Free Saturday - Episode 01

So today is my first free Saturday. No class, in fact there will not be any class until I figure out what I want to do next. I do have to say, it's kinda weird to have such free time that I normally don't have, that I really do not know what to do. Entertaining myself can be such a difficult task, especially since I get bored easily.

One of the good thing about this free Saturday was that last night I got to sleep without setting the alarm! That's really comforting to know. I have always had an alarm to wake me up even on a Sunday but since I don't have any place that I have to be today, I can sleep and wake up as my body sees fit. My mother, being my mother that she is, figured that I would laze around in bed that she actually sent me an sms this morning at around 09:30 am, telling me not to laze around in bed and get some exercise.

Obviously I don't exercise but I did get myself out today. I went to watch AUSTRALIA. I have heard some people say they were told or read that the movie is quite a bore. Going into it, I know it's gonna be epic, what's with the 2 and a half hour of running time. My take of it, I love it! Yes it is epic and yes I am most probably not gonna watch it again anytime soon because it's such a long movie with long story but I really do love it. One is because of the astoundingly beautiful Australia. I was already mesmerized with the opening scene in the billabong. Seriously for any Australian out there, you should be proud that your country is amazingly beautiful. Two is also because of the Aboriginal theme in the story, which I feel actually is really the highlight of the movie. I really like the boy who played Nullah and I wonder if he does know some magic. As for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, I've never really thought much of them but I do have to say that Nicole Kidman is really pretty and a good actress. I know that she is but somehow she charmed more in this movie than any other movies that I have seen her in. Then Hugh Jackman. When all the girls out there went gugu-gaga about him as Wolverine, I thought he was rather ordinary (I've always liked Cyclops more) but in this movie I really think he's hot! A real hunk he is.

Story wise, well I feel that the movie actually comes in 2 parts. I kinda like the first part more, but I feel it would have been much better if their journey in the Never Never Land had been explored more rather than they came out of it triumphant easily. The second part was so-so for me. The bombing scenes were reminiscence of Pearl Harbour. There were much drama in this second half and some of them were pretty cliche. Seriously some of the scenes did make me roll my eyes, like the dancing and making out in the rain. Overall though as I said, I quite love the movie. It's not a bad one. Unlike Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge from Baz Luhrmann, this movie is in a more "proper" manner, unlike the other funky two. It really is epic and though many people may find it boring, I really love all the adventure but not so much of the romance :P Oh yeah, I have to say, I really do love happy ending, so when the good guys died, I did tear up a bit :P

PS: I posted the picture in Facebook when it was more intended to be here. Took it during the Christmas holiday. It's the Santa inside the snow globe Dagi gave me. Anyway I do get bored darn too easily that even right now (28/12/08 - 09:10pm) I am feeling so restless. Gonna call mommy.

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