesting Italian word for me when I first heard it because by combined Indonesian and English word, one would translate it as in love in English. Kinda very sweet to express such a chapter in one's life. Ah, is that my biological clock ticking? Alright, I will speak no more and leave you with the poem which I realized, didn't actually have a title. Laura didn't notice it either and asked me about it but I am giving a title now. Wanted to title it with something that shows the essence of the poem but in the end decided to go for a more ... hmm ... more beautiful? More poetic? Anyway, here you go. Laura helped to fix a few things here and there.

Il Mio Cielo Blu

La domanda è perchè ti amo?
Da dove nasce questo sentimento?
Devo dare una risposta
Ma ora penso solo ad una cosa

Non sono una poetessa
Non posso fare una frase bella
Posso solo dire quello che io so
Io sorrido quando ti vedo

Sei la mia aria fresca
La mia allegria, la mia felicità
Il mio raggio di sole sei tu
Sei, tu sei il mio cielo blu

Anche se uso tante parole per la verità
Alla fine di tutto c'è solo una cosa
Tu porti per me il sorriso dentro
Solo tu, rendi il mio giorno bello


Ti aspetto ora
Un minuto, due minuti
Passeremo la sera
Con te voglio tutti momenti


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