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Life is more than the sum of its parts.

Life is a journey. Bring an open mind.

Watched several movies in the last few days. Transamerica was last Friday due to high stress and high blood pressure. It was interesting and a bit disturbing. I actually think it is in a way in the same line as Brokeback Mountain, however perhaps because the theme is a bit uncommon, it does not really relate to many people. Transamerica tells the story of Bree, who used to be Stanley (a guy) who decided that she is a woman, and she was about to go through the one surgery that gonna make her a real woman when she received a call from her son (she didn't even know she had one, it happened during college). This son, Toby (played by Kevin Zegers, who I think was very handsome but way too morally destructive) was in jail in New York, and obviously he needed help. Since Bree's psychiatrist thought that it would be best for Bree to deal with the reality (well if she doesn't, the psychiatrist won't sign the form for the operation), Bree flew all the way to New York to save the boy. At first she wanted to just give the boy money and get on with her life, but then she felt that the boy need more help, so she decided to bring the boy to his step father. The step father molested the boy when he was young, so obviously that wouldn't work out (Toby's mother died because of suicide). So in the end, Bree was just driving this boy to LA, while she figured out what she would do with him. So a series of hiding the truth, finding out the truth came out (that Bree was a man) happened, culminating in Bree's parents house when Toby found out that Bree was his father, this was after Toby proposed to Bree (so dysfunctional? I know). In the end of the story, we found out that Bree got through the surgery, the boy starred in porn movies (gay porn, I think) and he made the first step to be reunited with his father (now should be mother?). Happy ending for them, I think. The story was pretty interesting, though all the nudity thingy was a bit gross for me. Seriously, I think I need to know more about sex. I think Felicity Huffman was great, I don't know why Reese could win the Oscar instead of the rests, well maybe in Huffman's case, her manly voice was too annoying. However, it was just amazing how she portray a guy trying to be a girl, amazing actress

Love is a burning thing.

Walk the Line was with Ms. J. I kinda dragged her Lunch preceded the movie, in which we talked about how sucks life is. Damn, how our life are pretty screwed up right now and so sucky, but what can one do, when the world is so against us right now Walk the Line tells the story of Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix), pretty much how he got to be famous, and the drugs, and yadda yadda yadda and it gave a lot of emphasis to his life long struggle to get June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). Man! I think if he didn't manage to get her, he would have died sooner. I didn't know it was a happy ending at the end. Well, good for them. I thought the movie was a bit long. The music was just not my kind, though Ms. J thought it wasn't bad. What I like about June Carter by Reese Witherspoon, is that how strong a woman, June is. She's one tough lady, the type who can manage many things on her own. I think Reese Witherspoon infused a lot of sunshiny feeling to June's character, especially on stage. Maybe Reese is just that kind of person? I was reminded of Legally Blonde. It must have been great to win an oscar after being more known to do things like Legally Blonde.

Music was his passion. Survival was his masterpiece

I remember being recommended The Pianist by Felis back in the NUS days. However, at that time I didn't have the time to watch it. I guess Felis loved it because it was about piano and of course the very touching story it tells. Finally had the chance to watch it last night in channel 5, though not completely because of this and that. Adrien Brody was indeed amazing in this film. The eyes were just so ethereal. Many movies and story have been made about the Jew in the NAZI era and all have been moving and touching. This one was one of those who was straight on in portraying the cruelty at that time. It was sad, I was still sad at the end because what happened to Szpilman's (Adrien Brody) family wasn't really told in the end, I think they all died in the concentration camp and the part when he didn't manage to find and help the German captain, Wilm Hosenfeld, who had helped him was also sad. Good movie, I should have concentrated more when I was watching it.

Life sucks! What else is new? Decided to start putting one foot in the front of the other. I don't know if this is what God wants but whatever will happen, I think I will not die out of sadness, or anger or stress (which is a shame, I just want to get this whole life thing done and over thing, because it's is damn sucky right now). Oh geez, depression is starting to rear its ugly being again. Damn it, Eka! You watched how someone managed to survive NAZI occupation and you give up on the silliest thing! I AM a moron!

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