Watch Them Flee

The title of the post is a lyric coming from the song It's Going Down by The X-Ecutioners feat. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn. Love the song and this is the second time I'm using the lyric in my blog. This lyric stuck in my head on Thursday afternoon. I was thinking that most of the time it's Linkin Park that I listen to when I am angry. I don't have any particular songs or band which I listen to when I am sad or worried. That's just a thought people, no need to wonder what I am implying. So very sleepy now. Today is Hari Raya Waisak di Indonesia (Vesak day in Indonesia). I think Indonesia's Vesak day is always 1 day later than the rest. I think last year, it was a day later too. Just wanna wish you (my cousins like to say this to me and it calm me), Lord Buddha bless you!

This week has been as it has been in the previous weeks. Not particularly having happy days, but this year itself has been an emotional challenge for me. Long weekend is severely torturing because my right shoulder hurts so much. I don't know why. I woke up from Friday's nap in so much pain. Still feeling it now, creeping up to my neck. With all the bad things happening to me, I stop wondering why. I mean it's like you know, of course bad things should happen to me. If not then it wouldn't be fair. Okay, I was totally mean there (especially to God). It's just, whatever. It's a bad year for me, so whatever. Whatever! It's all out of my hand. I am still here apparently so I suppose as much as I think it sucks, it is NOT! Anyway, I'm just gonna stop if I don't think I could handle it, I am sure God will allow me to. Right God?!?

Anyway, this week also had its share of interesting and fun things. Had dinner on Tuesday with 4 people whom I am very fortunate and amazed that they actually care about making time and catching up with each other. We got to eat somewhere other than Swensens people! What am I saying, only 1 person would read this. Then this week, I had the chance to give my voice to a cartoon character, though my voice had been changed that people wouldn't believe or notice that it's me. It's okay, I think I ended up sounding so cute as a little girl. Other things to say? Well, perhaps I would like to say, I don't live on promises, baby!

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