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Guess what I attempted to do today? I actually went to a wedding with the knowledge that I know nessuno (no one) there! Marina kindly invited me to her wedding dinner. She's marrying un Italiano. I seriously don't know anyone there and my almost-non-existence attempt to ask someone to accompany me (obviously) didn't work out, however somehow I decided to just go. Why? I have no idea, perhaps last week in class we were discussing with Arianna about awkward situation that happens to us and what we would do if it happened to us. She once was in an Indian party, she came early and knew no one. So last week we were discussing things that we would do if we were in that situation and what's our exit plan. So in a way, I kinda have an exit plan in attending this wedding. Luckily though (praise the Lord almighty), there was Ms.3L and her boyfriend and so I had company :D

I'm very happy for Marina. The couple have to go through a lot of changes to be together but I guess it's so worth it. Spoke a bit of Italian with the groom and I was introduced to his mother, Irma. One of the groom's relative is this little boy (bambino) who is darn cute, handsome, and adorable. Molto molto bello e carino! Anyways, I heard that Marina is leaving for Rome early in January. That's like a big change in life. I do wonder how I fare in the face of big changes.

Another person who is having big changes is Maria. S. She told us today that she and her husband will move to Tokyo early next year. She's been hopping from Italy, Germany, Singapore and now Japan where they don't speak the language. She's quite excited about it though. I guess in the face of the unknown, you should just get all hyped up rather than worried? I don't know if I can do that though.

Anyway, so today is the last lesson of the year, as well as the last lesson at United Square. Starting next year, the Italian Cultural Institute is moving to a new place. So with this last lesson, we had a little simple celebration. Molto semplice! Francesca sarà d'accordo. We had il panettone which I found to be quite good. It actually also felt like my last lesson. I've decided I'm not gonna continue next term, because I'll be missing classes and since right now I'm in a dire financial situation, I feel the money should be well-spent. Anyway, today I just feel contented with all of this experience learning Italian. Laura kept her promised and got her husband burn me a copy of Italian songs. Maria.S passed it to me. It's a copy that they're giving to her father so the songs, I was told, were pretty old. I think I will have much fun listening to them. I just feel thankful for the chance to meet and get to know all this people. I truly felt that when Q wished me a good Christmas before we parted ways. This person was a stranger at one time and with the many hours spent together, we can perhaps say that we are the friends from Italian class. It's true to say we are not close friends which is mea culpa (my fault) actually since I normally refuse to hang out with them outside class (you know how "social" I am), but to get to know them and get to know how nice they are, I just feel rather blessed and thankful for the opportunity. As they say, "it's my pleasure".

On other news, I am really in a dire financial situation. The only cash that is within my reach now is only 40 bucks!!! A question was asked to me, "how did it happen?". I have no freaking idea. I have become one of those people who actually don't have money. I have to survive 1 week with this and it's really tough, so I suppose I really have to tighten the belt, kinda literally *sigh* I don't really know how if I will be able to survive this. Maybe I should see it as fasting. Okay peeps, take care. I hope your days are merry :)

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