Revenge of the Fallen

Olla guys. Went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with la Gioia yesterday. All the reviews said that this movie is bad but I actually was well entertained by it. Can I just say that I love Shia LaBeouf? :P Yeah, I like this type of guys. Anyways back to the movie, yes, there were some lame stuff but it wasn't all that bad. They were bearable. Yeah, the humans didn't really have much role except for the running around and freaking out but I had such a good laugh with them, especially the new character, Leo. It's good that I can laugh out loud :D The whole effects were really cool, I have to say. All the explosion and stuffs were kinda colossal. I hope they had much fun doing it, because it looked so cool and it seemed like lotsa fun to do all the explosion. Did some reading on the movie and found out that they could take days just to render 1 frame with the transformers in it. It's kinda crazy and also shows how much hardwork and patience are needed to make this movie. Amazingly cool. I felt that I actually had a better experience on this second movie that the first one.

On other news, well there's nothing interesting to say actually. Finished my last Friday session last week and so no more long Fridays from now on, instead I have early morning Saturday routine. It's gonna be tougher compared to when I had my Italian classes but I am committed :P I really need to work harder though. It feels like I haven't been making any effort at all actually.

Been talking to people or perhaps been listening to people. Well as I said before, on some people I don't mind hearing them, on others I do wish they would stop focusing on themselves. Today, I unexpectedly had quite a long msn talk with Ms. Sab. We don't really talk much actually except for the normal salutation here and there. It's kinda interesting to know that we can actually have an interesting conversation / bitching session :P I guess it happens, doesn't it? You see a person and you have a feeling that there's nothing in common with you guys, but maybe if you start talking, you'll find that strangely you can be good friends. This kinda things do happen to me. So anyway, as I said I have been listening to people. I guess on some people, I know they really need the reassurance because they are in difficult situation so as much as I can I do try to hear them out and tell them things will work out. I don't know if I am doing the right thing though because I believe that God may not be there for you on your bad decision, however I like to think that no matter what, after we learn our lesson, God is there.

On the other side, I feel like I actually have so many things that I want to say, that I want to let off my chest and head. However, somehow when people asked me how I am, it's like they just do it for the sake of asking and don't actually have the time to stick around to hear me out *sigh* and I also don't know, it just feels that there's noone that I can feel comfortable with telling how I feel. I think again it's because perhaps they're uninterested and also perhaps they will then start advising me and those things kinda make me feel worse. I wonder how I am like when I listen to all these people that they actually come back and tell me their issues.

There are 2 people who said similar things to me today that made me kinda worried. Err ... yesterday's experience proved that I may not be sensitive at all at hints that are being dropped. So I am wondering if hints are being dropped on me too right now. Should I be worried? Arrgghh. Hmmm ... why should I, right? I'm not saying that I am in the most happy state of my life right now. However I am not extremely sad either. There's a bit of peace inside me. Somehow I feel like saying that all's well in the universe, everything is in balance. The truth is if I want to explore it, no, things are not in balance, my universe still sucks. Somehow though, somehow, what I feel is that all is well in the universe. I guess it's alright, no? It's better to be positive than negative? It's better to be smiling than crying? Not that I am smiling myself, but I guess I'm not even close to crying. So all is good? I have started reading The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, finally!!! I have to say that he really had some wise things to say. On one of the chapter, I felt like I've been slapped by Kahlil Gibran *sigh* but Oshie found it comforting. I guess I should love more. Perhaps I should realize that I have so much love to give and it's pretty much one of the task that every human must do, to give out more love in this world. Peace out peeps! :P

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