The Japanese Dinner

Went for dinner with Teddy and Darren yesterday in this Japanese restaurant, Kuishin Bo, in Suntec city. I went because Darren wants to thank me for this. Honestly, the this is not up to my standard, but oh well. Teddy went because he wants to thank Darren for something, and in the end it was Teddy who paid. Quite a treat, I must say. It was a buffet and I ate quite a lot, despite my skepticism about having to eat in a Japanese restaurant (I don't eat sushi). I quite liked all the things that I ate. I loved the desserts also. Quite nice spending the time with them. Oh yeah, saw Alex Chow in the MRT station. Oh how different we are now. Though I think, all of them are different and I am still the same.

Found out a sad news today. Actually, finally understanding what was written. I hope we got it wrong, but it seems to be right. Someone I really like is leaving and it seems so abrupt, but knowing the person, I think the person would feel rather hard to really say good bye to us. I seriously hope we got it wrong. I really want to be in the company of this person. This person has so much patience and cares a lot about us *sigH* and I do learnt a lot from this person.

On other news, not much really. I want to declare hell week cycle 2 is over but things could always happen. Feel pretty lonely now but I must shake it off? Cause at the end of the day, it's me and me alone. Well at least like today, God shows me some goodness again. Thank you God.

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