Over the Hedge

Went to watch Over the Hedge today. Basically, I'm afraid I didn't have much time, so I squeezed the movie today and also I think lots of people think I need to loosen up because I keep on exploding these days. When I first saw the trailer of Over the Hedge, I straight away wanted to watch it. Why? Because they were so obsessed with food, and it's junk food to be exact, and it's so me!!! The movie was seriously not a disappointment! Though my seat was. Bought the ticket on time and I was sitting in the second row from the front Due to the seat, I feel like watching it all over again, but I am not exactly loaded with cash.

Back to the movie, love it! Love it so much. I think people's favorite character is Hammy the Squirrel, but I don't exactly have one. I think I like Verne the Turtle, the most Most probably because I relate to his uptightness of staying with the old fashion way and be in control? They are all good actually, they are all really good and funny. Good cast, truly a good ensemble. As I was watching, I keep on relating the cartoon character with the voices behind it. So funny when I think of Bruce Willis as the voice of RJ and the dramatic William Shatner as the daddy possum. Avril Lavigne's as the possum's daughter was surprisingly girlie, so unlike her, but it was funny and fitting. The people behind the voices really made a whole lots of difference. They all did a good job. I love it, I had a good laugh. The soundtrack is really good too. Downloading now

On other news, I am so tired. It is more true than I think it is, because I felt my head swaying just now *sigH* Was told on something which I was wondering and hoping for. I think right now all I could feel is negativity and sadness. I just couldn't be all sunny and be on the bright side. I have never been anyway. The world must thank my mom, because she makes me. I use the present tense, because she still does. She is making a better person out of me, but it boils down to the person itself and I am such a stubborn person that I'm not that good *sigH* Oh Thierry Henry, how I get to love him more and more now. Saw the Pepsi advertisement in the cinema today. He was with Raul, Beckham, Ronaldinho, and a bunch of Germans. Thierry Henry is just so cute. Trying to take comfort in what he does. I know there's no relation, but the timing was so coincidental. The Mr knows what I am talking about. I miss the other Mr, but I guess I am forgotten. Oh yeah, I found out that they made The Devil Wears Prada the movie! I haven't finished reading it, but honest to God when I read it, I was imagining how it would be in the movie and they actually made it! Anne Hathaway is playing the main character. Oh dear, kinda hard imagining her back as the cute innocent girl after seeing her in Brokeback Mountain. I guess we will just see.

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