Went to watch Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan yesterday. The queue at GV in vivocity was so long that I was in disbelief. I had complained to Vivy about my process of getting the ticket using the AXS machine, so I will complain no more. Using the machine took me half an hour. If I had queued normally, I would have most probably missed the movie. Anyway, Borat wasn't as amazing as I think it would be. I found it to be degrading for the people of Kazakhstan. I think they were portrayed really wrongly.

I don't really like Borat himself, I think he's too vulgar and have too much sex on his mind. Some of the scenes implying sex was way too much detail for me. It was interesting though to see how American reacted to him. First stop was when he first arrived in New York and took the subway. He started greeting everyone with a kiss and all these people started cursing. If they only said F you, I would get it, but these people were very creative in their hostility. You should hear the sentences they uttered. I reckon only people who say it a lot can say such thing. I mean if only at that point in time, you are stunned and agitated with a person, how can you be creative in cursing? I think being stunned alone would have freeze your brain momentarily. The scenes with the college boys made the news which I think made me hear of this movie in the first place. I do think that the boys are just frat boys without much brain. They may not be the kindest people you meet and I do think that they don't really respect girls much, and you say all kind of things when you are drunk, but when they consoled Borat when he was brokenhearted, I think it was kinda amicable. The church scene was another scene that I think was hilarious. I don't know if any strong Christian out there would like me saying it as hilarious. The church didn't sue Borat, I think they think they were portrayed as caring, loving, and full of the holy spirit. Why is it hilarious for me? I'm sorry, the whole jumping around, running, and speaking in tongue, you know the way they have it in some churches, I think it's just too weird, and it's precisely the reason why I avoid myself from these churches. I am positively sure that I am not the only one who feel this way, because many people in the cinema laughed with it. I think it become not a very welcoming experience for new people being in this church, because if you see it for the first time, it's simply just too weird and unless there's some divine intervention (as in God has really meant for you to be there), you will feel uncomfortable.

Okay, I'm not gonna write more, not sure with the current Internet connection if this post get posted. Overall, Borat wasn't as nice and interesting as I think it would be. Do think it's a bit waste of money, go watch other things peeps. Today there's some sun and yet I don't know what to do. My holiday has been the most boring one. In Indonesia I don't mind staying at home doing nothing, in Singapore it's just different. I don't know why. Did manage to do some errands. Ah, perhaps I need to clean a bit of my room.

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