The Holiday

Met up with the big Ms.Sunshine yesterday for some christmas dinner, gift exchange, and The Holiday!!! Well, I wanted to watch the movie because the idea of the story is interesting, there's Jack Black, and Jude Law was looking mighty fine in the trailer. The movie is nice (warning: this is a view from a girl). It's lovey dovey, obviously. Light hearted with an obvious ending that you can pretty much guess from the trailer. If you don't know what it's about, this is a short summary. 1 girl in LA and 1 girl in Surrey, England exchanged house for 2 weeks during christmas break because they were very frustrated and miserable with their love life. So they travelled the continent, and in the new place the found love and themselves (though this part wasn't really emphasized much). I have to applaud the cast. I think they were really good, and everyone fitted each other nicely.

Kate Winslet is fun to watch, because I usually see her in a more serious role. It's interesting to watch her in a more silly way. Jack Black is of course Jack Black. I thought his role in this movie would be more serious, nice guy kind of way. He was the nice guy, more serious but he still managed to put his antics, musical antics in some of the scene. Cameron Diaz is comical in a way that Cameron Diaz does it. I read in someone's blog once that Cameron can almost always be seen dancing or moving to the music in her movies. She did does it in this movie. I think Jack Black can also almost be seen singing in all his movies and that he also did in this movie. Kate Winslet and Jack Black's story had more depth in it. Kate and Jack not only fell in love with each other by the end of the movie, but they also helped an old guy found his confidence. They also managed to liberate themselves from the love that hurt them. Their ending was very sweet. One of the sweetest scene about them, I think was when Miles (Jack Black) played the melody he composed for Iris (Kate Winslet). I wonder if there's a melody for me, how would I sound.

I haven't written about the mighty fine Jude Law. Hairy though he was, but aaaaahhhh.....He's so handsome!!! Of the 2 movies watched with him in it, AI and Road to Perdition, I don't think he's amazingly handsome but he is! Gosh, love him. His character was made to be so cute, a widower with 2 cute daughters. I guess it's a nice twist, because when we first met Jude's character, he was being portrayed as an ass. Who knows that fine ass was actually a very devoting father. He and Cameron Diaz love story was pretty straight forward. A pretty girl met a handsome boy, they fell in love, and they conquered all the complicated things between them (the long distance, the girls, etc) and they ended up together. All the characters had at one point in the movie showed this look of love in their face, I think except for Cameron. She didn't really capture it. What do I mean with that look of love, that's the look you have in your face seeing the person you love. Kate did a very good look at the start of the movie. I think she was the best one of all in this movie. With that look on her face, one can really relate with her broken heart. Should you watch it? Yep, if you are a girl and you want to see the really really really REALLY handsome Jude Law

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