It's a Lost

Can you guess what I am talking about? *sigH* I actually woke up at 02:30 am this morning. Even before that actually. Even before my phone alarm clock rang. I thought it was God's way of telling me that yes, you should watch the match. What match? If you ask. It's the champion league final between Barcelona and Arsenal. My dear Arsenal. I watched the shocking dismissal of Arsenal's keeper, Lehman. I watched how Pires walked and sat quietly as he was being sacrificed for a keeper who I felt was rather nervous when he was suddenly called to replace German's newest national team goalkie. Then Arsenal scored. Arsene Wenger was jumping and it was just joy. I was so happy. I prayed and prayed that they could keep it going. First half was over. Hope was in the air, but there was still the second half and indeed Barcelona scored. After the first goal, I just prayed and prayed for chances for Arsenal. But the Barca's players were getting more hyped up and more aggressive and they scored again But I still prayed, because who knows. Amazing and magical things do happen at the last minute. I still remembered the last time MU won champion league final against Bayern. Alas, it was not meant to be for Arsenal. My poor Thierry Henry. Maybe I am bias or so freaking weird, but I think he is a really nice person and a good captain. Of course people will say, how can you say someone is nice when you haven't even talked to the person. So maybe I am bias, but maybe my 6th sense? I sincerely hope he stays in Arsenal, because I believe that he will get the chance to be a great leader if he stays. Geez...talking about ambition there.

I am right now currently in hell week. It's gonna last longer than people think actually. Anyway, enough about that. This few days, the head was actually rather filled with Aras, the winner of the latest Survivor season, Survivor Panama - Exile Island. He was such a yoga person which is rather too weird for me. I like him when he was still in the island, skinny and all. During the reunion, he was rather fat for me, though Kiera said he was so handsome there. Anyway, now the head is shifting to my dear Thierry Henry. Poor fellow. Okay, take care you peeps! See you when I see you, which is most probably weekend, when I would be writing Da Vinci review *finger crossed*

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