Four Christmases

Went to watch Four Christmases yesterday. I just wanted some light entertainment. It was actually just so so. Somehow with all these Love/Christmas theme movies, I got reminded of The Holiday, which I would love to watch again. I suppose because of the oh-so-hot Jude Law in there.

Anyways, in Four Christmases I do love the chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Vince Vaughn was of course more comedic than Reese. He was his usual self. Not necessarily a really hot guy, but he is really likable and I suppose it's always good to have a guy who can make you laugh. Alrighty, can't really say much about the movie.

I am thinking of eating a chocolate now but I am not hungry. Hmmm ... trying to resist the temptation. I have started to climb the mountain. There are times when it was smooth but most of the time, I have to say it's rather hard. Today I had a bit of tears because oh my stupidity! I actually said loudly today that if I had been smarter, half of my problems would have been gone. Being the stupid me, I seriously wonder if it's true. Do you think if you were smarter, things would be easier?

Anywho, I am never one who write things that I want for my birthday or christmas (since it's the time of present) but since I have so many wants and so stingy to part with my money, well let me just write some things here (I am allowed to anyway). The thing I really want the most is actually Canon EOS 450D and yeah I don't think anyone will get me that Yesterday in Page One, I saw this really nice edition of Kahlil Gibran's, The Prophet. Tempted to get that so much but still managed to refrain from doing so. I've no idea why I still haven't gotten that book yet when I have been meaning to read it for 2-3 years now. Today I'm in love again with Rumi's, Gone To The Unseen. In its context I feel one can really cry reading it but it's really really beautiful. I guess I'm quite melancholic that I want a poetry book *sigh*

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