Feeling hungry as I am writing this. Went to watch Happy Feet with Vivy today. Yep, I know a lot of you have watched it. I really really like it. Was entertained more than what I expected I would be. I think the penguins were really cute, especially when they were babies. Ah, Mumble's blue eyes The whole part about the fathers having to take care of the eggs really reminded me of March of the Penguins. Unfortunately, Happy Feet didn't really explore the struggle that the emperor penguin parents have to go through to have their babies. I a bit didn't like the fact that the baby penguins were depicted as being able to talk as soon as they hatched. I think Gloria would appear much more adorable if she was just making baby noise as she pecked Mumble's egg. I think Happy Feet made tap dancing so cool The songs were pretty nice, especially knowing the actors really sang (Wah! Britanny Murphy can sing!). I was especially impressed with the Australians Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman who could speak in thick American accent. I guess that's the amazing thing about actors. Robin Williams was of course amazing, as usual he's the character that brought laughter.

I kinda liked the story. When Mumble ended up in the zoo, I kinda couldn't believe it, and so I was whispering to Vivy, "Hah? It's not a happy ending?". For the brain in me cannot figure out how Mumble could ever get back to his place and be with Gloria. Well, of course it's pretty much happen only in movies, Mumble did manage to get back to his place and towards the end, the movie brought an important message about excessive fishing and conserving the environment. I kinda like the swing to this direction. I found it educative and worth while. So of course, it's a happy ending. Gloria was never mated when Mumble was away, and of course she ended up with Mumble. All the penguins learnt how to tap, and it's all music and dance for them. I guess I found the ending was even sweeter after all the journey, challenges, and hard work that Mumble had to go through, from accepting himself, getting acceptance and acknowledgement from other penguins who thought he was cool, surviving, to getting acceptance from his kind. It was actually truly a long and hard process for the strange penguin

Rushed to do some christmas shopping today, because I don't have much time left. I hope they all like what I got them, and what I hope the most is I don't get them what they are getting me. Had a difficult time getting the presents. Wanted to give books, but I don't know if those people have already read what I planned to give them. I love books by the way. It's so easy to get me stuff, get me a book. Saw Paulo Coelho's latest book, Like the Flowing River. Ah! Wanted to buy this as a present to one of those people, but I decided not to, because I want it for myself. If I buy it, I will not have the heart to give it away. Can someone get me this, please...please...PLEASE!!! Read 1 page of it, and it's very very sweet. Shall I tell you? I guess I should, though it's gonna make my post longer. Well, Coelho was on the plane to somewhere, and there was this man who asked for volunteers to each carry a rose when they landed. The volunteers were chosen, and when they landed the man secretly showed these people to his girlfriend. One by one the volunteers gave the rose to the woman, until the last rose was given by the man who asked her to marry him. Ah!!! I know it may sound simple and cheesy, but it's just so sweet!!! I don't think I would like getting a proposal that involve many people, but I just can't imagine not saying yes if such thing should happen to me

Of course, the unlucky me have to face some unluckiness. This week was started with being sick and having so much things to do that I just want to run away. Today, I had an almost fatal fall in a staircase. Of course, I can still be thankful for the fact that I didn't roll down until the bottom of the stairs, but something wrong is happening on my left leg. I hope it's nothing major and I can still walk, but we must see what happen tomorrow. A realization came to me this week that something that I have been missing these past weeks is going to start again soon. I missed it when it was gone but now I feel a bit not ready and unworthy to take part in it again. Changes will happen, which I hope will not happen but we must wait and see what's gonna happen. I suppose I better start studying. Take care peeps!

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