X-Men - The Last Stand

My Saturday morning started as usual, with a tinge of sadness because of the farewell we had to say. This could be a real farewell *sigH* I hope it wouldn't come to that. Then, I went to watch X-Men - The Last Stand with Vivy, Hadi and his party, and OSH. Kinda an unusual combination, but I suppose we should all socialize. To be honest, I wasn't really that blown away with X-Men's trailer, however it's one of those movies that you should watch. I am happy that I watched it because it is so cool, and I am sure a lot of people want to be mutant after watching it and thinking what kind of power they would like to have

X-Men 3, I think, has 2 storylines. One is about the usual fight between human and mutant and the other is about how the characters develop, in this case it was being triggered by Jean Grey / Phoenix. When I first saw Famke Janssen in X-Men movies, I think she is quite pretty, but her character in Nip / Tuck is such a turn-off. This time around, she is damn freaky as Phoenix. She killed my dear Cyclops. So sad about that! I know a lot of people are all for Wolverine, but Cyclops is just my boy. People who know me, know that he is my type The guy practically only said around 5 sentences and he died. Well, no body was found, so there is hope? Wolverine is such a self-anointed hero. I do not like his character much and yeah, maybe I am bias because Cyclops did not get much exposure when he supposed to be one of the main characters. I think Wolverine was kinda arrogant and maybe he was. He was making out with Jean Grey and he just thought she liked her? "Hello Dude?!?". The whole movie was okay, Prof. Xavier and Magneto were great; the actors are such good actors. They had so much charisma. The rest of the characters were good too. The young mutants were interesting. Angel, the mutant with the wings was particularly enviable for me. The story itself was not bad. Of course, there were cheesy things, as it can be expected in this kind of movie, but I think it was quite minimum. It was pretty entertaining and pretty well done for a super hero movie. We were pretty satisfied.

After the movie, I hung out with Vivy. The details were pretty boring (or garink in Indonesian) but we ended up having dinner in Kenny Rogers It wasn't as amazing as I've been told. Anyway, we had a good talk about lotsa things (Oh the confessions!). The talk really really makes me wanna write about the things that I said I wanted to write in the Da Vinci post (1 post ago). However, I really can not write it now because it would expose several people, not just me. So let's just wait until I can phrase it better. Maybe next week?

On a serious note. There was a major earthquake in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. My mom was actually the one who delivered the news. She is quite worried. The city is really having a bad luck now. Knowing the typical Javanese, I think there will be more talks about the signs, the earthquake and the Merapi volcano, rather than all the scientific analysis. I think it would be interesting though, to hear what the spiritual people say. I just hope everything and everyone will be alright. Hope everyone at home is always in God's hands.

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