I realize I don't like unhappy ending...

Put that in my MSN nickname today and Zabimaroo asked me if I was so down. I said hasn't my nickname these days shown depression. He said yes, but today it seemed he thought I've reached my boiling point and decided to ask me and catch up on a few things. The nickname actually has nothing to do with all the stupid things in my life. It is because of a movie I watched last night. It's so good that I need to tell all of you.

Watched Léon (The Professional) in Arts Central last night. It was directed by Luc Besson and God! The movie is awesome, so awesome. Unfortunately I missed a few minutes because I needed to brush my teeth, stupid me. I love the story so much but I hate the ending. Go to IMDB.com for summary and all. The main guy, played by Jean Reno died. Aaahh...so sad!!! Jean Reno played this awesome hit man and after managing to get out of a building filled with SWAT team, he got shot as he was reaching the door. Bloody bad guy (Gary Oldman)! Though Jean blew himself with the bad guy, I don't think it justified his death. The ending was a real bummer for me Now, Jean Reno is of course not exceptionally handsome, but again a case of having charm and perhaps tall(?) that man! I love him so In the movie he just looked so cute not knowing some stuff, tough that he looked obviously reliable and would protect you against harm, and trusted. Aahh...

Zabimaroo and La Gioa know of this movie. Why on earth that I only found out about it now. Maybe because it's made in 1994? When me and Natalie Portman were still so young Anyways, would love to watch it again if I can and would totally recommend this to all of you out there.

As mentioned above, as usual stupid things are happening. I think my brain has been working way too much, felt my head swaying a couple of time just now. Was given a sad news today. I'm honored that I was trusted enough to be the first to know, however I should see it as good news for that person. Should be happy that one get her / his freedom *sigH*

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