Olla peeps. Feel rather sleepy right now because Eka is not having her usual Saturday nap. Normally I would be sleeping at this hour.

Met up with Ms. J and the Flying Nun today for lunch. We went to Brotzeit, the German restaurant at Vivocity. The food was not bad I feel. Yours truly managed to finish 0.3 litre of beer on her own. I was quite proud actually though the amount of water I drank after that was I'm pretty sure so much more than the beer. Seriously though, that's like the most I have ever drunk, ever! And I don't really drink actually, I'm more of a quasi teetotaler?

Anyways ... lunch with the girls got me my first Christmas presents of this year. Well actually Dagi's present has arrived but I just haven't had the time to pick it up from the post office. The girls got me interesting stuff. One of the thing that Ms. J gave me was Tigger, which I found to be very cute and it will join the little farm I have on my bed One of the thing I got from the flying nun was this fierce bunny which I came to realize holds a sword. Man! It's so kick ass! The expression was so cool that I feel it kinda depicts me so well Heard it came from some Japanese manga / anime. Anyways, I will make room for it someplace perhaps near my Obama wobble head. So hopefully people won't mess with me much

Well this week had its fare share of bad times but I feel that at least there's some equilibrium in my imaginary zen pond. I'm expecting ripples next week though with pebbles being thrown into it *sigh* Did manage to overcome something this week. I am not saying that I'm at the peak of the mountain but somehow I feel the worse part is more or less surmounted. I may be speaking too soon but in my own world and standard, I think I'm not bad. Especially since I was rather worried if I could actually do it but in God we trust and I really wouldn't be able to do it without the help from God almighty.

Okay, I'm gonna go and relax now, gonna watch Potter and later gonna watch The Story of the Weeping Camel. I'm glad they are showing it again because I didn't have time to watch it last time. Take care my dears.

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