Eccomi di Ritorno

It's so funny to say Here I am, returning. Returning as in being in Singapore, but there I found myself unconsciously saying things like "Saya pulang dulu yah" (I'm going home). Hated myself when I heard myself saying it, especially when I said it to my dad in the airport. He didn't say anything, maybe he didn't feel any significance in it. However, I just feel I'm betraying myself (?). Have I unconsciously make this place my home? I don't know, I can't really imagine how. I guess I've just been here for far too long. So anyway, yes, I am back, people. Reached my room at 11:30 pm ++ last night. My room was cleaned completely and so I needed to spend some time to put my bed sheet back and in the end I think I slept at around 1? I couldn't really sleep. Didn't have a good night sleep, perhaps I was too nervous and every single part of me was rejecting the idea of being back here and doing the things that I have to do.

So what changed about me? Well, I am sick *sigH* Flu, but not bird flu (hopefully). Got injected in the butt for this. The doctor offered me the injection and I gladly obliged because I just wanted to feel it. Yep, crazy me I just realized how cheap it all cost. The consultation fee, the injection, the 4 types of medicine cost my mom 60.000 Indonesian rupiah (we use dot instead of comma to mark the thousands), which is around 10+ Singapore dollars, or around 5+ US dollars. I do must say, some Indonesians may feel this was quite expensive. Haven't fully recovered yet, but I don't blame it on the doctor, instead on the things I ate. Only another thing changed about me. Had a haircut. Still longer than what I expected, not quite what I expected but I must admit that it does decrease the volume, so perhaps in a way it is better.

People have been asking me, how's my trip home. To which, my reply was "not long enough". I will now try to explain it in short sentences. Let's start with my cousin's wedding. Glitches were many, but in the end, they were wed, so I suppose as my mom's said, it's all done, we can relax now. Mom bought me the dress, I was quite surprised finding out the price upon paying. I thought I looked fat when I tried it on, but in the end I think it did look nice on me. Had a curly hair for the wedding I must say, it's kinda cute. Met a goofy friend from school back from 20-10 years ago in the wedding who has turned into a real hunk. My mom warned me 'bout it and all this time, I thought it couldn't be that good, but he was and the best thing of all, he's really really nice. My cousin, Marlisa, and Emilia said he was such a gentleman too. Unfortunately, with all the good guys out there, he's taken, my friends. To an older girl also. Now I wonder, if older girls make the younger guys they are with become such gentleman?

Had dinner and lots of talk and laughter with the girls, Marlisa, Dewi, and Emilia. We were loud, but I didn't care, because I don't really show my face in that place often. I suppose they should care Love them, love the fact that we can still talk so much, love the fact that though how different our lives are but we can still relate with how we feel and view our life. My cousin is coming in less than 3 weeks, so my end-of-year wouldn't be that empty, I suppose. Looking forward for her to come, because I feel it's like a holiday that I'm so waiting for.

Okay about home. Mosquitoes. Lots of them. So many red marks (turning dark brown now, arrgh) on my legs Mangoes. Mom often bought mangoes when I was there, orangie and very sweet. Lotsa of fruits, just finished my rambutans actually. My uncle purposely plucked his rambutans on Sunday morning so that I could bring it here back. So sweet and so nice. I don't know what this type are called but I don't think I've seen it in Singapore. Food, lots of them. Mom tried her best to cook all the things I wanted, though she was tired. I was really thankful for the fried noodle and bihun. Then I made soup, which was pretty tasteless (I blame it on my flu that didn't give me a sense of taste) but my dad dutifully ate it The chicken in the soup was perfect though, practically peeling from the bones, love it. Water wasn't running really well yesterday, so showering was a nightmare, which made me realize. Being here for so long, I took things for granted, I've become a spoilt brat. I went to the toilet in the mall, expecting the toilet will flush by itself. I washed my hands and I found it odd that you need to turn the tap, instead of pressing it or it detecting your hand movement. stupid, I should be more humble! What else? Nick Toons (Nickelodeon cartoons), Spongebob Squarepants were the ones I watched the most, then there were Jimmy Neutron, Hey Arnolds, The Rugrats (a bit, but I really love them). I really love all these, my mom couldn't understand and slightly worried that her 24-year old daughter is making time in front of the tv to watch these. They are really good, I love them. Hate it that they are being dubbed in Indonesians but I watched it anyway. I also began to dig Dora the Explorer. My aunt was right to say that my cousin's daughter looked like Dora with her new haircut Then of course, there was MTV Indonesia, saw Hugh Jackman being punkd and for the first time I thought he was handsome and cute Other things on tv, well, not much interesting stuff there. So is that all? I suppose? Ah, see I forgot to write about Oprah. Love her, and so happy that I got to watch her a lot. Always interesting. Not much tears because the shows that I watched were pretty funny. Wish I can watch more of her here.

On the plane yesterday I realized, there were days I spent not getting out of the house. The closest to the outside world I experienced was when I opened the gate for my dad, but I didn't feel bad about it. I could do practically nothing at my home and I feel okay and happy and at peace. If I spent a day in my room here, I feel like my life is a waste. It is weird. I hate that feeling, hence why I guess, I just want to be at home (where I can be lazy without feeling quilty?) Miss my mom. She's alright, many grey hairs, but she's looking alright. Miss my mom so much, okay, gonna stop now or I'm gonna cry. Ciao peeps! A lil something from my home. Mom said the flowers supposed to be red but until the time I left, they were greenish pink. This picture is of course photoshop enhanced, pardon the bad leaf.

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